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The price of electricity is ‘necessarily skyrocketing’

I’m sure we all remember this:

While Obama wasn’t able to force his idiotic cap and tax scheme through Congress, he’d never let a little thing like separation of powers get in his way. If he can’t enact his ruinous agenda constitutionally, he’s got a pen and a phone, and he’s been using them to systematically destroy the energy industry — coal in particular — via executive orders and regulations. And with the energy industry staring down the barrel at Obama’s most disastrous energy regulation yet, electricity rates are necessarily skyrocketing just as Obama promised they would when he spoke to those San Francisco liberals in the above video.

( – The electricity price index and the average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity both hit records for May, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The average price for a KWH hit 13.6 cents during the month, up about 3.8 percent from 13.1 cents in May 2013.

The seasonally adjusted electricity price index rose from 201.431 in May 2013 to 208.655 in May 2014—an increase of about 3.6 percent.

If the prevailing trend holds, the price of electricity will hit an all-time record high this summer, when demand for electricity is at its peak.

Coal remains the most efficient natural resource we have to generate electricity. It’s both cheap and abundant. And unlike Obama’s green energy alternatives — which are little more than schemes to funnel taxpayer dollars to his cronies (see Solyndra) — it actually works. Obama’s war on coal is forcing utilities to use less efficient and less reliable means to supply the nation’s power grid, and higher electric rates for consumers are the inevitable result. The rising rates certainly can’t be attributed to a sudden surge in demand in the anemic Obama economy. Something else to ponder: Once Obama’s recently-introduced EPA rules are fully priced in, this year’s record high rates will seem like a bargain.

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  • rambler

    Nothing boosts the economy or creates more jobs than skyrocketing electricity! The higher the cost of electricity…. the lower the poll numbers will be for that putz.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Lucky for us the prices of food and energy do not participate in the cost of living index because of their volatility, so there will be no inflation resulting from the new EPA regulations strangling electricity production.

  • alohasteve

    Global Warming Update: Snow falling in Montana, Wyoming and Utah in mid-June……

  • qtdb7


    To ‘DEBT man walking’ Obama/Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton
    (2 faces of the same coin), democrats/liberals/socialists/communists
    and RINOs,
    here is a little secret about electric cars and air pollutions:

    Electric cars use electricity to charge their batteries.
    Electricity comes from power plants.
    At least 40% of the power plants in the U.S. NEED/USE COALS.

    So, guess what all you people
    (democrats/liberals/socialists/communists, RINOs) out there.

    The more electric cars = more electricity needed =
    more COALS = more POLLUTIONS.

    In your (democrats/liberals/socialists/communists, RINOs) FACES.
    Who are the STUPID ones now?

    Eric Bolling vs. Bill ‘O’Rino’ O’Reilly about
    pollution and electric car Tesla

    Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly: Root for Tesla’s electric car
    Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 7:17 p.m. EDT April 2, 2014

    What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?

    In 2013, the United States generated about 4,058
    billion kilowatthours of electricity. About 67% of
    the electricity generated was from fossil fuel
    (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), with 39%
    attributed from coal.

    In 2013, energy sources and percent share of total
    electricity generation were

    Coal 39%
    Natural Gas 27%
    Nuclear 19%
    Hydropower 7%
    Other Renewable 6%
    Biomass 1.48%
    Geothermal 0.41%
    Solar 0.23%
    Wind 4.13%
    Petroleum 1%
    Other Gases < 1%

    If Tesla is producing REALLY good products, then why did Tesla
    NEEDED my tax money?
    So Tesla was on corporate WELFARE/FOODSTAMP.
    The government HARMS/HURTS the FREE MARKET capitalism by
    playing CRONY capitalism game and picking winners/losers.

    Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Toyota, … etc. did NOT need my tax
    money to produce IPads, IPhones, Samsung Galaxy S4, Microsoft
    Windows Software, Toyota Prius hybrid cars, … etc.

    The U.S.P.S loses billions of TAX dollar every year. If the
    government could NOT even run the post office, then what makes
    you think the government can run the healthcare system,
    automobile industry, etc.?

    Solyndra (solar panel company) FAILED.
    Fisker Automative (electric car company) FAILED.
    Electric Chevy Volt FAILED.

    Let the FREE MARKET work itself out. Let hospitals,
    insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies
    (foreign and domestic), … etc. compete against each other.
    Successes and failures are part of FREE MARKET capitalism.

    For examples:
    automobile industry (Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda,
    Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, etc.),
    cell phone industry (Apple, Samsung, Nokia,
    Motorola, etc.), … etc.

  • SuperRoadrunner

    It is truly sad that most Americans are failing, or unable, to connect the dots! In course of his "fundamental transformation of the country" the guy is faithfully following the Cloward and Piven Strategy that has as its goal to push the population to total despair and internal upheaval leading to a directed change of government. This requires the destruction of our social and economic systems!

    No economy in the entire world can have a healthy or expanding economy without cheap and abundant energy. Just take a minute and consider what this bozo has done with his presidential executive orders and directiives, and the actions of the EPA! Mission accomplished…

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