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Barbour: Good Ol’ Boys Know Better Than a Conservative from Alaska

Haley Barbour’s latest interview and behavior in the Mississippi Senate race tells us a lot about the GOP establishment.

It’s not pretty.  At least with liberals, we know where they stand with commonsense conservatism.  With folks like Thad Cochran and Haley Barbour, it’s a totally different dynamic altogether.  When running against Democrats, they preach small government, but when their own records fail and they’re challenged, they use liberal talking points to attack.

Barbour begins the interview by saying that the momentum has "shifted" to Cochran.  This of course defies this poll, or this one, but I digress.  The interviewer then mentions how the McCain/Palin ticket from 2008 is split in this race.  Barbour’s explanation is amusing:

Here, Barbour tries to marginalize Governor Palin’s support of McDaniel by seemingly claiming that someone must be from Mississippi to have credibility on the matter.  (Apparently, he missed the first election where McDaniel came in first place due to the state’s electorate.)

Barbour’s list of authentic Mississippians who support Cochran is interesting — John McCain, Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, Phillip Gunn, Greg Harper, Alan Nunnelee, Steven Palazzo, Roger Wicker, Trent Lott, and Brett Favre.

It takes a simple Google search to find out that most of those he mentions are all somehow connected to one another in similar ways.  For example, Roger Wicker is a U.S. Senator who was appointed by King Haley Barbour in 2007 replacing Trent Lott.  Lott himself served three full terms and one year into his fourth, he resigned in December of 2007 and opened a lobbying firm in January of 2008.  Phil Bryant is the current governor of Mississippi and has been in state politics since 1990. He also served as Barbour’s Lt. Governor.  Tate Reeves is next in line, currently serving as Lt. Governor and was Treasurer of Mississippi while Barbour was governor.

This is the apparent House of Cards in Mississippi politics.  In the past, you had to be at the table to decide who was going, staying, or coming on.  All the while, Mississippi has remained one of the poorest states in the nation.  This is why long-sitting politicians (coupled with the fact that so much massive wealth continues to surround D.C.) are not so credible to Americans and why this House of Cards seems poised to begin its fall on Tuesday.

Further, as Breitbart reported, it is a fact that Haley Barbour issued a pardon on his last day as governor to Brett Favre’s brother who was not only found guilty of vehicular manslaughter but also had a second incident:

NFL legend Brett Favre has endorsed the re-election of Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), cutting a television ad for the six-term incumbent days ahead of a runoff election against Tea Party-backed state senator Chris McDaniel.


In 1996, Favre’s brother Scott Favre was driving drunk on his way home and stopped on railroad tracks. A 49-car freight train crashed into the vehicle, and Brett’s close friend Mark Haverty, a passenger in the car, was killed. Police determined Scott Favre had a .23 blood alcohol content level—more than twice the legal limit. Shortly thereafter, Scott Favre was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Fourteen years were suspended, with one year of house arrest.


In May 1997, Scott Favre was arrested again for driving without a license while he was on his way to help his dad fix a fishing boat. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison for that episode—and ended up only serving 67 days in prison after courts determined later he was wrongfully jailed.


In 2012, on his last day in office, former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour pardoned Scott Favre—clearing his record entirely.

Now Brett Favre is endorsing Cochran at the last minute in the runoff campaign while Barbour’s political machine works overtime to help Cochran win.

If you read the entire piece, you’ll see that Barbour responded and denied that he had any contact with Brett Favre regarding this last minute endorsement.  Yet, he must understand the skeptics considering the other tricks his crew has thrown into this race including trying to entice Democrats in the middle of a Republican primary in the hopes that they’ll turn out Tuesday to vote for Cochran.

It’s this same type of insider politics and special deals with powerful people that Governor Palin faced in her state.  She knows the signs of corruption and crony politics.  In her time spent as governor, she put a dent into such politics as usual like no other and did it without having to keep the same title for 36 ridiculous years.  By combining that experience with her amazing charisma and knowledge of the issues facing America, she’s been able to make a huge impact on helping to move our country back to the fundamental restoration it needs by fighting for good candidates like Chris McDaniel.  Since 2008 as a VP candidate through today as a tough advocate, she’s crossed the nation many times, spending most of her time in small towns which most of the GOP hierarchy never knew existed.  That’s why she’s earned that credibility from small town Americans.

Barbour’s inability to understand this just further proves why many in that establishment remain so out of the touch.  Accordingly, the people of Mississippi who are tired of being on the menu in D.C. seem poised to move their state in a new, positive direction in this Tuesday’s runoff election for U.S. Senate by giving us Chris McDaniel.

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  • Keith M

    Mississippi wants the same good ole boy they will never thrive!

    • azgal602

      I agree with you, I am from Mississippi and I think it is time to cleanse the hive. The old guard is the problem.

      • Keith M

        It is sad!

  • Tom Ferriday

    This so-called "all-star lineup" of Mississippi political has-beens and ex-football players against Chris McDaniel is just another example of the powerful going against the people. McDaniel will make an excellent senator but the GOPe, which is identical in every way to the Democrats, will fight tooth and nail to prevent the ordinary folks of Mississippi from being heard.

    If Mississippians are too obtuse to see that, then they get what they deserve.

  • JanuaryRoses

    Reminds me of Deputy Dog. Not a compliment.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    A friend mentioned that Gov. Haley Barbour pardoned a serial killer so she did a search on his pardons and came up with 8 pages on google. Does he side too much with the criminals ?

  • DocBarry1

    Haley B Shame

  • hope4palins

    Thank you for the wonderful analysis Steve. Imo this is why the gopE (aka "Obama Republicans") are doomed whether they win or not. If they maintain their iron-fisted control of the Party they will drag it over the Cliffs of Whigdom with them, but either way, they are toast. Stuff like this imo is why, according to a recent Gallup poll, the number of voters who identify with the Republican Party is down to 22%, a number that is basically fatal to their viability as a National Party. On talk radio I have heard analysis that indicates that more and more independents are former Republicans who do not like the gopE and their "go with the flow" style of opposition to people like Harry Reid, Barack Obama, et al. They persist in believing that we Constitutional Conservatives are the problem, yet they adopt our words during Primary Season so that they can win. This is Elmer Gantry/Huey Long style political garbage. I am absolutely convinced that if they somehow manage to dominate the Primaries and crush us, they will be sealing their own fate because they will continue to govern exactly as they do now, and they will continue to lose more and more to the Statists in General Elections. On the other hand we aren’t going away: If we have to, we will form a New Party to replace their dead one as it joins the Whigs and the Federalists on the "ash heap of history". Somebody has to stop the tide of Statism, and they sure as h*ll ar doing a truly miserable job of it, so one way or another, they will be replaced.

    Whatever it takes.

  • Cheetah444

    The Chism Strategies poll linked to above was done last Tuesday and Wednesday giving McDaniel a 50-44 pt lead. The same firm did another poll Friday night and that produced a 52-44 pt lead for McDaniel. The undecideds broke for McDaniel in between the two polls. Can you say McDanielmentum!

  • PAWatcher

    These good ol’ boys have totally forgotten the republican platform, maybe they never knew it to begin with. They are progressives and need to be put out to pasture. 2014 and 2016 should rid US of them.

  • crunchingk

    The boss has spoken ………cocran has all the momentum ……. Lets see Tuesday fatboy!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa Kelly

    A huge, massive group of 250 Cochran supporters (LOL) turned out to meet Cochran and McCain today at a Gulfport rally, but alas McCain’s commerical plane was grounded in TX so he’ll be hitting the campaign trail tomorrow.Gulfport Mayor Hewes claims, "the low voter turnout on 6/3 was a result of ‘complacency’ by Cochran supporters expecting the 6-term Seantor to win easily, but those supporters are now ‘energized’ for Tuesday’s runoff." Might thoses "supporters" be paid Dem crossovers?

  • dmac8889

    Barbour is lining up the Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary. This RINOS nose has grown beyond his belly.

  • kennjac


  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    The tide is turning, sometimes slowly, but surely. A win by McDaniel will show who and what is being swept out, and who is being swept in.

  • misterlogic0013

    Rino,s on the Run. Chris = 65% landslide .. Mississippi had enough of the good ole boys .. Sarah / T/P started it, will end it, GOP being rebuilt ground up, grassroots. Yep I said it, Sarah knows it, were doing it. America Rising.

  • AndAwayWeGo

    When did Tony the Tiger start working for WAPT News?

  • patnatasha

    that is why thad will lose.

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