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Governor Palin: T.W. Shannon Represents a Theat to the Good Ol’ Boys in DC

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T.W. Shannon represents a threat to the good ol’ boys club in Washington, DC, so you can imagine what’s behind the opposition there in Oklahoma, but have no fear because T.W. has none as he seeks to serve for all the right reasons! Voters are astute enough to not believe recent far-fetched negative campaign attacks; but unfortunately their intended purpose to discourage you from getting out and voting is sometimes affective. Republicans piling on Republicans in the manner T.W. has faced give contested primaries a bad name. Let’s change that up this time! T.W. is the bold candidate with the servant’s heart and he’s out to shake up the status quo in Washington. We all should be excited to see some Oklahoma thunder roaring through the U.S. Senate to help clean up politics-as-usual and reign in our government! But don’t take it from me – watch what conservative Oklahoman J.C. Watts has to say:

Get out and vote T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, June 24th!

– Sarah Palin

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