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@AGUGrizzlies: Mother Soldier Conservative; GSP Endorses Joni Ernst For #IASen

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This morning Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Joni Ernst for the Iowa United States Senate Seat:

HERE - Post by Sarah Palin

Hotly contested primaries are healthy and normal. May the best candidate win!

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Learn more about Joni Ernst:

Campaign website: Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate

Volunteer For Joni: Get Involved

Contribute to Joni: Invest

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  • MiBones

    A woman and her hog. Not only does she know how to cut them, she knows how to ride them.

  • blueniner

    A woman who not only knows how to castarate Hogs, she also knows how to ride Hogs, and in DC will castarate the Hogs at the trough!

  • Ting

    Thomas Schmitz, you are a good man.

  • bejocy

    Pretty please, Gov Palin…endorse somebody (other than Mike Simpson) for Idaho.
    Thank you

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    (Guys, I have also posted this on Thursday’s Open Thread!)

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Thursday to you all!

    That was a great endorsement by the Governor the other day of Joni Ernst for the US Senate from Iowa!

    And what a great ad Joni just put out—the castrated hogs/pork ad!!!

    Here are a few thoughts on the endorsement, on 2014, on 2016, and on the time beyond 2016.

    God bless!!

    I hope to see you again on Sunday.




    The Governor, IMHO, really seems to have picked a winner with her endorsement of Joni Ersnt for the United States Senate from Iowa!!!

    And what a fantastic political ad Joni just produced: Brief, biting, hard-hitting—she grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. What a perfect sequence and progression of thought and of career: From literal hogs to the malignant and metaphorical "hogs" of Washington, DC: Cut the Pork!!

    "Mother, Soldier, Conservative," as the ad says—someone after Sarah’s own heart.

    I can already envision the Governor campaigning with Joni in Iowa this spring, summer, and autumn … Hmm … did I just say … IOWA??!!

    First, a new Conservative ally for Ted Cruz and others in the US Senate …

    But …

    Iowa, 2016, maybe, maybe …

    Sarah helps Joni; Joni then helps Sarah!

    You guys can follow the track and trail of my hopeful thoughts and dreams!

    The Governor, IMV, is a perfect combination of a greathearted, great-souled Patriot, and a smart, savvy politician … in the BEST sense of this much-disgraced and discredited appellation "politician."

    I can already see "from my house" in Berkeley, California:

    Sarah helping Joni for 2014;

    Joni helping Sarah for 2016 (God willing!) …

    President Palin and Senator Ernst together, with a battle host of others, HELPING SAVE AMERICA in 2017 and beyond!!


  • iizthatiiz

    • Iowans react to Joni Ernst Hog Castration ad • HUGE win for Joni with IA voters … #Squeal

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