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Not Forgotten

Whitney Pitcher wrote, "Last weekend, Governor Palin gave a measured and thoughtful speech at the Western Conservative Summit, speaking primarily in the tone of the "forgotten man"–"the hard working middle class man who can’t catch a break". She also used a masterful analogy of the "calloused hand that built America."

Firelight and I shook some wonderfully calloused hands last weekend at the Western Conservative Summit, and we had a chance to speak with a few downstairs in the hotel lobby. Derrick Wilburn founded The Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, a Colorado based grassroots organization with a mission to bring conservative principles of governing to minority groups.





Photo credit: Jimmie H. Butler, Colonel, USAF, Retired.

They’re a well respected, hard working group of grassroots folks and in addition to calloused hands, I bet possess some well worn soles from block walking and convention working. I can only imagine the headwinds they face, not only for being conservatives in a blue state, but for being black conservatives. Listening to their stories, it reminded me of the scene from "Miracle," when Kurt Russell’s Coach Herb Brooks tells his players, "When you pull on that jersey, you represent yourself and your teammates. And the name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back!" Yes, they’re proud to be members of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, but for them, they’re playing for Team USA.

Speaking of soles, Firelight and I were privileged to watch a moment where some very beautiful souls came together. The President of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives Denver chapter, Casper Stockham, and his wife, Cheryl, introduced Gov. Palin to their daughter, Faith. Amid the scrum of well wishers and camera phones, Jimmy Butler captured a moment of calm between Faith and Gov. Palin.


Photo Credit: Jimmie H. Butler, Colonel, USAF, Retired

Politicians like to talk about their concern for "middle class," and the "hard hats and hairnets," but lately they’ve been doing it from the dias at exclusive fundraisers or in slapped together spam emails sent out by unpaid interns. Concern, noted. One of the reasons why Gov. Sarah Palin resonates so well with the grassroots (much to the bafflement of GOP, Inc.) is because she spends so much time out in the field with them. Grassroots work is hard and  it’s not glamorous. The weather beats on you, the mornings are early, the days are long and the voters get cranky. To top it off, the party you’re doing it for is ungrateful and barely conceals its contempt for you. So, imagine looking out at a get-out-the-vote rally for a candidate, and Gov. Sarah Palin is in line serving ribs under a stamp sized tent in Missouri heat and melting like the rest of us. I don’t know if these GOPers have ever really lead people before, but when your Team Captain is sweating alongside you, that does wonders for morale. To DC, these grassroots folks may be among the Forgotten Men, but for Gov. Palin, they’re the Essential Men.

I hope getting to talk with Gov. Palin gave the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives more fuel to continue their good work in Colorado and the rest of the country. I know sharing a parent-to-parent moment with Gov. Palin put a big smile on the faces of the Stockham family. They’re good folk, as Texans say.


Photo Credit: Jimmie H. Butler, Colonel, USAF, Retired


Press on, RMBC, Team USA needs you to.

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    Gov. Palin, the person with true empathy. I pray she decides to run in 2016. The country needs a real leader.

  • John_Frank

    Michelle, thank you for this excellent post.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    What a great report Michelle. Thank you so much, and please thank the guv for those of us who weren’t there.

    It is happening slowly but surely. Blacks are reassessing their fruitless allegiance to the nanny state and its perpetual requirement not to stray from the progressive plantation. It is heartwarming to see a political figure of Sarah’s stature share her time and her heart with those folks.

    Who was His Majesty spending his royal time with on that day, I wonder? I don’t really know, but what I do know is that he wouldn’t be caught dead spending time in the same room with anyone other than paid political sycophants or those who are worth less than $10 mn, give or take.

    On the other hand, if he needs someone to carry his bags on the golf course, he might make an exception.

  • DocBarry1

    The Governor is a tremendous person with a heart of gold – I, too, thought that her speech was substantial and well delivered- I continue to appreciate her efforts, even though she is attacked over and over again. with RNC and Republican leadership that continually fails to stand up for her – It is disgraceful. They should be ashamed of themselves.
    What has she ever done but tried to maintain our Country’s foundation that assures that our laws and the Constitution are followed – She is genuine!

  • senator20526

    Nice article Tex-Mex…….The Gov. knows how to campaign with the grassroots, something the GOPe will never learn…Because we are on the right-wing of the party, they take us for granted…assuming we have no place to go. That is most frustrating to me. Thanks again for all you do in support of Sarah..

  • jester2939

    Thanks for this report, Michelle. What a touching picture with the Guv and Faith. She genuinely cares about the people she meets. How the left can hate her is beyond me.

  • dmac8889

    Michele, great post. Sarah knows the dreams for all our loved ones are the same for all of of us. She doesn’t promise them anything more that a hard trail to success, but she knows true happiness is found in the journey.

  • Jon Kelly


    • mich mccormick


  • 08hayabusa

    Thanks for this article. It reassures the support I’ve been giving to the Governor since 2008.

    She is completely genuine. And it would make my day if she would run for the Presidency in 2016.

  • c4pfan

    Awesome article and great points.

  • Derrick Wilburn

    Thank you for this fantastic shout out. I/we are doing all within our power to:

    a) share with the ethnic-minority community the truths that conservatism is NOT the enemy; collectivism is, and,

    b) share with conservatives how to engage in real, meaningful outreach to minority voters.

    Its a steep hill but one that must get climbed. And if someone doesn’t pick up the burden and carry it, how will we ever get there? So me and my little ragtag band of brothers (& sisters) are just out here doing all we know to do.

    If you’d like more information and/or to begin following along, supporting, contributing in whatever ways you are able, here is my/our online information:
    twitter: black&conservative @derrickwilburn

    Blessings One & All,


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