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WaPo: Paying people to remain unemployed "may actually be efficient", you know

A novel argument from the Washington Post Editorial Board:

It may actually be efficient to help some workers stay unemployed a bit longer, until a job comes along that matches their skills, rather than force them to waste those skills on the first available position.

Fantastic. I have no problem with the truly deserving collecting unemployment benefits for a short time. But it’s not supposed to be a lifestyle choice. The Washington Post, by suggesting the unemployed should turn down employment and wait for that perfect job to come along, is encouraging exactly that. I’m sure this will come as great news to to those who aren’t interested in working. However, those of us who work for a living and who’ve been footing the bill for the past 99 weeks may have a different opinion about continuously extending unemployment benefits so that Cousin Eddie can hold out in perpetuity for that elusive management position to fall into his lap.

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  • CBDenver

    When unemployment runs out and someone doesn’t have a job yet, then they should just apply for welfare. Why make unemployment be defacto welfare by extending it interminably? Is it because being on unemployment sounds better than being on welfare?

  • qtdb7

    Margaret Thatcher:
    The problem with socialism is soon or later it will run out of other
    people’s money.

    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the
    gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
    – Winston Churchill

  • Charles Hurst

    As most of us who have worked all our lives have lost a job at one time or another. I had a degree in physical therapy just as the field collapsed upon graduation. Huge debt, no money. I stayed in the ghetto for a year.

    And I survived and came back. That was 13 years ago. And today I’m a writer and doing rather well at it. And could contract in the medical profession any time. 1999 is only a horrible memory that most reading can share. We’ve been there And we survived. My sad story is a common one on the bookshelf in the school of rough slaps.I guess that is the difference between conservatives and Progressives. Progressives believe in excuse, sympathy and entitlement and we believe in driving on and action. That is the root of all our differences.

    Barry’s statement that people don’t want an unemployment check was valid thirty years ago for most.

    Today we have a culture of immorality and apathy. We have an entire youth that wishes to be catered to. That cannot grasp that life sometimes isn’t fair and sometimes hard. I lived through Reaganomics with no skills. I always had a job.There are always temp companies and in the worst economies I could find some type of work–in about a day. And some of you don’t fall into this lazy category–just ask yourself if you have worked most of your life? If you have then I’m not talking to you. I get it. I’m talking to all of you who do everything possible to extract from the dole.

    And sometimes people may lose their house. And have to downgrade. Does anyone remember the white collar "new poor" of the 1980s with downsizing in corporations?They survived and many came back in the late nineties. Because back then we realized we had no choice. Today we have a young generation that wish to live at home until they are thirty. They will take any free entitlement to keep them in beer their Xbox and shoes. They do not wish to excel. Not all of them but a lot of them. That is the difference–there was not a lot of them in my younger days.

    Do you think this is going to fix the economy? More benefits? When it finally collapses the unemployment check won’t be an issue any longer. Because we will have completed digging our grave to the end of our economic structure. We may come back years later, but not before we will have seen the greatest suffering since the Great Depression.And many will not survive as they don’t have the sand of our ancestors. And maybe that’s what has to happen. To relearn that self reliance is the greatest attribute to freedom.

    Or we will learn to say the word comrade.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • 1776er

      If you study George Washington at all you will find his views on the meaning of the word "Freedom" to be fascinating.

      Washington felt that to be truly free a man had to be self-reliant and self-sustaining. Self-made in effect.

      Washington viewed society as hierarchical. At the top were those who depended on no man for his or her living. Next came clergy and the educated few. Next came clerks and lawyers. Next came laborers and mechanics and small sustaining farmers. Next came slaves.

      The more you depended on a salary or a wage, or in the case of slaves, the beneficence of kindly masters such as Kings or Marxist tyrants or even honest decent men such as himself , the less free you were. The more you depended on others the less free you were and the lower down on the hierarchy of society you fell. That was life in Pre-revolutionay America.

      Washington treated everybody he came into contact with decently and with respect. However, he regarded himself as the freest of free men. He held less free men at arms length. He earned a reputation as being standoffish and remote. He shared his inner feelings with very few. Those few being of his fellow class , standing and attainment as Free Men.

      Hospitality was a part of the culture of the day. Any traveler who showed up at Mt Vernon was given a meal and a room to stay. No Motel 6 in those days. Take the tour of Mt Vernon some day and marvel at his great room where diners dined on the best he had to offer and where Washington himself sat at the head of the table. He participated very little in the dinner conversation. Served two courses of wine. When the meal concluded he "retired" to his private quarters for the evening. Half his house was public. Half his house was private.

      This was the view of the planter class in the South. The plantations they operated were little self-sustaining states and communities. They grew and fashioned with their own hands what they needed to sustain all who resided their.

      They traded with England to obtain what they could not produce themselves. Came a time when they "needed" less and less from George III. Came a time when they felt George III was cheating them and exploiting them. Washington had two ships which he directed to take his plantation surplus to Spain rather than the crooks he had been dealing with in England. Developed a love of Spanish port and Spanish wine.

      That spirit still exists in America although now greatly diminished. Where does it exist in its purest form these days? Probably Alaska.

      What strikes you the most about Sarah Palin? What infuriates the Left the most about Sarah Palin?

      She is free. She is maybe one of the freest persons in America. Salmon. An occasional moose. Outdoorswoman. Happy. Content with her life. Self-sufficient. Self-reliant. Stands on her own two feet. All the Palins do.

      Washington would be proud to receive Sarah Palin to his home at Mt Vernon. Washington would view her as his equal in Freedom and love of country. A self-made man relating completely and totally to a self-made woman. He would recognize, understand and relate to a Sarah Palin. He would open his inner feelings to a fellow American patriot. He would invite her as his equal in life to retire with him to his private library for a private conversation. (His library was his inner sanctum and if you take the tour you feel like you are in a holy place in that room)

      Washington would be fascinated to hear Sarah Palin’s account of early 21st Century America and what it has become. His brow would certainly furrow with concern. He would share his views and his advice for how to proceed in the future.

      Unemployment benefits. The thought would astound George Washington. He would have to think about that for a long while. He would wonder. Are these people Free? Not by his standard. Not by a long shot. Closer to slaves. Closer to depending on the beneficence of kindly masters.

      How many he would ask Sarah Palin? How many?

      Astounded. Simply astounded.

      • Charles Hurst

        That is correct.The problem is that every time I put up a comment in the regular newspapers I get a tear jerk case of this and that. And maybe some are trying hard to find another job. But I have another comment coming out tonight that addresses how weak minded we have become. I don’t accept much whining as I was there twice and in a bad economy and with no skills. And I survived. I took 65 dollars of food stamps for a month for two months–because I had a job. That’s why it was only 65 dollars. And I was grateful for it as I put into the system for years too. A lot of these people just keep sending resumes out. They should find another trade, skill or something. Tech. machinist, CDL that will be my point on many articles tonight. But you are right–they hate when Palin states responsibility–because most Progressives are failures and angry. I’ve written two articles in my ezine about this. They are failures that align with other professional victims. Charlie Sheen is my example this week in the ezine. Chaotic, alcoholic, drugs etc etc–who do you think he sides with?

        Thanks for the well thought out and detailed reply. I’m sure the people on this site get it

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

        • hope4palins

          It happened to me too. In April of 2006 I lost my dead-end lob of 25 years; I had a little savings so I took two weeks R&R to plan my future. I took unemployment, and I took a County grant that got me into a CDL school. By September I was off of unemployment, and I spent the remaing six years of my working career making more money than I had in the three jobs that I was working at the time I was laid off. It really is possible.

          Truck driving wasn’t my passion but it was something I was curious about. After six years of that it was time to retire and so I did. If I had been younger, I like to think that I would have moved on to a different career. My story isn’t that big of a deal to me. To me that’s what you do when you are out of work. Finding work becomes your job.

          I later learned about how in some places there are literally multiple generations of people who have lived off of govt benefits for most of their lives. I feel so sorry for them; as much as I was looking forward to retirement, it simply would never have occurred to me to just give up and not work any more before it was time to retire. At that time I had young adult children for whom that would have been a horrible example for one thing. Thank you for your post and for sharing your history.

          • Charles Hurst

            GOOD FOR YOU. THAT IS AN EXCELLENT STORY. Please go on other sites and yell at these younger Generation Y. I worked in a welfare bar once 19 years ago and saw the generational welfare day after day.
            You are correct. God bless you and your SUCCESS in life over adversity!!!!

            Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

            • FredHeadBill

              Love it! I was told I needed to retire and would probably get disability money along with retirement money as I just turn 62. They told me I had no choice, I told them if I had no choice I was going to get my knee replaced, so I’m not in pain. They tried to tell me, if I got my knee replaced I blow my chance at disability….I told them their logic didn’t work for me….I could get my knee replaced get retirement money and make more money fixing appliances than disability would pay; as I don’t know anyone under 40 that knows how to fix things.I shocked them I didn’t fall into their mold; they decided that would have to reevaluate me in six months if I’m able to do my job. So I’m still employed 6 more months and have a brand new knee as of December the 2nd and I’m experiencing no pain. I’m still employed by the company that shelled out $73,000 for my wife’s medicines, and if I’d count that as income I made 145K. If I go on disability in 2 years they let medicare pay for these meds…..that would be $29,000 out of pocket….
              Washington and Governor Palin are great example self reliance and independence.

              • Charles Hurst

                Now I want everyone to note this man Fred above. And Fred you’re talking to an ex physical therapist and the knee replacement is no small thing. This is a harsh story–and Fred really is in the retirement age almost. And I would have been ok with disability with that as Fred has probably put in the system his entire life. Even so he is continuing on. So will someone tell me why a 45 year old, my age, Generation X, can’t use that unemployment time, go out and get another trade and also continue on? Of course I’m talking to Palin supporters so you already get it. It’s the 30 year old from the Huffington Post that tells me the universal "I can’t"

                God bless Fred and those like you

                Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • momofsons

    I think we should privatize unemployment insurance. Do away with the unemployment insurance tax. The more often you go on unemployment and the longer you are on unemployment the more you will pay for your insurance benefits. This will quickly re-align the incentives. Why should your employer be charged more because he had to let you go, but you see no disincentive. Insurance companies would underwrite for your employer’s history and your history. An employer who regularly had to lay off people would have to pay more to the employee to hire them back.

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