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Governor Palin: Time to Join Commonsense Conservatives at CPAC!

Via Facebook:




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  • onparade

    2014 elections start with sarah,s speech at cpac……girl…game on….

  • Ceejay

    Let’s roll! Mama Grizzly @ CPAC = Senate 2014 takover

  • friskyness

    I’m so excited!

  • bri

    Every time she speaks she reminds us, there is Sarah’, then there is the rest.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    The gage and gauntlet are cast down.

    It is obama’s "fundamental transformation" of America versus the Governor’s FUNDAMENTAL RESTORATION of our country.

    Last year it was the deathless BIG GULP moment at CPAC; what will it be this year!!??

    We stand with you, Sarah!!

    • CharterOakie

      Not just the BIG GULP moment, Bro. How about the spicy line that immediately preceded it!

      Remember her account of the gun rack for the ATV? All a clever if somewhat labored set-up for one of the most memorable Sarah lines ever. I’m still amazed that she said it:

      "Todd’s got the rifle (or gun?); I’ve got the rack."

      Then she picked up the Big Gulp for a Big Sip through the straw, which of course obviated the need to thrust tongue into cheek.

      Dang, she’s good!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Bro!!

        Amen–She is DAMN GOOD for sure! This Lady can sweep America, the Lord willing.

        Imagine moment after moment, day after day, on the 2016 campaign trail, with the crowds waxing larger and more enthusiaistic with every passing week. Imagine BIG GULP x 1,000. Imagine her TV COMMERCIALS (I always thought that it was terrible negligence that the 2008 McCain campaign did not utilize her charisma to make commercials that featured her–but then again steve schmidt (gag) was in charge of that fiasco).

        God bless!!!

        • lyndaaquarius

          steve schmidt[gag] is right on. Nicole Wallace,too.They ‘re both so despicable,right out of central casting for corrupt and craven political operatives.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Amen, Lynda!

  • Keith M

    The reason I like Sarah Palin is because she stands for the people. The Constitution of the United States starts by saying, "We the people of the United States." Not "We the people of the party we are affiliated with." This country needs to live on the values of the Constitution and we also need to live by it.

    Ted Cruz said, "I did not come to Washington D.C. to make friends."

  • 1776er

    I just found out that Mrs. 1776er has committed us some time ago to be out of town during CPAC 2014 and I will not be attending this year to jump on a chair and yell my guts out when Sarah speaks.


    My prediction: There will be a subtle turning away from Barack Obama as the center of attention of Conservative fire. Perhaps Hillary Benghazi? Crazy Uncle Joe? Obamacare Democrats? Perhaps even RINOs, heaven forbid.

    Obama is seen as increasingly impotent. A "felled" Marxist sociopath now out of ammo to get any significant legislation passed. A man reduced to having photo ops "Regulatory Signing Ceremonies" for things like minimum wages for federal contractors. WTF?

    Wasting more time, energy and emotion on a blown out Obama presidency is counterproductive at this point.

    Sarah has a pre-eminent platform in CPAC to focus fire on the new priority which is the Senate. I would expect her not to misuse or squander the precious minutes pointing out Obama’s ongoing lies and deception. That’s History now. Bad history. As of today we have 35 more months to wait him out.

    The future is what we and Sarah Palin are looking to:

    Calling Mary Landrieu—you better strap on your helmet in the first week of March honey. Incoming from Sarah Palin. Same for you Mark Begich. Kay Hagen look out. Mark Pryor. Mark Udall. Al Franken. Al Franken! All those empty seats in Michigan, Iowa and Montana. Jeanne Shaheen in N.H.

    This is what one would call a "target rich environment" for a Conservative like Sarah Palin. What is it that Putin callls her? Oh, yeah, "The Huntress".

    Hunters hunt the game that is in season. Obama’s season is past. Game on!

    • lyndaaquarius

      great comments! thanks. I’m going to focus my mind on Sarah Palin’s overwhelming success at CPAC.November is bearing down on us and the American people are suffering. It’s that simple.

  • Koma Kehuli

    Sarah is coming to town to hunt. Beware so call potential GOP candidates, Sarah is on a prowl and she’ll roll right all over you SOBs like she did last year CPAC addresses. The only question is will she pull off another goodies like the "big gulp, Statue of Liberty pose". I’m very excited and looking forward for her speech.

  • CharterOakie

    That video sure does get the blood flowing. Dang!

  • Tom Ferriday

    CPAC has become an absolute joke. It features a host of phony RINO politicians and RINO media personalities whose words about conservatism don’t match their actions when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    Unless Sarah or Cruz are speaking, most conservatives could care less.


      Unless Sarah runs its means nothing. I like Cruz but he doesn’t have the personality of Sarah. We got to face facts,probably 60% of voters vote for the more engaging personality.

      • lyndaaquarius

        Sen Cruz is a tremendous asset in the senate,but Governor Palin is a proven Commander-in- Chief whose administrative skills can easily transfer to the presidency.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        Then what if it means nothing? We got to face the facts….looks matter to 60% of the voters…. Young BO as an example last time around.

        • PANTTERA

          Sarah’s got the looks,personality and now we’ll see if she has the will.

  • john norton

    The Guv is still the only one tht can fix this mess,She’s got the ‘Moxy to do it too… ~ ! Go Sarah …:)

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