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Governor Palin on Levin’s ‘Legitimate Points’ on IRS Email Coverup

Via Facebook:

Mark Levin, who worked in the Reagan administration as the chief of staff to attorney general Ed Meese, makes very legitimate points about the IRS email cover-up. It’s criminal, and it’s a symptom of the political hacks working with and for an administration that has no respect for the rule of law. So, Republicans in Congress, what are you going to do about this? We are counting on you because the Democrats are a lost cause when it comes to policing their own. Start by tuning into Mark Levin’s show and paying attention.

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  • section9

    Nice haymaker that!

  • Lennart Bilén

    The very fact the White House spokesman says "haven’t you ever heard of a computer crash" is very incriminating. The Federal reaords act requires backups forever, and not doing backups is a gross violation of the law, much worse than Nixon’s famous 18 minute gap. The left wing silence reveals their complicity in lawnessness.

    Here is now the latest two verses to the impeachment song:

    Two more verses added:

    Children crossing Rio Grande;

    As shields they get the welcome hand;

    Open borders for my band;

    Jihadists, and thugs will rule your land.


    Lois Lerner lost her mail.

    My IRS began to fail.

    Soon I am no chief to hail,

    Guantanamo next – and post no bail!

    The whole song:

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    The IRS is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up a crime. They are compounding the original crime by concealing and/or destroying evidence of what they did. A "computer glitch" cannot erase 2 years of email records for selected individuals, only, and not anyone else, and cannot selectively erase only those particular records which pertain to a criminal investigation.

    Their "computer glitch" excuse makes "the dog ate my homework" plausible, by comparison.

    The IRS is lying. At best, they are concealing, and, at worst, they are destroying evidence of their criminal activity. My guess is that they are too stupid to have destroyed all traces of all the records, and that at least some of it, perhaps all of it, is recoverable.

    The FBI has forensic experts who can recover anything that is recoverable. Congress should request that those experts from the FBI immediately begin recovery efforts.

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