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#EnoughIsEnough SUE LYNN: "Maybe We Have The Wrong Speaker"

enough is enough no pac

Many Americans are now saying #EnoughIsEnough to the man of lawlessness in the White House.


The growing list of revelations (revealing Obama’s lawlessness) now include this:

The United States of America is being invaded by unaccompanied illegal alien children, and the "commander in chief" just sits back devilishly watching the invasion take place while doing nothing to secure the border of our country or protect American citizens.


It’s during times such as this that good people take a stand for the right thing.

Check out how Sue Lynn took a stand below:

Time to Impeach Sue comment


(BTW…LOL! This part brings a needed smile: "Maybe we have the wrong speaker")


Our work continues.


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  • Lennart Bilén

    The Constitution, a most fascinating document, does anybody care?
    My 2 cents worth:

  • HuntingMoose

    exactly. Just another reason to vote so Boehner can be voted out .
    Pretty sure that once there is close sufficient votes to vote him out, Boehner will do a 180 just keep his piece of power –no need to get 50% to have this political animal change his colors.

  • John_Frank

    Excellent. Thomas, thank you for posting this. Hopefully many more will follow Sue Lynn’s example. We need to keep the pressure on our representatives in Congress with phone calls and letters sent by snail mail.

  • Reynolds88

    Without Cantor, Cryin-Johnny is going to have a tough time finding enough Merlot and Chesterfields (as that brand is very hard to find!) to keep his speakership in order. A change is a comin, or as the theme to this thread says, enough is enough! Condo in FLA for JB, and some leadership please, in the House!

    • palintologist

      Sadly, Cantor’s replacement is even further left and more enthusiastic on illegal immigration. And (Kevin McCarthy’s) replacement is a RINO in conservative clothes. The Weeper of the house is only down one ally come next January.

      • Reynolds88

        I agree with you but I believe KMcC is going to lose the luster on his septre very soon since he seems to be more flash than solid and his colleagues will want to distance themselves from the lightweight he is. I would like to hope that in Jan. 2015 a new crew will be in charge, with JB gone and KMcC put out to the minor leagues where he belongs.

        K McC says one thing on the Sunday shows and then the opposite in his votes and glad-handing of Cronies from Silicon Valley. That will engender a lot of negativity from more than a few solid GOP reps who can see through his very shallow veneer and when he is too busy to keep the House schedule in order and ‘forgets’ to pay back the favors he has gotten with his ‘smile and looks’ they will break him like a sheet of formica when they realize that K McC is all out for K McC and no one else.

  • john norton

    Thanks Sue… As we all see thts how the GOPe deals with desent… THEY hang up on ya… :( Grrrrrrrr… !

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