via @AGUGrizzlies: Ski Doo Iron Dogs Ready To Bring Home The Pink

NOTE: This post was written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla.

Craig Compeau is a Fairbanks Ski Doo dealer and lifelong Alaskan who outfitted Iron Dog Team 11 – Todd Palin and Tyler Huntington. In an interview on the Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla, Compeau said this year Team 11, along with other Ski Doo teams painted the skis on their snow machines pink to raise money for breast cancer research. The Iron Dog trail is also the Iditarod Trail and the Iditarod came into being for delivering Diphtheria vaccines.

Bring Home the Pink is raising money via straight donations and a pledge game where donors can pledge a dollar amount per sled that finishes the race. Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Focus, which is reputable, not mired in bureaucracy and not involved with organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Breast Cancer Focus is staffed entirely by volunteers and directly helps families of breast cancer patients in addition to supporting education and research.

The 2,000-mile Iron Dog is run in conditions that range from 50F to -50F with dramatic elevation gains, open water, dry patches, and dangerous obstacles. Compeau said "it’s like driving on the dark side of the moon at full throttle." In Going Rogue, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wrote about her husband’s 120-mph runs in pitch darkness dodging ice chunks, rocks, and wildlife.

In 2010, Todd Palin’s partner Scott Davis sustained an injury resulting in them being scratched. Palin broke at least one of his arms in a prior race. In 2011, the left ski of Palin’s snow machine hit an object and the ski departed the machine. Palin was able to jury-rig the ski back on and came in with a second place win. The Iron Dog, therefore, is a high-risk race reserved for the most gnarly of dudes.

Palin is a four-time champion and eight-time winner of the Iron Dog. The first five places in the Iron Dog are considered winners and first place is champion. In the 23 years Palin has been racing he placed in one of the first five slots, resulting in an 52% overall win average. He had been using an Arctic Cat snow machine until last year when he switched to the Ski Doo MX Z X E-TEC 600.

This year’s Iron Dog runs February 16 – 22. The race can be tracked at Iron Dog. Out of the 40 racers, 19 are on Ski Doos and at least half of them are Bringing Home the Pink.

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Craig Compeau, a Fairbanks Ski-Doo dealer is sponsoring Team #11, Todd Palin and Tyler Huntington in this year’s race. Learn about the rigors of the Iron Dog plus the great charity Compeau brought on board to raise money for breast cancer. Sarah Palin reacts to the State of the Union address. Plus, we find out where the the states rank when it comes to fiscal matters and Chick-fil-A once again helps those in need. Also, we find out why Richard Simmons and Obamacare go hand in hand. Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson and the latest segment of Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman are also featured. SarahNET Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime!

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