Hillary Bombs

What a difference a week makes.

Ready for Hillary now has a lot more than a faulty bus to contend with as their candidate-to-be seems to be rolling out about as successfully as the ObamaCare website.

According to "a veteran publishing source" who spoke with the Weekly Standard, publishers who plunked down a hefty$14M dollar advance to Hillary for Hard Choices were hoping for a first week sales-number of around 150,000.

However, the actual numbers appear to be coming in around 60,000.  That not enough to quickly make good on the investors who were hoping for a much bigger return on their $14M.  ("Dead broke?")

Further, the publishing source went on to say that the "media was a disaster" obviously referring to Hillary’s rocky interviews she gave while on the media tour.

At the top of Drudge along with this article is another link to a piece at Real Clear Politics giving "5 Reasons" why she won’t run for president in 2016.

You can read the entire article here but basically the author lays them out at follows:

1.) She’s not good at campaigning (on the basis of her gaffe-prone week).

2.) The "fire in the belly" is questionable this time around.

3.) There won’t be a coronation with the media this time.

4.) Obama is leaving a mess….

5.) The country wants real change.

#4 is a big one.  In 2008, Hillary was younger and seemingly more energetic.  After eight years of Bush, it was simple for Hillary to distance herself from whatever could be perceived as a mess.  That won’t be easy to do with Obama.  Taking on such a project would require a lot of energy and these last couple weeks aren’t a very good indicator that she’ll have it.

You can read the entire article here.



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