via @AGUGrizzlies: NFL Cheerleader: Gov Palin Leads By Example Role Model

Molly Shattuck is a former NFL cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens and the author of Vibrant Living which details how to modify unhealthy behaviors with fitness being the ultimate goal, she said in an interview on the Palin Update with Kevin Scholla.

Vibrant Living describes a 21-day action plan in which Shattuck says the pounds will begin to drop and your skin will have a healthier glow. She said Olympic athletes reach their goals through the many daily decisions they make. The action plan includes 30 minutes of exercise per day, drinking water, and eating real food – fruits and vegetables – and less processed, packaged foods.

Shattuck who was the oldest cheerleader in the NFL said "age is just a number" – as long as you make healthy decisions such as moving your body and drinking water rather than other beverages. She suggests drinking 30 oz of water upon awakening. Shattuck also said heart disease affects more women than cancers and 80% of it is preventable. Of course, smokers should kick the habit, she said.

Gov. Palin Leads by Example, Positive Role Model

Shattuck admires former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s regimen of running and yoga and her overall physically active lifestyle. Gov. Palin has run private marathons, one of which she wrote about in Going Rogue. "I really admire her because she’s dedicated herself to her family … and to helping fellow Americans and to do whatever she can to be a role model and to lead by example….big cheers and high kicks for Sarah Palin."

Most people lead busy lives. Shattuck said if you break a 30-minute exercise block into three blocks of 10 minutes each. "It’s just as effective," she said.

She strongly emphasizes planning your meals and preparing them at home because you control what you are eating.


Commonweath Commonsense: Follow the Money

If you follow the money, what kind of influence does that have on lawmakers? A fired executive from RedFlex – makers of red light ticketing cameras – acknowledged bribing officials in 13 states including Virginia. The House of Delegates there killed a bill that would have outlawed the cameras.

Scholla contrasted those actions with Gov. Palin who resigned her office for good of her constituents rather than desperately clinging to power in the face of frivolous ethics suits.

Steel Resolve: Politically Inane Obama Administration

A CBO report indicates ObamCare will cause the loss of 2.5 million full-time jobs in 10 years. Absurdly, Jason Thurman, Chairman of the President’s Council of Advisers chalked up the possibility of choosing no employment at all over money-losing part-time employment to being the workers’ "choice."

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Molly Shattuck, the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader talks about her new book Vibrant Living. Shattuck has a 21-day program to help people get healthier. Governor Sarah Palin remembers Chris Kyle while rooting on her Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Plus, a happy birthday to Ronald Reagan, a congressman who actually sticks to his principles, and prayers for a conservative friend. Also, Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson and the latest segment of Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman. SarahNET Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime!

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