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Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

Gov. Palin’s Facebook Post read to the tune of Dr. Seuss‘ "Oh! The Places You’ll Go!"


"Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!"




Today is the day.

You have found such a insult

From which you can’t walk away


You, who had creeps near my kids

And an awful one near my home

Who took to advertising for dirt as far north as Nome

You, who are on a crusade. You seekers of truth, justice and the enlightened way.

You, who thumbed through my emails, looked them over with care. Questions pertaining to Benghazi? "Oh, we simply won’t go there!"

You, with your blogs full of scorn, and bylines full of mendacity, you awarded yourself for your own "perspicacity."

You claimed there were roads you wouldn’t go down.

"Just kidding, Andy Sullivan, you go to town!"

Academy Award for that poignant  faux frown.

Often with the Alphabet Soup News, mean things are stated and frequently so

–but THIS statement irked you–

Not this? Huh. Who knew?

When insults start to fly, don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. I mean, it’s what you told me to do.


Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

You’ll hear sexist remarks!

You’ll have doctors harassed!

You’ll even have wombs searched and intrusive medical questions asked!


America deserves fair and consistent coverage

But Her Royal Highness’ health was questioned and you’ve taken umbrage

"Yes, D.C. is a mess, we’re still your Press!"

"We’ll push and prod and test!"


Except that you won’t

Because, as of late, you simply don’t

Oh! The Insults You’ll Know!

I’ m sorry to say so but, sadly, it’s true, you’ll never know the insults Little Trig knew.


Credit: Gov. Sarah Palin’s Facebook page

So, really, how dare you.





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  • conservativemama


    • MarkRNY

      Amazing isn’t it CM. Can’t think of anything else that reveals what they are more than this.

      • conservativemama

        You’re exactly right.

    • Min Max

      More like a group of scumbags…!

  • section9

    Very well done.

    Maybe someone should publish this, in full, on her FB page. Just a thought.

  • cbenoistd

    Fantastic work, Michelle!

  • palmerguy

    How true!!!

  • Polarbearpapa

    Yup…pretty much says it all…

  • hope4palins

    Powerful stuff, eloquently stated. Thank you, Governor.

  • MarkRNY

    WHOA! MM posts!
    Way to take the Leftist lemming, "Homerically" corrupt (and 9/10ths butt ugly) media apart. You realize that their job is to push across the board failure, delusion and outright insanity to the American People?? 90 plus% of them are Stateist, bottom feeder IQ shills–and the Leftist butchers STILL lose elections! With the hammerlock they have on information/propaganda, we should have been the People’s Republic of America 50 years ago–but we still stand (even if on shaky knees)! That’s how bizarre and blatantly anti-reason/anti-human what they push is. Sarah’s one of the very few who knows this and both Left and Chamber of Commerce/WSJ/FOX News/Bushleone gopE want her pretty head on a pike–THIS is the battle! The media’s the head of the snake–class geeks seeking power! (fricken humiliating).
    You have been SORELY missed OMM! Steve and Doug have been a two man team holding the line for C4P–post more for God’s sake! This is 14!

    • mich mccormick

      Steve and Doug have been hustling like crazy, and thanks to them have this blog humming along! Yeah, I need to churn out some more nuggets for sure!

      • MarkRNY

        Churn em out MM. You’re articles are like fresh air and sunshine.

  • Chris

    wow that is great!

  • M_Minnesota

    Excellent beyond words.

  • Min Max

    Really well written! 2 thumbs up!

  • JRD_1


  • PhilTan

    I’ve never seen anybody attacked the way the Guv. was and what really ticked me off was the Republican brass sat back and let her swing in the wind. Disgusting. I’ve mentioned it here before, but when she was being attacked and savaged and sued, I took the time to send her defense fund $ 75.00. She took the time to send me a handwritten thank you. That pretty much told me everything I needed to know about who this woman was and where her character was and is.
    Secondly, maybe we’ve entered a new phase. The Guv. used the term "Her Royal Highness " in referring to Hillary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve yet seen her get into it toe to toe with Hillary as of yet I don’t believe . If this is the new phase and she’s getting into it with old Hillary then I say game on. I like it.

    • jester2939

      Yes, I like that a lot too!

      And personal attacks were taken to a new level with Governor Palin, I agree. They NEVER would have been tolerated for a Dem female. The GOP’s role in that was absolutely shameful and still makes me angry……….it’s the main reason I don’t consider myself a Republican anymore.

  • jester2939

    Great job, Michelle……..thanks!

  • DocBarry1

    Bravo bravo – but those scums won’t understand because they like liars like Obama

  • palin45potus


  • indemind

    Thanks Mich…. Just Marvelous!

  • CharterOakie


  • Lynda


  • isabel matos

    love it michelle. very playful. needed that!

  • Firelight

    LOL! This is brilliant!

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