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Governor Palin Calls Out Team Obama’s ‘1st Shot’ in the War on Women

Via Twitter

This tweet was sent out earlier and of course, the truth is driving the lefties absolutely batcrap crazy.

See also Politico’s mention of it as well.


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  • qtdb7

    About war on women, why did Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton keep
    her mouth shut while Bill ‘Pervert’ Clinton sexually harassed

    About War on GAY people:
    The Clintons have close relationships with TYRANTS in Muslim
    countries (Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei, …).

    The Sultan of Brunei, who supported Sharia law in his nation,
    had donated MONEY to the Clinton Global Initiative for years.
    The Clintons did receive even more MILLIONS of dollar from the Saudis.

    Will Hillary Clinton Condemn her Million Dollar Donor Who
    is Out to Stone Gays?

    Beverly Hills Hotel boycott: Inside sultan of Brunei’s world

  • qtdb7

    ‘Walking POS/DEBT’ Obama and Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton are 2
    faces of the same coin.

    When something goes right, they love to take credits.
    When something goes wrong, they blame it on someone else.

    These people are NOT leaders. They are LIARS and COWARDS.

  • DocBarry1

    But Hilary basically remained silent when the left, the Journo-list group as well as Game Change authors and the traitors in the McCain camp were trashing the Governor and her family with lies
    I have a distaste for Hillary because she lies just like obama

  • cbenoistd

    I member that a pro-Israel group in New York City invited both Palin and Clinton’s wife to an event celebrating Israel shortly after Palin was nominated. Palin accepted the invitation, whereupon Clinton declined. Funny how Palin’s enemies would later insist she would not appear on a podium with any pro-choice politicians.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Hillary is trying to have it both ways, pretending that she stopped the Obama attack machine from going after Governor Palin by not going after the guv, herself. Hello!?

    The journalist group of Obama sycophants plotted amongst themselves the very night following Sarah’s extraordinary speech at the GOP convention, which everyone, even her worst enemies, knew was a potentially transformational moment in that election cycle.

    They did nothing but go after Sarah Palin, not only for the rest of that campaign, but also after she returned to govern Alaska following the election. And they did it with the same determination of Stalin going after any Russian who believed in the democratic process.

    Hillary did not save Sarah Palin from the ideological ghouls of the Left, she just watched from the sidelines to give herself political cover while the bloodsuckers did their work.

  • bri

    The left has a war on Women, babies, minorities, energy workers, Americans, Israelis, legal gun owners, land owners, SUV drivers, farmers, etc,….

  • notpilgrims2

    What’s the point of this passage? The fact that McCain tried to woo women by picking a female VP? Unfortunately, his ploy didn’t work. Most women voted for Barack.

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