NY-22: Cantor Defeat Fuels GOP Establishment Witch Hunt on Conservative Challenger

There’s an election coming up next Tuesday that has the GOP establishment going all out to help one of its own, Incumbent-Congressman Richard L. Hanna.

His conservative challenger is NY-Assemblywoman, Claudia Tenney who is also a "Marine Mom."  Tenney is just one of the frustrated members of the GOP tired of watching the classic values of the party fall by the wayside.

Before Cantor’s stunning defeat, Team Hanna seemed to believe that the liberal-Republican incumbent was sure to coast to an easy victory.  But since then, the boys are in full gear making sure they do their best to trash Tenney’s conservative record.  As Laura Ingraham tweeted out:

In an email sent to me earlier, Hanna’s record severely questions what he’s been up to in DC:

Hanna’s horrible record includes:

•Voted to fund Obamacare – ONE of only two Republicans; H.J.59, Vote 498, 9-29-13

•Voted for TRILLION$ in new debt; H.R.8, Vote 659, 1-1-13

•The ONLY Republican to vote for taxpayer funded late-term abortions; H.R.7, Vote 30, 1-28-14

•Rated 3rd most liberal Republican in Washington; National Journal

•Self-described supporter of much of the Obama Agenda; WIBX, 2-13-13

•Described by Obama as a ‘Wonderful Congressman’; WhiteHouse.gov, 8-23-13

•Advised women to “donate to Democrats”; The Huffington Post, 3-22-12

•Called GOP “angry extremists incapable of governing”; The Syracuse Post-Standard, 7-30-12

•Strong supporter of Common Core; Agrees with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Initiative

•ONLY NY GOP Congressman to not support Benghazi murders investigation; H.R.36, 1-23-13

•"Hanna in favor of immigration reform", WRVO, 1-30-13

With the money pouring into his race, he’s not only trashing Tenney but actually questioning her conservatism.  As Jen Kuznicki points out, it’s ironic he’d admit the people’s desire for conservative ideals in a campaign after earning his own loose record.  Also, as Legal Insurrection shares, the "conservative" Super PACs  backing the incumbent have been attacking Tenney nonstop and have some curious bedfellows:

Two supposedly conservative Super PACs going after the lone conservative candidate in the primary doesn’t make much sense.  Until you pay close attention to the driving force behind those PACs.

As a reliably liberal-leaning Congressman, Hanna touts views supported by these PACs.  The American Unity PAC backs same-sex rights, something Hanna has offered explicit support for in the past.  The Patriot Prosperity PAC is funded, at least in part, by the Oneida Indian Nation, run by a man who raised nearly $2.5 million for President Obama’s re-election campaign.  Hanna, upon hearing President Obama’s agenda during the 2013 State of the Union address said he “agreed with much of it.”

Perhaps Tenney best described the situation involving these false flag conservative Super PACs.

“I think it’s a little odd that a PAC interested in supporting Democratic issues is supporting a Republican that claims to be a conservative but isn’t.”

Until recently, this could have been characterized as a quiet race in Central New York and it may have seemed like a long shot.  But as these incumbent "Republicans" stubbornly cling to their contest of giveaways by going along with the Obama agenda on everything from piling on debt to supporting amnesty, it’s clear that Americans are no longer waiting on the sidelines.  They’re taking matters into their own hands.

And judging by Hanna’s establishment-funded witch hunt on his opponent’s record just one week short of the election, chances are that the local boots on the ground may be singing a different tune than perhaps the poll results paid for by his supporting Super PACs.

Tune in next Tuesday to find out.


Richard Hanna gave an interview recently touting his supposed conservative views while saying he refuses to debate Claudia Tenney because she’s unfairly attacked his conservative record.  Isn’t that what a debate is all about?  He’d have the chance to respond directly to whatever criticism she has yet instead he chooses to let the Super PACs do the attacking on her instead of giving the people of NY-22 a debate.


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