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Governor Palin Roars at Team Obama’s Latest Orchestrated Crisis

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Dear Humanitarians, Since it Takes a Village to Stop Amnesty Abuse of Children, Join Me

“It’s for the children!”

“This is a humanitarian crisis!”

Finally, they have won me over. I actually agree with the liberals’ war whoop. I, too, demand that this issue of young illegal aliens flooding across our border into horrendous conditions be taken care of. Now! Uncompassionate people, wake up! Though it’s claimed by Democrats ad nauseam to justify more spending to pile on our $17 trillion debt, and it’s applied to every single “crisis” their policies conjure up, and no matter the cause you’re labeled a racist if you disagree with their policies, well, this time it really IS for the children.

I say this as a mother – a bleeding-heart compassionate woman and mother. I say, how dare anyone turn a blind eye and further harden your horrid heart when you see these pictures snuck out of the innocent children’s holding pens – snuck out because our government is censoring images released. It must be my (former) friends in the GOP ordering this censorship because Democrat leadership knows better than to EVER spy on or censor the press; they’d NEVER infringe on the First Amendment. So, for shame, Republicans.

These thousands of hungry, innocent children rushing in through Mexico are just the tip of the Sedona Red Rocks (granted, some of these illegals are 18-year-old men whom you wouldn’t want to mess with, but, still, according to Obamacare we now dub young adults “children” until they’re 26, so…). Expect to see hundreds of thousands of another country’s children walk right through our welcoming open border, counting on America’s families to render all aid. We owe it to ourselves to be prepared – so, work even harder, working class, while our President uses his trustworthy discernment to redistribute your paycheck, because it IS for the children, after all. And it takes a village, don’t you know?

These victims are brought here (by SOMEONE in authority in their own countries) facing sweltering 110-degree Arizona heat, illness, unsanitary conditions with unbelievable hygiene issues, Texan food the kids don’t like because it’s too foreign to them, and possibly sexual exploitation. By any definition, this is child abuse!

We cannot ignore this, and to do so proves you are heartlessly oblivious to the plight of those who, though not willing and able to follow rules or our laws, are expecting a free pass and handout anyway. As a Christian I find it unforgivable to ignore this issue of overrunning border security into these conditions in southern states, and this one issue is just about driving me to renounce my Republican ties because, see, even leaders on the RIGHT side of the aisle haven’t exerted all Constitutional power to stop the madness. A few have tried, but until they’re sent reinforcements, then atrocities like the child abuse and exploitation you’re now getting wind of will only get worse.

It’s already hard to recognize our once exceptional nation amidst the neglect of this issue of children used as political pawns. Can you imagine this disregard for child safety happening even a short decade ago? The press would have had none of it, and they’d shine light on what the underlying problem is. They’d report that it’s not the innocent babes’ fault, would attempt to get to the bottom of it, and then finally they’d blame Bush. Today, that approach is ignored. They just blame Bush. There is a loud and aggressive invitation to illegals of all ages and from all countries to “kick off your shoes and come on in!” Now that’s Southern Hospitality! It’s sent by foreign leaders and our own. C’mon, with all the free stuff we can supply everyone, how can anyone turn this down? Government will have to grow enormously to accommodate this influx, and services and care will inevitably have to be rationed, but like we teach our children – we’re all better off being disciplined! And isn’t sharing our resources okay as long as we have trustworthy, compassionate career politicians in charge of the nation’s priorities? Remember, our Republic has been blessed because we committed to nurture a caring, compassionate, pro-child, law abiding citizenry. And because of those mores, it’s unconscionable to take any more of this chaos and crisis. I say, enough is enough. This issue of the children MUST be addressed.

So, GOP and Democrats alike, where are you on this humanitarian issue of child abuse?

Hang on to your hat, because here’s the issue: Barack Obama has orchestrated this newest “crisis” in order to overload the system with the intention of “fixing” the problems his own policies create – by fiat, and that infamous phone and pen; screw the rule of law. He’s warned you by proudly claiming his executive orders can bypass the peoples’ representatives and obviously ignore the will of the people.

This exploitation of foreigners’ children is an inhumane ploy to entice families to break laws by literally shoving kids across one of Obama’s infamous and irrelevant lines, with assurance that parents, aunties, step-uncles and third cousins twice removed will get to cut in line too – that sacred line that previously led law abiding, hardworking immigrants to build this great nation. Barack Obama will keep phoning in and penning the message that he will NOT secure borders, so, hey, extended undocumented relatives, you’re free to join the kids being used and abused to snag that golden ticket. Obama surely knows a nation is not a nation without borders, while we must surely know this is the “fundamental transformation of America” that he promised and some of us warned about.

Congress and American voters, how long will you let Team Obama get away with this? The recent avalanche of devastating crises caused by a president believing he is above the law has set the most dangerous precedent a once-free people can imagine. To encourage and reward lawlessness by refusing to enforce the will of the people as proven by laws passed by our political representatives is the signature of a tyrant. In this case, Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and his blatant suggestion that his chosen illegal activity will be rewarded are proof of his tyrannical tactics. The recent numerous manipulated “crises” have the media pinging and ponging trying to keep up with what is the scandal of the day, which one overshadows another, and how will they distract next, and who’s on first?! Purposeful decisions causing these crises are meant to overload the system, justify abuse of executive power to “fix” it all, and ultimately tighten control of the people.

So, how much more will you take, Congress and We the People? I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities, so the way to stop this is at the ballot box. To fundamentally restore America to her destined exceptionalism you must get involved and then get to that box. Use YOUR phone and pen to support conservative candidates who will fight for what is right: Constitutionally protected freedom, respected military, free markets to create jobs, and secured borders to protect jobs! We need your help to do this; it takes more than a village to fortify the homeland. ANYONE associated with support for Obama’s deceptive ploys that would stoop to using and abusing innocent children must be voted out of office. ANYONE who has shined the boot that Obama’s put on the neck of our economy and security must be held accountable by those with the legal power to do so – Congress. And then We the People hold Congress accountable. Do not vote for any politician who has gone wobbly on their commitment to respect the will of the people and to fight to defend our Constitution. This wishy-washy status quo has got to go.

It IS for the children.

– Sarah Palin

P.S. I see that HHS is offering a $350 million grant to provide “family planning services” to the children here illegally. The primary expenditure we need to supply in this humanitarian crisis is jet fuel to fly these children back home to their parents.

Photo credit: Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas. Way to go, Brandon, for bringing this story to the nation’s attention!

Breitbart Texas

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  • RedDaveR

    This is one of the Governor’s very best. Thanks for posting.

  • qtdb7

    2016 Presidential Election

    Gov. Sarah Palin:
    1. conservative
    2. loving God
    3. loving founding fathers
    4. saving unborn babies
    5. supporting traditional marriage, morality, responsibility
    6. defender of U.S. Constitution
    7. less government control and regulations and more individual’s freedom/liberty
    8. low taxes/letting people keep more of what they earne
    9. energy INDEPENDENT/drilling and fracking for more gas and oil to create jobs
    10. reducing debts for future generations
    11. cutting irresponsible spendings
    12. free market capitalism/
    no crony capitalism
    13. no coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
    14. helping the helpless, not the clueless
    15. no rewarding bad behaviors
    16. SAVING America from bankruptcy
    17. RESTORING America’s greatness

    Obama/Clinton (2 faces of the same coin):
    1. liberal/progressive
    2. hating God
    3. hating founding fathers
    4. agreeing with China on killing unborn babies
    5. supporting gay/lesbian (i.e. uncle/aunt and nephew/niece, 2 brothers,
    2 sisters, …), immorality, irresponsiblity
    6. attacker of U.S. Constitution
    7. more government control/regulations and less individual’s freedom/liberty
    8. high taxes/ripping off people
    9. energy dependent/man caused global warming or climate chaos
    10. more debts for future generations
    11. more irresponsible spendings
    12. socialism/
    crony capitalism
    13. more coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
    14. getting the clueless/useful idiots become addicted to free stuffs/entitlement programs
    15. rewarding bad behaviors/illegal immigrants (undocumented democrats),
    DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl, … etc.
    16. BANKRUPTING America
    17. TRANSFORMING America into some socialist utopia

    Are We the People (conservatives/Tea partiers) EVIL/GREEDY/FASCISTS/RACISTS? Really?

    Bill Whittle – Racism – Democrats and Republicans switch sides?

    • chzn2bfree

      Awesome! Please, post often qtdb7 !!

  • toughluck2

    Commentators don’t get to effect change, executives do. As horrible as it sounds I hope you are now angry enough to go for it. Run!

  • Lennart Bilén

    Thank you Governor for telling it like it is. But you did not emphasize one thing. This is still only a diversion. The children are used as shields to overwhelm the guards so the real terrorists can enter freely without anyone guarding the borders. Obama sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood and have given them free pass on the southern border. Remember Al Qaida is a splintergroup from the Muslim Brotherhood, and the jihadists overrunning Iraq and our defenseless contractors are an off-shoot of Al Qaida.

  • JDCampbell

    The price of jet fuel is getting pretty high. Yes it is for exploitations sake, it really has nothing to do with the children for they are truly expendable. Just ask the Mexican government.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Roars is a good term for it……

  • 1776er

    This is a Call to Action to all Middle Americans from Sarah Palin.

    She condemns the Marxist Democrat Party and the hypocritical compassionate humanitarians of the Left who manufactured the border crisis cruelly exploiting children for their political gain.

    She condemns a cowardly Republican Establishment Party which hypocritically refuses to use the power that it has to redress this abomination against human nature. Her FORMER FRIENDS.

    Both of these political entities have become corrupted to their own perpetuation and craven, greedy interests. They manipulate the American Middle to achieve their miserable ends. They no longer represent Americans or America they exploit them.

    Governor Palin appeals to the humanity of the American Middle. Stand to your moral arms! You must vote ANYBODY out who goes along with this perversion of our nature as Americans.

    Marxist Democrats or Chamber of Commerce Republicans, either one.

    Otherwise, if we fail to do so, we Americans too become a part of the problem.

    It is up to us to do our duty as Christians and American patriots on Election Day. Our votes are the voice of our souls.

    What kind of souls do we have?

  • HuntingMoose

    SarahCare, the ultimate medicine against headaches you get when your head starts spinning from all the lies told by the regime.
    Time to pay my copayment to SarahPAC. It’s not a donation but reimbursement for her good work.
    Beats Advil Extra Strength every time.

  • info warrior

    Sarah Palin, loL! Still spewing her whackadoo conspiracy theories I see.

    • CharterOakie

      No, low-info, you don’t see diddly-squat.

      She made no mention of conspiracy. She is however calling out dishonesty, hypocrisy, avarice and cowardice – the latter with respect to the GOP establishment in particular.

    • Southern__Hoosier

      So you think "It’s for the children!” and “This is a humanitarian crisis!” is a "whackadoo conspiracy theories" created by Sarah?

  • CharterOakie

    Excellent, Governor!

  • Southern__Hoosier

    So who paid for their trip to come here? We are talking about children coming across the militarized southern border of Mexico. That is a 2,000 mile trip. The distant from Mexico to Canada is about the same distance. Can you imagine 60,000 children from Mexico, crossing the United States to Canada and not being stopped till they cross into Canada?

    • PAWatcher

      Follow the money trail…… always leads to the perpetrators.

  • M_Minnesota

    As Always, Gov. Palin is ALWAYS on Target!!!!!!!

    • Southern__Hoosier

      Yep, liberals try to tear down those they fear the most.

  • jester2939

    Wow…..she slapped the GOP, Obama and the media hard!

    "Tyrant" she’s so right about that. Not many have the guts to say it, but Sarah’s no coward.

    • taz

      BOOM!! Taste that night stick!!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "ANYONE associated with support for Obama’s deceptive ploys that would stoop to using and abusing innocent children must be voted out of office."

    That is exactly what is happening. From Dr. Zero at Red State:

    "…We’re looking at specific policies, and their monstrous effects. It surely played a role in the Virginia race that voters are getting a look at the humanitarian tragedy on the border, in which thousands of children from Central America have been dragged through unspeakable peril to languish in warehouses and military bases, often without their parents… explicitly and undeniably because they think they’ll be allowed to stay in America. They heard the Ruling Class talk about its determination to hand some form of citizenship to ‘dreamers,’ and they’ve come to collect.

    "The more sinister elements of the Ruling Class wanted this to happen, because they believe those young refugees will give them the political muscle to ram amnesty through, completing the transformation of America into a form more amenable to Big Government and Big Business. (What are you going to do with these kids, amnesty opponents? Airlift them back to whence they came, and drop them into a crossfire between drug gangs? Leave them squatting in camps for the rest of their lives?) The more gullible elements of the Ruling Class scratch their heads and wonder why all these new arrivals didn’t hear their elegantly nuanced promises that amnesty would only be offered to ‘dreamers’ who meet all sorts of residency conditions. The most opportunistic elements of the Ruling Class rub their hands together in anticipation of another $2 billion spending program to care for all these refugees.

    "And the working people of America, the taxpayers, look at this disaster and ask: When did I vote for this? Why am I expected to pay for it? Why am I carrying a burden that the squalid governments of South America don’t feel like dealing with? What about our tough economy, weak job market, and tottering welfare state?"

  • Founders_1791

    Thank you Governor for your compassion and public outrage at both sides!

    The Obama Border Control Katrina!

  • PAWatcher

    Been waiting for Sarah to bring this issue to US. Pictures of these children and their plight should be headlined on every news site! Hit it home to the perpetrators of this most terrible abuse of children in Our history thanks to the edicts of obama’s pen and all of congress for doing nothing to secure our borders.
    This didn’t start to happen yesterday, congress needs to be knocked off their duffs and get that border closed and these children back to their parents.
    We all need to carry Sarah’s words to our representatives, action is needed now.

  • Palinprodigy

    Great pen as always Mrs. Palin!

    Your cheer-leading has been wonderful for the past several years and I have supported you on the street as well as financially, unfortunately the time for a good cheerleader has come to an end and it’s time for a LEADER!

    It’s time to lead or get off the stage! Most of us here are behind you 100% but time is running out! We all need to focus on the person who will step up and say "GAME ON" please be that person! If not, exit stage left!
    Your just to big and powerful to stay on the stage if your not planning to run for President. Inadvertently you are stealing the THUNDER of the Conservative choices for 2016! We have to win the White House or Hillary will finish this country as we know it, her helper has a really good start already!

    So, take that helmet off and through it as hard as you can in the proverbial ring so WE can take it to Um!!!

    God’s speed Sarah Palin! (2016)

  • dmac8889

    Great words Sarah. At some point even Liberals get it and we know they are listening.

  • SuperRoadrunner

    What do you call a guy that intentionally breaks our laws? A criminal! What do you call that guy hiding out in the WH ?

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