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The Governor will campaign again with Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for Ben Sasse in North Platte, Nebraska this morning. She will be in Alabama later this evening in Orange Beach, Alabama for a fundraiser for the annual Baldwin County Republican Party fundraising dinner.


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  • qtdb7

    The opening paragraph of The U.S. Constitution:
    We the People of the United States, in Order to
    form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure
    domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,
    promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of
    Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and
    establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    JACKASS donkey Democrats/liberals/socialists/communists DISTORT
    the words of the U.S. Constitution.
    The U.S. Constitution said "PROMOTE the general Welfare",
    NOT "PROVIDE the general Welfare"

    Promoting the general Welfare means promoting prosperity,
    happiness, well being. It does NOT mean welfare, foodstamps,
    free housing, free education, free healthcare, free cellphone,
    free stuffs.

    • Budvarakbar

      Hey! — Gimmie-dat!

    • dave7777

      Very good point. Thanks

    • Palinprodigy

      Top 10 reasons for a President Palin.
      #1 Pipe line done, drilling and energy exploration in full swing!
      #2 $2.00 gas inside a year!
      #3 Putin who!
      #4 EPA, IRS, Health, Education, Energy and many many more would be done away with or brought back to manageable numbers with someone actually in charge!
      #5 Attorney General that is color blind!
      #6 Pride, Dignity and American tradition back at the White House!
      #7 Todd as first dude!
      #8 American exceptionalizem recognized across the globe!
      #9 No more unelected bureauc"rats" in charge of anything!
      #10 Our military would have no doubt she has their back! Very soon our Men, Women and Flag would be much stronger in our avaricious eyes and minds!

      God’s speed Sarah Palin!


    My Apologizes for re-posting, what i had previously posted late on yesterday’s Open Thread but i thought it Bared repeating! This shows what out and out liars the left are and also shows how the NY Times Deliberately, Erroneously and selectively edited Cliven Bundy’s remarks to make him appear Racist!

    Please re-post this at any sites you happen to visit, not only to show how NOTHING the left say’s is believable but also because the BLM and Obama and company, might use this "Racism" charge against Cliven Bundy as a Diversion to launch a Raid against his Ranch!

    • fb274

      CNN did a nasty interview with Mr. Bundy—-didn’t recognize the fact of the ‘host’ but he was rude, in the worst way.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning. Some thoughts by Kira Davis (who happens to be black) on the topic of Cliven Bundy

    I Don’t Care if Cliven Bundy is a Racist

    Under her youtube post, she writes:

    "Who cares? He could believe Bette Midler is the 12th Imam, it doesn’t change the fact that the government has sent SWAT teams to collect a tax bill from a free citizen."

    • c4pfan

      I agree. I don’t care what he thinks! Nothing to do with him.

    • fb274

      Not a TAX BILL. Bundy’s taxes have been paid and are current. The dollars in question are from the BLM indicating he owes these fees for forage and water rights.
      A TV station in Nevada did some work on Abstract of Title–even though they tried to put a negative spin on their comments in their reporting, a like supplied by them tells the fact that the water rights to the Virgin River were established by the original owners of the property and have conveyed by Title each time the property changed hands.

      • John_Frank

        —-> Not a TAX BILL.

        FWIIW, suggest you may want to tell that to Kira Davis, along with providing the relevant link.

        • fb274

          FEES! If it were titled a TAX there would be no way for the BLM to lay claim—-even though their claim is not substantiated.
          Search for TV station in Nevada to find articles.

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    ‘All Stars Gov. Palin, Sens. Lee, Cruz Rock TW Shannon Rally’ (great pics!)

    • c4pfan

      I call them ‘the fab four’!

  • mark1955 INSANITY! Hillary Clinton say’s ( Paraphrasing ), Russia will pay a Big price for the Ukraine crisis!

    Hillary Clinton is Certifiably MAD! These people in our government and the EU, having sponsored the overthrow of a Democratically elected Government on Russia’s borders are forcing Russia into a corner, where Russia will have no choice but to lash out! Are these people out of their minds in our government? ( I know, a Rhetorical question.) ?

    To top it off, our government is openly labeling Christians and Liberty Lovers ( The Very Foundation of our Constitutional Republic ) as the Enemy here inside the United States. ( Nothing like getting our Creator mad Hillary and Obama.) Also, nothing like giving the American people NO incentive to fight for you guys When you attack Christianity and NO incentive to believe your so-called "False Flag" attacks here in the United States and when you Falsely Try to blame them on the Russians!

  • John_Frank

    Daniel Bongino is one of the good guys. He needs our help. Please donate to his campaign and let’s spread the word to help make it happen. Thanks.

    "I know you are busy but I need your help. Would you please consider contributing to my campaign effort today? Despite a media blackout of our fundraising success, we recently disclosed that we raised more than double the amount of money my Democratic opponent did and we raised more money than all but one of Maryland’s congressional representatives. Thank you for your time and please click the link to help."

    – Daniel Bongino

    Here is the link to donate to his campaign:

    • c4pfan

      He is! I don’t get how the GOP doesn’t support him!

    • john norton


  • Pete Petretich
    • c4pfan

      Good. He offends me too!

  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich


  • mark1955
    • Pete Petretich

      It doesn’t matter. The legal issue matters.

      • fb274

        Legal issue matter…… "Clark County Recorder documents show the 160-acre Bunkerville ranch Bundy calls home was purchased by his parents, David and Bodel Bundy, from Raoul and Ruth Leavitt on Jan. 5, 1948. The purchase included the transfer to the Bundys of certain water rights, including water from the nearby Virgin River. Cliven Bundy was born in 1946."
        PLEASE NOTE: "including water from the nearby Virgin River" – This river/water way is NOT on the 160 ACRES OWNED by the Bundys.
        SO—–Response……The devil is in the details: Water/Forage Rights from the nearby Virgin River. These rights were granted to the original owners of the property when it was first settled and the rights were convey to each following purchaser whenever it changed hands.

        So, if mineral rights were conveyed at the time of escrow with a property you bought, how would you react if years later the BLM tried to get fees for something ownership of property gave to you.
        Granted, the river may not be on his property proper, but the right for water was established early on.

        • Pete Petretich

          Interesting, but I’m not a lawyer and neither is Mr. Bundy. Obviously a lot of serious, educated people come down on both sides of this real estate question.

          If he thinks he was mistreated then he should certainly speak up, but also seek specialized legal counsel…

    • c4pfan

      Don’t care what Bundy thinks on any issue. It has to do with how the BLM acted and we all know it had to do with who lead the BLM (a former Reid employee).

    • dave7777

      He lacks a formal education, but his point was right. He asked the question is the current condition any better than it was under slavery. He put in inartfully. Political correctness trumps corruption again.

    • fb274

      NYTs, CNN and others have taken his words totally out of context. What is even worse are the ones who have now turned on him due to the NYTs article. It is a sad situation they are so certain what they read in the Times is unbiased gospel truth. I would imagine the WH and the Libs are jumping up and down with glee which the reporting that is going on.
      Meanwhile, they don’t have to discuss the failure of jugears’ Asia trip or the flat out lying by dirty hairy reid.

  • Pete Petretich


    • Audrey_I

      Thad Cochran is an Obama Democrat disguised as a Republican.

  • Pete Petretich
  • Pete Petretich
    • c4pfan

      And I would say ‘At this point, what difference does that make’?

    • U-Dope-ia

      No, Hillary Clinton regrets the fact that she got busted. It’s her "Blue Dress" moment.

      • blueniner


      • senator20526

        Hilliary Benghazi…four more years of Obama…

    • Ceejay

      Cry me a river Hillary, you don’t care and that is the bottom line in my opinion!

      • senator20526

        Her and her sleaze husband have sucked $100 million from all their connections and now she wants more…

  • Pete Petretich

    Good morning…

    • c4pfan

      Morning Pete!

  • freeperjim

    John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz.

    Hopefully, Sarah stops ALL support of this leftwing RINO traitor!

    • Exgunman

      And they didn’t even have to torture him to get him to turn…………….

      • fb274

        He’s been on the verge of becoming a Democrat for years now. Not all that long before he decided on running for prez he was noted for possibly changing parties. McCain was exposed by the Swift Boat veterans for his work with Kerry on bringing home the KIAs of Nam…..when Kerry’s relative wanted to pursue a business venture in Viet Nam they closed down the project of locating the MIAs stating they had successfully completed the project. This was an out and out lie reported by one of the Swift Boaters who worked on this project. Many, many were never traced he said.
        Plus, McCain was not exactly honorable during his time as a POW but the POWs defended him, nevertheless. He should be living in shame if he had any conscience whatsoever. The Swift Boaters also knew Kerry’s past involvement of working with the old Soviet Union along with Ted ‘the swimmer’ Kennedy. Traitors all.

    • c4pfan

      I wish!

    • senator20526

      This tells all you need to know about those two….

  • Pete Petretich

    Fellow Conservatives:

    We are very proud to announce our support for Joni Ernst (R-IA) who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Iowa.

    Joni Ernst is a state senator and a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard. She’s also a wife, a mom to three daughters, and a grandmother to six grandchildren.

    As a state senator, Joni Ernst has worked to limit government and promote economic growth. She helped pass the largest tax cut in the history of the state, which will return more than $4.4 billion in property tax relief to Iowa taxpayers over the next decade.

    As a soldier, Joni Ernst commanded the largest battalion in Iowa and served as a company commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom where her unit was tasked with running convoys through Kuwait and into southern Iraq.

    Joni Ernst believes that Washington politicians have ignored the Constitution and abandoned the principles that make America great.

    If elected to the U.S. Senate, Joni Ernst will fight to cut wasteful spending, repeal Obamacare, and balance the budget.

    Please make a contribution to Joni Ernst’s campaign today.


    Joni Ernst has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and supports all of our conservative policy goals. She …

    Supports a constitutional amendment to force Congress to balance the federal budget without raising taxes;

    Supports the full repeal of Obamacare and opposes funding for the unconstitutional program;

    Opposes bailouts that reward failure and punish success;

    Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants;

    Opposes earmarks that are used to pass bloated spending bills;

    Supports term limits for members of Congress;

    Supports our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms; and

    Supports the right to life and will oppose taxpayer funding for abortion.


    Joni Ernst is currently locked in a tight race with Mark Jacobs (R-IA), another Republican candidate who is not a conservative.

    According to Breitbart News, "Former energy executive Mark Jacobs has expressed support for cap and trade, Common Core, the Ryan-Murray budget compromise, and raising the debt ceiling. He donated to Arlen Specter after Specter switched parties to become a Democrat. And in a new campaign ad he says one of the best things about a strong economy is that it would provide the federal government more tax revenue."

    Joni Ernst is the right choice. She’s principled, she has strong grassroots support in the state, and she can win with your help.

    Please make a contribution to Joni Ernst’s campaign today.

    We need your help to raise $50,000 for her before the end of the month. If everyone pitches in something now, we can reach our goal.

    As you know, SCF pays all processing fees so 100% of the funds you contribute to Joni Ernst will go directly to her campaign.

    With your support, she can cross the 35% threshold for an outright victory in the primary, avoid an expensive and time-consuming convention, and turn immediately to defeating liberal trial lawyer Bruce Braley (D-IA).

    Thank you for helping to change Washington by supporting principled candidates. Your efforts are making a big difference.

    Best regards,

    Matt Hoskins
    Executive Director
    Senate Conservatives Fund

    • c4pfan

      Thanks for the update.

  • stlouisix

    Obama: U.S. Trying to Create ‘Strong Set of Rules That Govern the Int’l Order’

    Translation: I’m going to do what exactly my Globalist New World Order Controller puppet masters and their bankers want me to do by making everything and everyone dependent upon an elite ruling class that will determine who’s fit to live as evinced by my Obamacare as the pump primer for destroying what’s left of a free America. And if, in the process, I have to start a World War then that’s the price that must be paid to cull the world’s population so that Mother Earth can worship herself – humanity be damned! I mean what’s a few billion lives to include the military of the world being wasted as cannon fodder when my master Lucifer must be served as it’s no accident that I have populated my Godless Administration with the likes of Cass Sunstein and John Holdren who understand these things and provide me he encouragement to fulfill the plans of my master!

    • c4pfan


  • wisetrog

    After the Clawson debacle, I am not sure whether to trust Sasse completely. After all he was part of the Bush circle. They may’ve been putting on a show of fight only to win conservative approval.

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