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Governor Palin’s ‘Senate Conservatives’ Letter Gives T.W. Shannon a Fundraising Boost

As Governor Palin remarked on Facebook, she along with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee sent a letter to the people of Oklahoma in support of T.W. Shannon whose primary is coming up on June 24th.

Honored to join Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee this morning in sending out a letter from the Senate Conservatives Fund to support for T.W. Shannon. T.W. is running in Oklahoma against a well-funded establishment-backed opponent, but with your help we can close the gap and send this conservative grassroots warrior to the Senate to fight for us! He’s just the kind of reinforcements Ted Cruz and Mike Lee need. The grassroots won a big victory in Virginia this week, and victory begets victory. Let’s use the momentum to help another great grassroots candidate.

Here’s the link to support T.W.’s campaign:

Here’s more about the letter:

The article she links to is written by Tony Lee at Breitbart (emphasis):

Ahead of Oklahoma’s June 24 GOP Senate primary, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), the top three conservative leaders in the nation, sent a letter asking Oklahomans to send conservative T.W. Shannon to the Senate over establishment Rep. James Lankford (R-OK), who will represent the status quo.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, which also made a statewide television buy on Shannon’s behalf, distributed the letter that Shannon as a "principled leader who believes America must return to its founding principles."

"He understands that many Republicans in Washington have been too quick to cut deals with Democrats and too slow to follow the Constitution, which they swore an oath to support and defend," Palin, Lee, and Cruz write. "As the former Speaker, he can stand proud on his record of fighting for conservative legislation that directly benefited Oklahomans by lowering taxes, cutting government waste, and breaking the cycle of poverty by encouraging self-reliance as the proven path to prosperity."


An hour after Palin, Lee, and Cruz sent their letter, Shannon received nearly $200,000 in donations in his bid to replace retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK).

The Senate Conservatives Fund commercial hails Shannon as being a part of "a new generation of conservative leaders" as opposed to establishment Republicans like Lankford.

"Washington insiders like James Lankford will never change Washington," a narrator says, citing Lankford’s support for more debt. "That’s why we need T.W. Shannon."

The fundraising boost achieved for T.W. Shannon is wonderful news and I am sure will help to make sure we get this great conservative into the Senate.  Thanks to Governor Palin and Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for working so hard for these terrific candidates.

TW Shannon

TW Shannon 2

TW Shannon 3

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    Palin Power:

    Sounds like "the lovely and gracious" (well, lovely anyway) Dana Perino was wrong. Again. Sooo, Palin Power according to you is "only good for a three week bump in the polls", eh, Ms. Perino? Sorry, you’re wrong yet again. Par for the course amongst the Establishment.

    One thing that Ms. Perino and I would agree on is that terrific video I saw at the end of last night’s Hannity TV show of Bush41’s parachute jump to celebrate his <i 90th birthday. I disagree with his politics, but as a human being he really is extraordinary. We all at any age should be so full of life as that man.

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