WaPo: Paying people to remain unemployed "may actually be efficient", you know

A novel argument from the Washington Post Editorial Board:

It may actually be efficient to help some workers stay unemployed a bit longer, until a job comes along that matches their skills, rather than force them to waste those skills on the first available position.

Fantastic. I have no problem with the truly deserving collecting unemployment benefits for a short time. But it’s not supposed to be a lifestyle choice. The Washington Post, by suggesting the unemployed should turn down employment and wait for that perfect job to come along, is encouraging exactly that. I’m sure this will come as great news to to those who aren’t interested in working. However, those of us who work for a living and who’ve been footing the bill for the past 99 weeks may have a different opinion about continuously extending unemployment benefits so that Cousin Eddie can hold out in perpetuity for that elusive management position to fall into his lap.

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