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Governor Palin calls into Michael Medved Show To Discuss Impeachment

On his radio show today, Michael Medved was talking about how he thinks Governor Palin’s call to impeach President Obama is unwise.  Reportedly, Governor Palin was listening to the show while in her car and called into the show.  An interesting conversation followed.  You can listen to a clip or download the entire segment here.

Medved has been a longtime critic of Governor Palin, but the discussion was respectful, and  he questioned her on the substance of her ideas, which is all you can ask of one of her critics.




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  • fb274

    Bad Link.

    • blerch

      Should be fixed now

      • fb274

        It works now, Thanks.

  • carolhaka

    Michael who?

  • bri

    I quit him when he turned on Sarah. He turned really mean.

    • Kathleen

      LOL–I didn’t even listen to today’s show because he’s been so nasty re: Sarah. And I missed her calling in to defend her position! Good for her, though–he’s been bad-mouthing her regarding this ever since she first called for impeachment. I’m tired of him snarking away at her without a response. I’m glad it came directly from the horses’ mouth. Good on her for being strong and daring enough to march into the RINO’s den.

  • qtdb7

    Here is the working URL link:
    Jul 28, 2014
    Hour 2 Sarah Palin

  • myfairlady

    Thanks Brian!

  • c4pfan

    I’m glad Sarah is stating her case.

  • qtdb7

    RINOs keep saying "impeaching POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama" would help
    POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama. RINOs keep bringing up
    PERVERTED Clinton’s impeachment as example. RINOs keep saying the
    failure to impeach PERVERTED Clinton made JACKA55 (donkey)
    democrats/liberals more popular.

    So let me get this straight.
    If PERVERTED Clinton and JACKA55 (donkey) democrats/liberals
    became popular, then why did American people vote to elect
    REPUBLICAN George W. Bush in 2000?


    • c4pfan


    • friskyness

      the impeachment didn’t make dems more popular…….the Defeat of Al Gore ignited the dems………they attacked Bush nonstop for that win…….the dems pushed the narrative that republicans stole the election, therefore more dems fought……the GOPe never fight!

    • Redge Palmer

      They didn’t. George W. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000. No one disputes that fact. Bush got 543,895 fewer votes than Gore. He only won in the electoral college. It is incredibly unwise to call someone a rino because they want to use good strategy to WIN. Medved and Palin don’t disagree on any real issues. They agree on 1st and 2nd amendment, federal spending, debt, abortion, foreign policy, Immigration, Obamacare, etc. etc. etc. Stop calling people RINOs that are real conservatives. It just excludes people and we can’t afford to do that. We LOST the popular vote in 92, 96, 2000, 2008 and 2012. If we want to win in 2016 we need to attract people to the party not chase them away.

  • immanuelgoldstein

    Michael Medved is the real Captain Obvious. He calls himself a conservative, but he always, and I mean ALWAYS comes down on the side of the Republican establishment. A boring, conventional thinker if there ever was one. In 2012 he was a big time Romney honk. In 2008 he was banging the drum hard for McCain. He never has a good word for the Tea Party/ The establishment party hacks are his natural allies. So it is natural that he is barely capable of disguising his contempt for Sarah.

    • Budvarakbar

      Medved is from hollyweird central casting — he is just playing a roll!

  • dmac8889

    Poor RINOs don’t like being unpopular. Clinton lies to a Grand Jury and manipulated another persons deposition in a civil lawsuit, and attempts to manipulate a third, yet they acted like they were ashamed to have moral conviction in prosecuting a well deserved Impeachment It was perfectly understandable that the majority of Americans accepted that the Congress’ "Impeachment" was enough to shame Clinton, but didn’t believe the charge should remove him from office.

    As Sarah points out, this is a completely different set of events. Citizens are being attacked and harmed by this administration. This is not a personal affair by an arrogant immoral man. Obama is either calculating the destruction he is causing, or he is so incompetent that he has lost ALL control over the Federal bureaucracy. Many Democrats understand this. Everyday it becomes more obvious that Obama is preventing our Private Sector from its natural growth process, his complete appeasement to all things outside our borders is causing permanent harm to the world as a whole. He is consumed with Political Rhetoric that continually looks to divide the nation. His promises now appear to be the joke his political enemies always said they were.

    It is the political opposition’s JOB to hold the President accountable for violating his Constitutional Oath. They can’t just stand by as citizen’s are being harmed by the President’s actions. Everywhere, in all media, it has become obvious of Obama’s wishes to act outside the Constitution. With the TEA Party Conservatives being the target, and the Rinos once again burying their heads (so as not to harm their chances of victory), the Media with almost ZERO Conservative voices, are never talking issues, but continually play the Tabloid Politics that of course keep attacking the same target.

    The Republicans leaders once again want the TEA Party and their spokespersons to clam up and just show up in November to vote for them. They don’t want anyone to look behind the curtain and point out the obvious, that Conservatives are being buried by both the Obama administration, but also the GOP. Sarah is being blamed for trying to rock the boat in calm seas, with the harbor in sight. "She wil motivate the other side to come out and vote." How about TEA Party Conservatives start applying the pressure: that without the GOP looking to offer protection from Obama’s attacks, we won’t be going to the polls in November. Bring a stop to Obama’s unilateral takeover of the Federal Gov’t, by threatening Impeachment if he continues down the path he has chosen. Have the Rinos selved their moral dignity? Have they no RECTITUDE? If you see a crime being committed, it is their moral obligation, not to just report it, but prosecute it. Sarah is not your enemy. She is the GOP’s spine.

    • Budvarakbar

      You asked: "Have the Rinos shelved their moral dignity?"
      They didn’t have any to shelve! Think about it — why are they derisively referred to as RINOs?

  • stevethird

    Medved like a typical Lib tries to establish a false moral equivalency. I suppose if you believe that a BJ in the oval office equates to a Litany of destructive and purposeful high crimes, AND you think us poor dopes in flyover can’t/won’t distinguish between the two, AND you think we’re living in the same world we were living in in 1998, then I suppose he wins the debate. BUT, none of those IFS are true and consequently Sarah wins…..AGAIN!!! (He’s getting smoked on his own youtube page btw :-)

    • Budvarakbar

      You start: "Medved like a typical Lib"

      That is exactly what he is — he is a faker — he is following one of Alinsky’s (and Islam’s) tenets — to infiltrate and disguise as one of the targets (enemy) in order (in his case) to try to control the narrative — he has been very successful in the Seattle area — the only nationally syndicated shows that are aired live are Medved and Rush (because they HAVE to air Rush live – wink wink)

      "The revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within." — Saul Alinsky
      Note the success of the MoBroHoods in the WH!!!

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Sarah utterly destroyed Medved.

    Let the Dems go on record as favoring the massive Obamacare fraud that was perpetrated on the American people, if they dare.

    Let the Dems go on record favoring the use of the IRS to attack, undermine and eliminate legitimate political opposition, using the policing powers of the IRS to curtail the first amendment right to free speech, if they dare.

    Let the Dems go on record favoring the replacement of the rule of law by the rule of executive fiat, thereby creating a worsening domestic crisis at our borders and in our communities, nationwide, if they dare.

    Let the Dems go on record as favoring the failure to produce a responsible national budget for 6 years running, thereby reducing the credit worthiness of this country by eliminating all restraints and all accountability on expenditures by the executive branch, except for the national debt ceiling, if they dare.

    Let the Dems go on record as favoring the expansion of the bureaucratic administrative state to the point where the government feels it has the authority to regulate mud puddles in a citizen’s own back yard, if they dare.

    Let the Dems go on record as approving the abuses of executive power in illegally violating the rights of our citizens to the expectation of privacy in our homes and in our private communication, by the NSA, if they dare.

    If that’s what they want to vote for, put them on the record.

    "Call them out." All of them.

    • MarkRNY

      They are on record.

      IMO, her call for impeachment is aimed more at the gopE than it is at anything else. Let THEM go on record as being against impeaching this destructive head case.

      Her call for impeachment makes me believe she’s thinking long term. She knows O’s not going to stop being lawless. Taking a position against impeachment is going to put many people in a bad place as O continues to melt down. They’ll be in the same position as those who laughed at "Death Panels" and asked her to "Leave the room" (see Krauthammer).

      I.think 16 is on her mind.

      • dmac8889

        You’re correct, Sarah’s call for Impeachment is directed at a feckless GOP. FoxNews and GOP leadership have been complaining over and over about Obama’s overreach and blantant disreguard for the Constittution. House Majority Whip Rep. Scalise let the cat out of the bag. They are listening to Sarah. They have come to the conclusion that Conservatives across the country are broiling over their ineptitude to challenge Obama’s violations of the Constitution and if they don’t have some response other than ignoring her, well than many Conservatives may ignore them come November (after all what is the use if it doesn’t matter who controls the Senate the next two years.) So they threw us Conservatives a bone, saying if Obama continues on this path, he will Impeach himself. So Sarah is not being ignored, they just will never acknowledge her influence.

        • Laddie_Blah_Blah

          They cannot remove Obama from office without bipartisan Dem support. Listen to that clip, again, and you will hear Sarah specifically identify the need for Dems to step up.

          She can keep score, and she is calling them out. All of them.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        "They are on record."

        Are they? Have they taken a vote in the House to impeach? Have they taken a vote in the Senate to remove from office? What record are you talking about?

        Boehner’s statement that there are no plans to impeach? That is not a statement against impeachment, just a status report which does not rule it out, at all, but does not commit him to do anything – i.e. he’s hedging his bets. He can "change his plans" next week if he wishes.

        Sarah is calling them out precisely because they will not make a commitment, either way. She knows what they are doing, even if you don’t.

      • John W.

        I’m inclined to believe that Sarah’s call for impeachment has no bearing on her plans for 2016 or her understandable desire to see the gopE eradicated from the Republican Party. I believe she wants Obama impeached solely because he richly deserves to be impeached.

        • MarkRNY

          Both go hand in hand. O’s got to go and the gopE’s got to go.

        • RICHARDAS

          I wonder if in the back of her mind is the frustration she felt when she was not allowed to question who Obama was in 2007 by macfail and company. notice she pushes the ‘articles’ not impeachment itself / the articles include ‘discovery’ and that is where Obama will come unglued because he would have to prove who he is , something we all know he cant .
          timing is everything with a master tactician which she is / her call came at the same time Obama’s eldest daughter turned 16 and was given a car but cannot drive it because she cannot get a license //the kid cannot produce a BC thus proof of who she is .
          questing the president now may just burst the bubble and the Gov. will be right upfront sword in hand .

  • AndAwayWeGo

    So glad that she finally made the distinction. I just get the impression that too many Americans believe that Impeachment is always, in fact must be, about sex, in which case "duh but Obama hasn’t had an affair so he cant be impeached" lol. People see themselves as the intellectuals for saying BS like this, but I see Sarah as the intellectual precisely because she sees the reasons to impeach based on the constitutional standards.

  • James Crawford

    I am confident that Governor Palin will be vindicated for her call to impeach Obama, but this terrifies me.

    The proximate cause for impeachment is President Obama’s unlawful enabling illegal immigration to advance his political objective. However; one should not ignore the context that Obama’s sabotage of US border security is occurring concurrently with the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Ebola has infected over twelve hundred people and has killed over six hundred, so far. The fact that an American doctor sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse has been infected and authorities have been compelled to close the hospital because it has become a vector that will spread rather than contain the disease dramatizes just how dire the situation has become. The nascent plague has become so threatening that Liberia has closed it’s border.

    Obama’s enabling of illegal immigration by neutralizing US border security at this time ensures that the US will not be able to prevent Ebola from entering the US if the disease reaches Mexico or Latin America. The threat is only magnified by the possibility that Islamic terrorists might exploit the opportunity to wage biological warfare on the United States. There is no need for Al Quida, ISIS or Boku Harem to master the sophisticated science. All they need do is send operatives to infected villages in Liberia to expose themselves intentionally to the disease, then fly them to Mexico where Obama’s agents will eagerely enable their entry to the US. Obama’s immigration processing centers are the perfect environment to ensure that one infected Islamicists will be able to infect hundreds of other illegal aliens before they are covertly dispersed across the country.

    While it is possible and perhaps probable that Obama is too profoundly stupid to understand the risks, one can not ignore the possibility that he is intentionally aiding and abetting biological warfare against the US. Medved and other RINOs might be ridiculing Governor Palin now. However; they will realize that she was right if and probably when Ebola has killed millions of Americans.

    • Budvarakbar

      They will never realize OR BE ABLE TO ADMIT that she was (is) right — how many chances have they had already? Ever hear of death panels? how about Russia (Putin) meddling in Ukraine — which Sarah mentioned in 2008?

  • kateorjane

    I have to be honest and admit that the calls for impeachment will do little but rally the Obama suck-ups partially because too many in the GOP are low-life cowards. However at some point we need to stand for our core positions. But my concern is the elected GOP not Gov Palin.

    • Budvarakbar

      The Obama suck-ups will never vary — at any given time the demo-commie-cRAT pottie has 42% – in the bag — the klintoons proved that!

      You sais: " However at some point — " Haven’t you ever heard the expression: "No time like the present"?

  • freeperjim

    MM was law school classmates.
    MM worked on Mondull’s 1984 campaign (IIRC) vs Ronaldus Magnus
    MM has never walked away from his leftist roots and remains, at best, a leftwing, big govt/socialist RINO GOP-E.

  • timerunnersc

    Yes it’s past time to Impeach this Obama jerk, a supporter of Islamist terrorist!
    We Never Forget!

  • cbenoistd

    If the Democrats want to make Sarah Palin the official voice of the Republican Party and can sell that to their donors and press allies, there’s nothing to stop them from doing so, including her backing off and shutting up. The gloating of Republican consultant Margaret Hoover at Palin’s expense on CNN after the Mississippi run-off should tell you how really seriously Republicans take party loyalty and discipline. If the Republicans think that shutting Sarah Palin up will make the party intellectually respectable and appealing to independents, I won’t protest. I’ll just laugh.

  • iizthatiiz

    the full 19 minutes segment is available here:

  • AJ40

    >I’ve been pounding away on Medved for several years on this sight. I’m glad Sarah finally called him out . Obviously he’s not a TP kind of guy. He supported Tad Cochran over McDaniel. He’s thundering down the Eastern Bloc Republican establishment road like an ox with blinders on looking neither to left nor right nor what’s going on under his feet, only straight ahead to strategy and process, process and strategy. I’m glad that Sarah said he’s wrong in so many words. Medved has too many callers that think he’s the most intellectual talk-show guy on the air. But if the truth be told, David Horowitz is a far more insightful intellectual in the conservative movement. Medved is basically statistics guru and a reviewer of bad movies. He doesn’t have or make any philosophical discussion on the peripheral variables that come into influence his statistical pronouncements.
    >I heard his exchange with Gov. Palin. Unfortunately, like so many talk-shows caller and host often talk past each other. Palin was simply saying that if we don’t take risks, we’ll continue down the same old political path. Medved is so cautious and tied to the numbers and says so with a note of final arrogance that, that’s just the way it is, that, we’ll probably go that direction.

  • i p standing

    Fox,,speaker bhoner etc say the impeachment talk of palin is liberal nonsense

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