Palin Reading at American Thinker and Town Hall

Remember in 2008 how the left used the media to attack Governor Palin over her interviews?

Well, after last week’s truly disastrous interviews featuring Hillary Clinton, I thought it was only fair to point out the media’s continuing double standard in my article over at American Thinker.

If bad interviews can truly be used to determine someone’s readiness for the highest office in the land, then pollsters can save themselves a lot of time by removing Hillary Clinton from their list of 2016 contenders.

Back in 2008, after Hillary’s own party sold her out, the conservative movement was energized by the selection of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.  Accordingly, her political head found itself in high demand by the left.

Critics began by questioning her experience.  But once they got a hold of her true record of reform and budget-cutting in Alaska, they knew it wouldn’t work, considering that their golden boy (Obama) had absolutely no executive experience whatsoever.

So they turned to the media.


In Clinton’s book tour interviews, some of her responses don’t seem to be living up to her alleged brilliance, bestowed upon her by radical feminists and liberal scholars alike.

With Diane Sawyer, Clinton defended her responsibility for Benghazi.  As secretary of state, she had a meltdown in one congressional hearing, crying out loud, “At this point, what difference does it make?!”  Now, of course, in Hard Choices, she devotes an entire chapter to it, ultimately proving that it does make a difference if the Clintons want to sell books.

Clinton said there was a reason “why we hire people who have that expertise [in security],” but that she gave them “direct instructions,” but she “was not making security decisions.”  So even though she claims to “take responsibility,” she seems to whitewash the administration’s lack of response by laying the blame on her inability to “look at blueprints.”


This happens because the media cannot stand strong conservative women, though there isn’t any need to cry for Palin when one considers how far she’s come.  There are many candidates she helped to victory in 2010’s midterm elections.  This continued in 2012 with the election of fine senators like Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer and today with the momentum she’s brought to great 2014 Senate candidates like Ben Sasse, Chris McDaniel, Joni Ernst, and T.W. Shannon.  Additionally, Palin’s been spot-on in calling out ObamaCare’s death panels, predicting Obama’s use of health care to further assault our Second Amendment rights as well as the Ukraine invasion.

Ironically the media’s attempt to protect Hillary Clinton not only exposes her weaknesses, but accentuates them.  Meanwhile, their continued witch hunt against Sarah Palin has only strengthened the battle-tested conservative, seemingly preparing her for bigger fights down the road.

There’s a lot more to it here.

Then over at Town Hall, John Ransom has a great piece up stating that Governor Palin is right to call out the Obama administration over two years of missing emails from the IRS.

Sarah Palin is right.

Obama losing Lois Lerner’s emails is worse than Nixon erasing 19 minutes of tape.

Two years of emails is much more significant than 19 minutes of conversation.

But then Obama’s just being Obama.


Do you know how hard it is to permanently delete data off of a hard drive?

Very hard… you’d have to deliberately do it.

It would be kind of like spending $1 trillion on shovel ready jobs and creating no jobs.

It would be like giving unprecedented support to the solar industry… and thereby killing the solar industry.

It will be like spending hundreds of billions on green jobs, an automotive bailout, and alternative energy, and end up with no jobs, no security and no energy to speak of.


It would be like being the junior senator from Illinois and expecting to be the greatest president in the history of the world, because your skin color has given you both a sense of hatred and a sense of entitlement.

And knowing our junior president from Illinois as well as we’ve all gotten to know him these last seven years, I think we can safely say this about Mr. Obama: Sarah Palin was right all along.

It would be just like him.

It’s a terrific article and you can check it out in its entirety here.

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