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Governor Palin Joins Ben Carson and Ted Cruz who top Western Conservative Summit 2016 Straw Poll

Conservatives at this year’s Western Conservative Summit are sending a strong message to the D.C. establishment about our party’s nominee for 2016, clearly stating that it’s time for some out-of-the-box thinking (which equals "common sense" to us little folks).

No Mitt Romney, No Jeb Bush, and certainly no Chris Christie.

Via Denver Post

Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were the top picks of 666 voters in the Western Conservative Summit straw poll for the president in 2016.

All three were speakers at the three-day event that concluded Sunday at Denver’s Hyatt Regency hotel. Carson received 22 percent of the vote, Cruz had 13 percent and Palin collected 12 percent.

The ballot included two dozen Republicans. The rest of the top 10, in order of finish, were Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Sen. Rick Santorum, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Rand Paul, former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, former Rep. Allen West and Sen. Paul Ryan.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, who spoke at the summit Saturday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie were among the others on the summit’s straw poll ballot.

Of course the D.C. establishment won’t be talking about this anytime soon.

More here.

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  • richhahn

    Are you sure this wasn’t Netroots?

    An African American, a Latino American, and a female were the top 3 vote getters. Couldn’t possibly be a Conservative conference because we know they would only vote for white males who hated women.

    • DocBarry1

      Wow terrific post

    • qtdb7

      The democrats/liberals and RINOs only worry about Gov. Palin.

      • Koma Kehuli

        I agreed. Gov Palin is an albatross over their back. They don’t fear Cruz and Dr Carson is still debatable for now. Both Parties can’t make of Dr Carson especially the GOP RINOs. Gov Palin is still lingering and won’t go away and that disturbed the GOP RINOs as well as the Marxist Democrat Party.

  • qtdb7

    2016 Presidential Election

    Gov. Sarah Palin:
    1. conservative
    2. loving God
    3. loving founding fathers
    4. saving unborn babies
    5. supporting traditional marriage, morality, responsibility
    6. defender of U.S. Constitution
    7. less government control and regulations and more individual’s freedom/liberty
    8. low taxes/letting people keep more of what they earned
    9. energy INDEPENDENT/drilling and fracking for more gas and oil to create jobs
    10. reducing debts for future generations
    11. cutting irresponsible spendings
    12. free market capitalism/
    no crony capitalism
    13. no coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
    14. helping the helpless, not the clueless
    15. no rewarding bad behaviors
    16. SAVING America from bankruptcy
    17. RESTORING America’s greatness

    Obama/Clinton (2 faces of the same coin):
    1. liberal/progressive
    2. hating God
    3. hating founding fathers
    4. agreeing with China on killing unborn babies
    5. supporting immorality, irresponsiblity, gay/lesbian marriage between 2
    individuals (i.e. a man and a woman, 2 men, 2 women, uncle/aunt and nephew/niece,
    2 brothers, 2 sisters, …)
    6. attacker of U.S. Constitution
    7. more government control/regulations and less individual’s freedom/liberty
    8. high taxes/ripping off people
    9. energy dependent/man caused global warming or climate chaos
    10. more debts for future generations
    11. more irresponsible spendings
    12. socialism/
    crony capitalism
    13. more coporate welfare/foodstamps/bailouts
    14. getting the clueless/useful idiots become addicted to free stuffs/entitlement programs
    15. rewarding bad behaviors/illegal immigrants (undocumented democrats),
    DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl, … etc.
    16. BANKRUPTING America
    17. TRANSFORMING America into some socialist utopia
    Are We the People (conservatives/Tea partiers) EVIL/GREEDY/FASCISTS/RACISTS? Really?

    Bill Whittle – Racism – Democrats and Republicans switch sides?

  • isabel matos

    CARSON is a BUSHIE. They are raising his profile and stature to endorse JeB Bush is what I hear. This is good news overall.

    • qtdb7

      The democrats/liberals and RINOs only worry about Gov. Palin.

      • isabel matos


    • Elston Gunn

      Exactly Isabel I with ya!

    • M_Minnesota

      Got that right.

      • isabel matos

        So how do we make the Rino sheeple voters see through him?

    • Budvarakbar

      I just went back to the first post re last Saturday’s speakers and got the following quote from Dr. Carson:

      "He urged fellow conservatives to stick together and stop parsing out "Republicans as RINOs," a reference to Republicans in name only."

      Hasn’t he got that backwards? And aren’t the RINOs one of the biggest problems?

      • isabel matos

        That helps Jeb.

  • section9

    You all realize that if this had been CPAC, the Paultards would have bussed in lifetime subscribers to The Stormfront from the entire Tri-state area.

  • Elston Gunn

    How in the hell did Carson beat Sarah Palin, he is a nuerosurgeon, he has never Governed, speechs dont mean jacksh#t!

    • DeeDEEthree

      Only 666 people out of over 3000 voted.

      Why couldn’t 1 more person have voted.

    • section9

      Until Palin gets off the dime about actually running for elective office, these Flavor of the Month Candidates will always show her up among the activists.

      Most GOP activists, remember, don’t think Palin will run for anything again, so they don’t take what she says seriously. That’s part of the reason this impeachment talk hasn’t gotten more pull: people in the political business today (unlike, say, in 2010) don’t take Palin as seriously as a potential candidate as they used to.

      They may be wrong, and I think they probably are wrong (GOP consultants are rarely correct about anything these days). However, if you want to know one reason Palin and her insistence on following the constitutional order has fallen on deaf ears as of late, well, if nobody thinks you will have real political power to use against them in the near future, then fewer people than you would like to do as you say WILL actually do as you say.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        Well…..A person can only cry wolf so many times….unless you follow her every move on a Palin site you can’t really blame them for moving on. There are hundreds gone from this site from 2010. Things are at a critical stage…

        • indemind


      • MyGMa

        Ben Carson has not declared that he is running either.
        Who has declared their candidacy for 2016?
        Why fault Palin for not declaring when none of the others have done so?

      • Palinprodigy

        Very well said!

    • colint

      He probably gave a good speech. There were pictures of Sarah with members of a local Black conservatives organization who were there.

    • fb274

      The backers of the "draft Ben Carson for president" were in Colorado in huge numbers it was reported elsewhere. Straw polls have no meaning.

    • Keith M

      I think a lot of it is the color of his skin,

    • Budvarakbar

      And Carson made the following statement:

      "He urged fellow conservatives to stick together and stop parsing out "Republicans as RINOs," a reference to Republicans in name only."

    • friskyness

      He had a lot of his people there to vote for him….it’s all a show……………..

  • Sarahistheone

    Please can we unite for Gov Palin? If we split in different directions we will lose to the establishment!

  • Keith M

    I think Ben Carson is for gun control? He is to wishy washy like Ramd Paul.

    • M_Minnesota

      Yes Carson is for Gun Control.

      • Keith M

        I never vote for someone who iwants gun control!

  • misterlogic0013

    One I trust .. stand with is Sarah Palin .. rest of them distant second at best, America’s choice. Intro said it all .. time to stand with her, way out in front standing for us, USA. Everything at stake, our freedom, free worlds existence, not funny anymore .. Tea Party Texas = "call National Guard." National Guard, called. America standing with Sarah .. Tea Party. Show down ok corral .. THE STORY .. NOT, OB. .. His LAWLESSNESS. America much bigger.

  • Bill__Hughes

    I take it as a good sign that the top 3 candidates were not establishment candidates. I know a lot of anti-Carson people assert without proof that he’s in league with the Bushes, but we don’t know that and he’s not a politician. People like that he’s not a politician, he seems to be talking conservatively and he’s not part of DC. Personally, as he has not run for office before, I think that as more of his positions on issues come out people will begin to fade from him realizing he isn’t the man to run.

    I have to agree with some comments here, people don’t think Palin is running. Until they do, she’s not typically going to do well in straw polls. And it’s her fault. She dragged out the will-she-or-won’t-she in 2012 until the absolute last minute. She kept sounding like a candidate and then ultimately opted not to run. So, people are not going to wait for her this time. It’s understandable why she didn’t run, but she’s going to need to poop or get off the pot this time so that the tea party/conservative voters and activists can unite behind someone and beat Bush/Christie. If she wants in, she’s going to have to declare that she’s in and not the vague "I’ve got fire in my belly" "I’ll never say never" kind of comments.

    That said, I would be surprised if both Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin run for POTUS. I think only one of them will run and the other will endorse. If Ted Cruz announces he’s running, then I believe we will have our answer on Palin’s choice. Both of them running would be foolish as it would strengthen the hand of the GOPe.

    I support whatever Palin does. I agree that her "forgotten man" speech would be an excellent approach to a campaign. We’ll see if it materializes into that of if it’s just her campaign to get good folks elected.

    • Perfectly Frank

      Gov. Palin is doing what she declared she would do: She’s directing the topics of conversation about EVERYTHING !!! She said it doesn’t take elective office to accomplish that – and obviously she was right.

      Keep the faith !

  • cbenoistd

    If straw polls counted, we’d be in Ron Paul’s sixth term by now.

    • hrh40

      Thread winnah!

    • Eyes Open 2016

      There’s a couple differences here.
      Palin and Cruz have been able to carry conservative weight without the fangirl element to them. At any conference, Ron (and Rand) Paul usually have an overwhelming amount of "fans" who show up to skew polling.
      These poll results came from conservatives.
      I’m so glad Palin has supporters who support her for her executive reform history unlike Paul’s who support him for his rhetoric. She’s a more serious contender because her experience wasn’t limited to legislative.
      Also, Ron Paul’s supporters seem to be fringed where ANY mention of anyone else would have made his supporters crazy whereas Palin supporters understand the importance of coalitions and building relationships so we can grow. I am thankful that Palin’s supporters aren’t so insecure that any mention of someone else doesn’t send them into similar rages as of course that would only hurt her chances as it hurt Paul’s.

  • Palinprodigy

    The Gov lost my wife, and she was a huge fan! I think we are about to lose a lot of folks if she doesn’t at least give us a hint, and soon!

    What a shame it would be if she takes a pass on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

    I truly believe she was placed here by God to protect Lady Liberty from the wrath that is fast approaching. If I’m right, none of us have a thing to worry about and I’m seldom wrong!

    God’s Speed Sarah Palin! (2016)

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