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Governor Palin on Democrat Efforts to Help Team Cochran

Via Facebook:

Check out this actual headline from the largest newspaper in Mississippi regarding next week’s GOP runoff for U.S. Senate: "Democrat Says He’s Leading Black GOTV Effort for Cochran" featuring the tale of Democrat James "Scooby Doo" Warren.

Ruh roh! In order to save an entrenched 42-year member of the good old boys club what kind of "Scooby snacks" has "DC" promised to Mississippi Democrats to intervene in the GOP runoff for U.S. Senate? Is returning someone to Washington after 42 years really THAT important? Like zoinks, man! Friends in Mississippi, don’t forget to get out and vote for Chris McDaniel on June 24th.

Read more about this here:

– This message is brought to you by The Mystery Machine – solving mysteries since 1969, three short years before Senator Cochran entered Congress.


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  • FredHeadBill

    Ruh roh raggy rochran a rino ruhpubeeran,

  • Keith M

    Democrat that voted in the Democratic Primary can not vote in the Republican Primary!

  • jester2939

    LOL! Great post, Sarah! And I really like the clever dig at how long Cochran’s been in D.C. at the end.

    • Jthom26837

      Thanks Sarah. It was a great heads-up article. On this note I would like to say R.I P Casey Kasem.

  • PhilTan

    Great post Guv. "Zoinks " " Scooby Snacks" "Ruh Roh " ? Love it.

  • Judges718

    The fact that Thad Cochran is a sinister big government villain didn’t require a talking dog and a van load of meddling kids to uncover. It was not some cartoonist mystery. No public spectacle featuring the removal of a latex rubber mask. It required only the most rudimentary understanding of humanity, history, and government.

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