Throwback Thursday: The Tale of Two Email Rages

Three years ago, "activists" on a witch hunt along with an excited lapdog media were anticipating the release of almost 25,000 emails that spanned Governor Palin’s time spent as governor:

Impatient Cookie Monster

On the day these emails were released, "a throng of reporters" gathered into Juneau.


Excited Crowds

Once obtained, the media realized they bit of more than they could chew, so they called upon their readers for help in finding their smoking gun…

But, it was to no avail.  Their plan backfired and the Palin deranged fell flat on their faces:


"No ‘gotcha’ moments: Sarah Palin’s emails show engaged, driven leader"

 Standing O

Of course, nobody came out to tell the media or these Palin deranged whackos that all of that effort was an extremely poor waste of resources.

Today, we have one of the federal government’s largest agencies, the IRS, embroiled in a massive scandal over their treatment of conservative groups over the last few years.  As part of that investigation, emails within the agency were requested for viewing.  The IRS scandal is now being described as being worse than Watergate by the Wall Street Journal, yet Politico reports that the hard drives containing these public interest emails have been destroyed and an IRS source admits that the emails are likely "gone forever."

Governor Palin challenged Americans to try giving such lame excuses to the IRS next tax season to see what kind of response they’d get:

Obama’s IRS top dog claims a communications gap of 1,052,000 minutes. Hmm. Wonder if the press will recognize similarities. Maybe a smidgen? The IRS claims it just “lost” two years worth of email records sent to and from the central figure in their harassment of conservatives scandal. Try claiming that next tax season: “Oops-a-daisy, computer crash, all records gone, so… just trust me on what I claim I owe you, IRS.”

In addition to that, I’d like to challenge you to think of what the media’s response would have been to Governor Palin and/or the State of Alaska if they had claimed their hard drives crashed and that Governor Palin’s near 25,000 emails were "gone forever."

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