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2014 is NOW!


"Katrina Pierson is an emerging leader and important voice for the future of the grassroots conservative movement"

Governor Sarah Palin

Katrina Pierson 2nd Amendment

Armed with enthusiasm, intelligence, and honesty – Katrina Pierson (candidate for US House TX-32) is gaining momentum in the great state of Texas.

Katrina Pierson Volunteers

Grizzlies in Texas have been talking to voters, knocking on doors, and reliving the American Grizzlies United 2010 battle cry:

Get Your GRRR On!

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Battle lines are being drawn very quickly, and grassroots conservatives once again have someone to vote FOR…instead of just having someone to vote against.

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DC’s ever-growing permanent political class still doesn’t seem to get it – now is the time for concerned citizens to take matters into our own hands, and do whatever it takes to GOTV to restore our country.

Katrina Pierson volunteers V

Powerful out of touch incumbents are a huge problem in the GOP(e). Our vote is our weapon in this battle – nothing is as powerful as an army of volunteers working for love of country instead of money pounding the pavement in the name of Liberty.

Katrina Pierson yard sign resized

The powerful incumbent that Katrina must take on:

1) Did not take a stand to defund Obamcare.

2) Continually votes to allow President Obama to spend as much money as he can.

3) Has done nothing to get some answers about the questionable overstepping of the Obama NSA.

Katrina Pierson Sarah Palin Resize

You don’t have to live in Texas to help Katrina. There are many things you can do right from your home no matter where you live!

Phone bankers are needed for Katrina:

Put those free cell phone minutes to good use and help GOTV for Katrina Pierson For Congress!

Just go to Katrina Pierson’s website and click on the volunteer tab: HERE

(Or you can email:

To contribute to the Katrina Pierson For Congress campaign just click: HERE

Here are some really fast things you can do right now:

1) Go to the Where Does Pete Sessions Live? FB page and click LIKE: HERE

2) Follow @KatrinaPierson on Twitter: HERE

3) Follow Katrina Pierson For Congress on FB: HERE



Our work continues.


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