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Governor Palin on Inside Edition

Inside Edition conducted an interesting interview with Governor Palin. Here’s a clip:

Sarah welcomed Jim Moret, saying, "Hi INSIDE EDITION, I’m so happy you are here with me in my own backyard, majestic Alaska."

Moret said to Sarah, "You said, ‘Come on up to Alaska. It’s beautiful!’ You didn’t say minus seven degrees."

"Is that all it is?" replied Sarah.

Moret went behind-the-scenes as Sarah filmed her upcoming reality show on The Sportsman’s Channel, Sarah Palin’s Amazing America.

See the photos of Sarah Palin at home.

"This is my home man. This is the real Palin environment I’ve grown up in," said Sarah.

After a cold day of snowmobiling and mushing, they were ready for a hot dinner. Inside her Wasilla home, Sarah served up some typical Alaskan fare.

Moret asked, "What’s for dinner?"

Sarah answered, "The usual, moose chili, caribou hotdogs, caribou sausage. Oh, in the chili–a little bit of bear just to spice it up. Not a mamma grizzly, though."

That’s right, the former vice presidential candidate seasons her moose chili with black bear meat.

"It spices it a little bit up, doesn’t it?" she asked.

"I’ve never had moose," said Moret.

"Oh that’s right. You have nothing to compare it to," noted Sarah.

"But it’s delicious," said Moret.

Palin’s daughter, Piper was there and we had to ask what the 12-year-old thinks of her mom running for national political office again.

Moret asked, "Piper, what do you think of your mom as president?"

Piper shook her head "no."

"No?" asked Moret.

Sarah reacted, "Piper!"

See What Else Palin Had To Say About Running For President.

Of course, Sarah’s biggest supporter is her husband of 25 years, Todd, aka the first dude. For the first time ever, Todd allowed cameras inside his mancave—a giant garage. Four thousand square feet filled with snowmobiles, ATVs, and even a plane with snow skids. In fact, Todd is the guy who shot the moose they ate for dinner.

Todd explained, "I shot my moose. I packed the whole moose in with the antlers and flew it home."

"Really. Alone?" asked Moret.

"Yeah," he confirmed.

Size two Sarah turns 50 today. So INSIDE EDITION had a little surprise for her. Jim Moret sang Happy Birthday to her and presented her with a birthday cake.

Sarah said, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much."

All in all, a memorable day in Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Read the whole thing here.

Update: Adrienne posted a piece over at Breitbart about this interview. Check it out here. (H/T: John Frank)


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  • ernst1776

    Looks like a good interview. I like Todd’s attitude…. Sarah is a lucky lady, as is Todd a lucky man.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Stacy!!

    I would recommend to everyone our friend VG’s (VirginiaGentleman’s) remarks on this interview. They are over on the Open Thread for 11 February (her birthday), towards the end of the thread!!

  • John_Frank

    Ah … the early morning shift …thank you Stacy for bringing the Inside Edition interview to people’s attention.

    FYI, Adrienne Ross has an article up at Breibart discussing the interview:

    Sarah Palin Talks Presidential Run, Chris Christie with Inside Edition

    • StacyDrake


  • hope4palins

    I posted this last night on the Open Thread, and it seemed appropriate to put it on here as well:

    Yet another masterful appearance by Gov. Palin. How far she has come,
    just in that arena alone: From the sandbag interviews in 2008 to a
    nearly complete mastery of that process. Even in taped interviews like
    this one, she is totally in control, on message, and comes across as
    intelligent, funny, totally charming, "regular people", and very
    charismatic. Unlike other national figures past and present, none of it
    is artificial or a mask. It’s who she really is: An extraordinarily
    talented individual who is still "regular people". That is rare beyond
    description. God must love our Movement a lot to make her the Leader of

    • DocBarry1

      My only caution to the Governor, I would only do live interviews or make it a part of the commitment that all of the interview will be shown – no editing to make her look bad.

  • DocBarry1

    I would like to suggest that everyone that supports the Governor, writes, calls, emails, tweets etc to Inside Edition, Jim Moret, the producers, camera people, others who traveled to interview the Governor and the Network and commend them for an inspiring interview and to hope that they do a longer one in the future. Well done Inside Edition Well done!

    • BlueGood

      How anyone cannot love that woman is beyond my comprehension…(well I do know haters loves to hate, and they most often do so from a grand paucity of knowledge)!

      God Bless you Sarah Palin!

      • DocBarry1

        I agree

  • FaithColeridge33

    I find it very interesting that she’s firing some shots across Chris Christie’s bow and the remarks from Bill Kristol on who he thinks is going to run.

    • senator20526

      The remarks on Christie could just as well pertain to Obama….He doesn’t know anything that goes on in his administration…he has to read it in the papers…so he says..We have had enought of those types running this country…we need a" hands on" President

    • Craig Phillips

      I didn’t see the whole interview; just the clip on this post, but isnt it great when she talks about hoping the truth has come out on the bridge scandal and how important it is to honour those voters who entrusted power to any leader – when we know that 23,000 of her work emails were trolled through looking for scandal but the only impression gained was that she was a genuinly hard working Gov for her state – scrutinised but without any scandal!

      • dmac8889

        I believe she was talking about Obama and Hillary concerning Benghazi, as well as Christie. All those three got into politics for self-serving instead of serving Americans, is what Sarah has always been about.

  • Craig Phillips

    I loved that interview…interesting Piper’s comment about her mom being POTUS. I wouldnt know for sure, but I’d suspect that was an iceburg comment – if she hedged and said "I’m not sure" then you’d know she really meant "no" – when she came right out with "no" I reckon she meant "hell no!" and maybe thats why Sarah gently prodded her right away.
    I imagine a good mom would always try to read between the lines with what her daughter was saying ( but I’m a guy who STILL has never really worked out the mystery of girls & women lol ) and I can imagine Piper being very unimpressed by the flack fired at her mom & sisters since 2008 and that being a huge factor in Sarahs 2012 decision – and if so, then rightly so!
    Of course she’ll be 15 yrs old in 2016, and 19 yrs old in 2020, and in 2020 Sarah would be 56 which would still be an excellent age for POTUS.
    So its not like there were no more chances after 2012 for Sarah, and if 2016 doesnt happen, then conservatives could organise for Sarah and get "2020 vision"

    • FaithColeridge33

      I’ve loved Piper from the start. I love her honesty with her emphatic no. Piper doesn’t seem to be one to put her feelings on the back burner and I like that.

      • dmac8889

        I can imagine none of the kids want to go through another campaign. Piper had to watch how rough it was for her two sisters. However, Sarah is calling the shots. She’ll know how to weigh it all out.

  • Kathleen

    I live in Washington state–nicknamed by some, the "Alaska Wannabe" state. I’ve been to southern Alaska by cruise ship–have only seen a snippet of what the state looks like. I can honestly say, though, based on the little I’ve seen, and what it’s like here in Washington state–I can totally understand her saying, "this is home." Alaska (and Western Washington, its "little sister" state) are so beautiful–I can understand why it would be so hard to leave. Every time I think about leaving here–and trust me, the liberals here make it tempting to do so–even the lefties make it hard to leave, this place is so beautiful. It gets into your heart and soul.

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