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via @AGUGrizzlies: @SpeakerBoehner – Please Pass Something Like This STAT

Last night President Obama announced to the world that he will begin to enact laws on his own. The House of Representatives is a co-equal branch of our government. By passing something like the text below they could get back in the game and remind Americans that President Obama is not above Congress. (Plus…oh I don’t know…save the country?)

C’mon Mr. Speaker…do you have any idea of the grass roots support in 2014 House Republicans would get by passing a simple bill like this? (And yes…we know Harry Reid won’t bring it up…it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the optics at this point)
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Constitutional hero Mark Levin suggested the following:

via Mark Levin:“Whereas the president of the United States has asserted executive powers not granted to him under the United States Constitution, the United States House of Representatives hereby asserts as an equal governing institution that all such acts by the president of the United States are null and void. The House of Representatives further asserts that no federal department, federal official or federal employee is authorized to appropriate any sum of taxpayer dollars in furtherance of any unconstitutional act by the president of the United States.”

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