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Any final score predictions for the Super Bowl?

Speculation regarding a beauty and diet book?

Here’s the commercial featuring Tim Tebow that will be shown today:


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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah (it will take me a few minutes to edit
    this for better spacing),

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all!!

    Enjoy the BIG GAME today! I just hope that my once-great Oakland Raiders will make it back one day to the ultimate contest! This has been a hard decade or so to be a Raiders fan.

    I have a few thoughts to share with you this morning on three subjects that have been topics for discussion or have been in the news in recent days.

    First, there is the Governor’s loyal declaration last week about Senator John McCain that, in spite of their differences on some issues, "he is my friend."

    I believe that we can admire, not just Sarah’s loyalty in issuing this declaration, but her courage too!

    Well she knew that her words might annoy and even anger many people who support her or who might be inclined to support her, but she said it anyway.

    I think that we may posit a comparison with the great President Ronald Reagan: Many Americans did not support him on every issue; the MAN himself, however, they admired and supported and loved!

    The same may well be the case with the Governor, in this matter and on various other issues. Many people who disagree with her about McCain, and even vehemently and vociferously disagree with her, may nevertheless respect and support and love the LADY herself, the Lady of the Fair and Far North Country!

    Americans, dwellers in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," have always admired, admire today, and will forever admire GUTS and FIDELITY!!

    Second, there is the poll that came out last week, and that showed the Governor with a 70%-20% favorability rating with Republican primary voters.


    Think of the fell and malevolent and dire drumbeat of the last five-plus years, directed against the Governor and against all that she loves and stands for:

    A Drumbeat of Lies;

    A Drumbeat of Slander;

    A Drumbeat of Distortion;

    A Drumbeat of Ridicule;

    A Drumbeat of Mockery;

    A Drumbeat of Pure Hatred, expressed in the most vile and vicious of terms!!!

    And yet, in spite of all this Maelstrom of Mendacity—SHE STILL STANDS!!

    Finally, I would like to share a few observations on Sarah Palin versus wendy davis.

    Has there been a greater and more striking and more instructive contrast in recent political history between the treatment afforded to davis, a Democrat who wants to become Governor of Texas, and that which has been heaped upon the head of Sarah Palin of Alaska?

    While we could examine many issues, it is my belief that the crux of the matter may come down to this …

    … Sarah is Pro-Life, and not just in words, but in DEEDS too (Trig).

    wendy davis engaged in a filibuster in the Texas legislature … for what?

    For some noble cause?

    For some brave and bonny cause?

    For some vital and heroic and uplifting principle???

    No … it was to try to impede a bill designed to afford some protection to the unborn!!!

    And for this DAMNABLE—"there I said it," as Mark Levin might say–for this cursed act she was made into an instant "heroine" and celebrity by the utterly bankrupt and despicable Lame-Stream Media, the media, BTW, that, Pat Caddell, back in 2012 as I recall, termed a Clear and Present Danger to the American People.

    My friends, the die is cast; the gauntlets and gages have been thrown down.

    Sarah Palin versus wendy davis;

    Sarah Palin versus barack obama;

    Sarah Palin versus hillary clinton;

    Sarah Palin versus the RINOs;

    America versus anti-america;

    Life versus Death.

    I choose Sarah; I choose Life!!!

    Again, enjoy the Super Bowl.

    God bless you all always.

    Sarah Domination 2014;

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!


    • JanuaryRose

      Good morning, Brianus.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Good morning, JanuaryRose!

        • Pete Petretich

          JanuaryRose = Socon, yes?

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Ah, I have been away for a few days, Pete, and I did not know this–thanks!

          • john norton

            Yes…i was talkin to her yesterday …

      • mark1955

        Good Morning "JaRo", ( Socon )!

        • JanuaryRose

          Hmmm. Kind of reminds me of Jor-El in Superman.

          • mark1955

            I think that name sounds more like a much,much hipper version of "J-lo" ( Jennifer Lopez ) and nothing like "Jor-El"and needless to say you are much,much hipper,smarter and better looking and more intelligient than Lopez.

            By the way,our good friend here "Blueniner", came up with "Ja Ro" yesterday…I just stole it. lol

            • JanuaryRose

              Mark, you’re so sweet. Thank you.

              I know it was Blue. That’s why I was suspicious.

              I don’t want J-lo’s behind, but I sure would like her bank account!

    • indemind

      Morning bro….. Happy Super Bowl Sunday…. So, How you doooing?

      Deo Volente SarahAmerica 2016

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Bro. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! I am doooing GRRRREAT!!

        Deo Volente, SarahAmerica 2016.

    • senator20526

      Congratulations to Ray Guy of the Oakland Raiders for making the NFL Hall of Fame.

      • mark1955

        I still remember the great punting battles Ray Guy had against the K.C.Chiefs punter,the late Jerrel Wilson…Classics!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thanks, Mark–great memories! What a rivalry that was: Lenny Dawson, Big Ben Davidson, Otis Taylor, Willie Brown and so many more!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks much, Senator–it’s great and recalls the good old days of my Raiders!!

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    Nice read.

    The former editor in chief of Ms. magazine (and a Democrat) on what she learned on a campaign plane with the would-be VP. (published October 27, 2008)

    From the article:

    "They know what I know, and I learned it from spending just a little time traveling on the cramped campaign plane this week: Sarah Palin is very smart.

    I’m a Democrat, but I’ve worked as a consultant with the McCain campaign since shortly after Palin’s nomination. Last week, there was the thought that as a former editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine as well as a feminist activist in my pre-journalism days, I might be helpful in contributing to a speech that Palin had long wanted to give on women’s rights.

    What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

    Now by “smart,” I don’t refer to a person who is wily or calculating or nimble in the way of certain talented athletes who we admire but suspect don’t really have serious brains in their skulls. I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight. Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had.

    She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts. What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is."

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, ZH. Have a great Sunday!!

      • ZH100

        Good morning,Brianus and have a great Sunday too!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          :-) !!

  • qtdb7

    Since all government workers are public SERVANTs,
    We the People should pay them at the minimum wage.

    ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama/JACKASS democrats/liberals support
    "equal pay for equal work".
    Here are some questions for them:
    Should all football players get paid the same?
    Should a lineman get the same pay as a quarterback?
    Should all baseball players get paid the same?
    Should a catcher get the same pay as a pitcher?

    In free market capitalism, not CRONY capitalism, the
    government has no right to dictate how much an employer
    pays his/her employees. The employers and employees
    should negotiate for their contracts. If there is a
    contract dispute, then the court steps in to resolve the

    Healthcare is a privilege, not a right.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Exactly–think how absurd it would have been to pay Yogi Berra the same salary as Charlie Silvera (?) I think it was, Yogi’s backup catcher on the Yankees!!

  • ZH100

    Interesting video.

    Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt on their Event with Sarah Palin. ( okt ,2010)

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, ZH. I shall have a look at this. I sort of remember the event, but I could use a refresher!

      • ZH100

        You are welcome,Brianus.

  • ZH100

    ‘February 1st: Andrew’s Birthday’

    ‘Breitbart: Sarah Palin ‘Gets’ Pop Culture’

    • JanuaryRose

      Devastating loss for us, but especially for his darling wife and 4 young children. What a tragedy.

      • john norton


  • technopeasant

    Great Tebow ad.

  • technopeasant

    Folks, in the 2010 midterms President Obama’s approval number just before the vote hovered in several polls between 44% and 45%. The House Democrats got 44.8% of the vote which matched Obama’s approval number. In addition more voters indicated Obama as president weighed more on their minds than four years earlier when Bush 43 was the president.
    So what does this mean? I believe it’s possible that the Dems are trying to snooker our side into believing we have the 2014 midterms in the bag so we don’t have to turn out en masse as we did in 2010.
    However I must admit it does look good for our side now. The RCP avg. of Obama’s approval today lies at 43.3. However Reuters has Obama at 37% which I believe is an outlier. So therefore I believe Obama is closer to 44% than 43%.
    In addition our side only has a 1.5% lead in the generic ballot presently according the RCP avg. of polls.

    And what happens if our side screws the pooch and goes after amnesty? A repeat of 2008 and 2012 will occur when conservatives in droves stayed home. I’m not saying we’ll lose the House but we’re sure not to regain control of the Senate under these circumstances.
    So let’s not be lulled into a sense of false confidence by the Libs. It could be a Trojan horse that may destroy our side not only for 2014 but 2016 and beyond.

  • technopeasant

    A stat that the GOP establishment does not want you to know.
    Mitt Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote in 2012.
    The highest percentage received by a GOP presidential candidate was 40%.
    The Hispanic vote has been consistently around 10% of the electorate, despite illegal immigration.
    Thus Romney’s contribution to his overall 47.2% of the vote from Hispanics was 2.7%.
    Let’s give Romney 40% of the vote. That would have contributed another 1.3% to his total to bring him up to 48.5%. And in a zero sum game Obama would have been reduced by 1.5% from his 51.1% to 49.6%.
    In other words the election would have been closer but Romney would still have lost.
    Again Romney’s problem was the number 72 which is the share of the white vote. He needed it to be at 75 and his % of the white vote to be at 61% rather than 59%. That would have put Romney above 50% in the popular vote and he may have been able to eke our a narrow victory.
    But the bottom line is whether Romney got 27% or 40% of the Hispanic vote he still in all likelihood would not have won.

    • technopeasant

      A breakdown by race how Romney got to 47.2% of the popular vote in 2012:
      Whites (72% share, 59% garnered):————–42.50%
      Blacks (13% share, 6% garnered): —————- .78%
      Hispanics (10% share, 27% garnered)———— 2.70%
      Asian (3% share, 26% garnered)———————.78%
      Other (2% share, 38% garnered)———————.78%
      Total 47.54%
      Actual amount was 47.2% because of rounding.

    • Pete Petretich

      Romney knows how to speak some Spanish but he barely did during the campaign. Why is that?

      Did hard-working Latinos just see through his B.S.?

  • technopeasant

    Kathleen Parker writes on football:
    Parker writing on football is equivalent to Richard Sherman writing on the mating habit of butterflies.

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Jean!

      I stand with Sarah Palin.

      • john norton

        **__** … !!!-)

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Good morning, John :-) !!

  • technopeasant

    You know how you can tell a person is a liberal: One who laments about the plight of football players in later life but who has never been to a football game or has no interest in the sport and wants to shut down the NFL.
    Here’s a conservative response:
    "Sure football is a dangerous sport or activity but so is driving to work on an icy road. So is flying a plane or being a police officer or firefighter or being in the military.
    Secondly, you ask any current NFL football player and to a man they’ll tell you they fully understand the risks associated with playing pro football and they as adults are willing to assume the risk of permanent injury to end their career or difficulties or health challenges they may incur later in life.
    As for kids playing football, what I have found in life is that it doesn’t matter what parents say or do, kids will eventually gravitate to a sport they’re good in whether its football, basketball, or baseball or golf.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Techno. I believe I heard Joe Namath say in an interview the other day that the injuries and pain he went through were worth it, or something to that effect.

      Who will ever forget the "I Guarantee It" Super Bowl?!

  • Pete Petretich

    Good morning, C4Peeps.

    Now, I’m not one to beat a dead horse. Apparently Matt Drudge is, though:

    Does anyone else have another sad, repentant picture of Chrispy Creme that he might use later today?

  • Pete Petretich

    I’ve said before, many are astonished that Sarah is so slim and good looking at her age, especially for a semi-employed grandmother…

  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich


    "…The NRA gives Abbott an A rating. It gives Davis an F."

    Btw, where do the Bushies come down on this race? Are they still hiding out from the NRA?

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Pete, and good morning! It figures that wendy davis would get an F. I guess she tried to get around her Second Amendment record the other day by holding a firearm that belonged or belongs to Ann Richards.

      Sort of like Dukakis and that tank!!

      • dave7777

        The gun wasn’t even ready for firing. I wonder if she knew that?

    • fb274

      I seriously doubt there will be an official endorsement for Abbott from the Bush family…….much too conservative for their tastes. Once the primary is over Sen. Cruz will step in with his formal endorsement.
      We might see Cornyn having a tough time getting 50% of the vote in the primary as he is one of 8 on the list for Senator. Coins might jingle in his pockets but he has not made a lot of the constituency happy with his RINO status.

  • technopeasant

    An interesting article of MASCULINITY by Charles Blow of the NYT:
    Key takweaway:
    "Portraying Republican men as manly and Democratic ones as effete as been a consistent line of attack against post-Bill Clinton Democratic presidential candidates. As Glenn Greenwald put it in 2007, "For some time now, it has been commonplace for Democratic candidates to be depicted as gender-confused freaks…the problem with having your message powered by machismo is that it reveals what undergirds such a stance: misogyny and chauvinism."
    "The House Speaker, John Boehner, has gone so far as to have SENSITIVITY TRAINING FOR REPUBLICAN MEMBERS because as he put it, "some of our members just aren’t as sensitive as they ought to be."

    • CBDenver

      The idea that men need to be sensitive is silly. What distinguizhes a good man from the bad ones is not theirsensitivity but their moroal code. The heros of thosewestern storiesof yorewere notsensitjve. They had a moral cose of fairness and honesty that they honored aboveall else. The modern world laughs at those moral standards and encourages instead the amoral striving to get whatever one wants by any meanspossible. Today’s popular TV shows feature the anti-heros as heros. Teaching the amoral striver to be sensitive won’t help, it will only make the wolves better able to stalk the sheep.

      • JanuaryRose

        Bravo! Please remain men; we need you.

        Not interested in more estrogen in this world.

  • Pete Petretich

    "NY SAFE Act becomes issue in NY-23 swing race"

    (Includes a convenient color diagram of up-state New York)

    • dave7777

      I see that map and all I can think of is that if there was ever a need for splitting a state in two…this is it. However, having lived in NY for a period of time, I think the line would be drawn between liberals (NYC) and the liberal republicans (res of NY state). The republicans are under the control of the Rockerfeller wing. There is a feeble Conservative Party.

  • technopeasant

    Rand Paul has the guts to go after Bill Clinton on Monica Lewinsky and making his own war on women.
    Key takeaway:
    Rand Paul: "I’ve never met a Republican who was against birth control or who thought that somehow we would try to prevent women from having birth control."

  • Pete Petretich

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