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via @AGUGrizzlies: Keep Your Doctor Change Your Senator – @MonicaForOregon

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Right now at American Grizzlies United we are in the process of gathering candidates names and vetting them to the best of our ability (pssst…if you can help us with the vetting process shoot an email to: so that we can be #LoadedForBear in the midterms! #SixSeats!

One of the candidates we are taking a look at is Dr. Monica Wehby.

Below is some background 411 on this candidate….


"Keep your Doctor…Change Your Senator" – Dr. Monica Wehby

Dr. Monica Wehby is running for the United States Senate in Oregon.

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"A practicing pediatric neurosurgeon for 15 years, Dr. Wehby has held numerous leadership positions at the local, state, and national level. she has previously served on the board of directors at the american association of neurological surgeons, was a trustee for the american medical association, and is a past-president of the oregon medical association. Dr. Wehby has also received the congressional medal of distinction for improving children’s health"

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I have spent my entire professional career helping others and solving complex medical problems. I’m not a career politician. I’m a pediatric neurosurgeon and mother of four who is concerned about the future of our country" – Dr. Monica Wehby

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Learn more about Dr. Monica Wehby HERE:


We only need SIX SEATS this November!

Again, if you would like to help American Grizzlies United with the vetting process please email =>

Our work continues.


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