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Carney: Of course Obama’s large campaign donors are welcome to join the most ethical administration ever; Updated

Via RCP:

Kudos to Jonathan Karl for pointing out that most of Obama’s political appointees bought their power with gifts of half a million dollars or more. And Carney no longer even attempts to hide this Chicago-style pay to play cronyism. Krauthammer’s right: Obama is turning America into a banana republic. More of that fundamental transformation we hear so much about. It’s encouraging to see that at least one member of the mainstream media is concerned enough to ask about it.

Update: (h/t Hot Air) Jon Stewart discusses the "qualifications" of some of Obama’s nominees for U.S. ambassador to countries to which they’ve never been.

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  • fb274

    One HAS to be a donor or knee pad wearing water carrier to get a job with this Administration. Period!

  • conservativemama

    The one defining characteristic of the Obama administration is that absolutely no one in this group is in any way qualified for the job they have. Most of all the President himself.

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