Governor Palin Justifies Impeachment on Sean Hannity Radio

Governor Sarah Palin laid out her reasons for impeaching President Barack Obama with talk host Sean Hannity in a follow-up radio interview.

Palin called for the impeachment of the president in an editorial written for Breitbart News earlier in the week.

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  • M_Minnesota

    Thanks iizthatiiz!!! @FullofFlight

    • iizthatiiz

      more than welcome! It’s a terrific segment from the Guv

  • Lennart Bilén

    Sheee’s baack!! Sarah Palin is clearly getting under the skin of the leftists, the mainstream media, the demorats, and the establishment arm of the republicans.
    As was said of Lawrence Welk : Nobody likes his music, except the people.
    Everybody wants Sarah Palin to shut up, except the people.
    Sarah Palin for President, NOW!!

  • qtdb7

    John Boehner is a WUSS.

    Impeachment is still too lenient for POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama.
    He should be in jail for TREASON just for that prisoner
    exchange. He helped and replenished ENEMIES of the U.S.
    by prisoner trading/exchanging 5 high ranking
    Taliban/Al Qaeda terrorists for a
    DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl.
    It is a RAW deal.

    POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama and democrats/liberals use and hide
    behind those ILLEGAL immigrant children for their political
    benefits. They don’t give a CRAP about those children.

    This reminds me of the communist countries (China, Russia,
    North Korea, Cuba, … etc.) using children for their political
    propagandas. But I digress.

    If those ILLEGAL immigrants would come to America and vote for
    Republicans, POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama and democrats/liberals
    would have built not only a simple barb wire fence, but also
    10 "Great Wall of China" between U.S. and Mexico border.

  • 1776er

    The striking part of this interview is the Governor’s take near the end of the interview to the Post-Constitutional America line of Mark Levin. She is tapping into the political Mega Trend that is sweeping the world at the moment and which is taking hold here in the U.S. big time. A Mega Trend all but completely missed by the LSM and the political elites—the rejection of the Big Powerful Madisonian Federal Government Model of national organization.

    "Here’s the dill. The most effective and efficient form of government is that which is closest to the people. Your city government is more efficient and effective than your State government. Feds –they’re out of touch out of control. Our founders knew that and that’s why they created a constitution
    to rein in government to tell them you can’t do this you can’t do that. Much of the power through the 10th amendment was given to the States. Obama is obviously violating that 10th amendment. He’s dumping illegal aliens and the cost to support them on Arizona on Texas. That’s a violation of the 10th amendment because he is usurping the role that a State government would have. He is telling them what to do."

    We have in this country diddled around the concept of moving power back down from Washington to the States and localities. The Republican answer is always Revenue Sharing and Block Grants. But there are always strings and the power always remains with the bureaucrats and the Washington elites. And those "power to the people" revenue sharing initiatives are subject to corruption and cronyism with special interests being served before the people. If the people are served at all.

    The Madison Federalist Model is now a proven failure. Madison’s argument was that a Big Powerful Central State Republic was necessary to preclude weak State government or regional alliances from succumbing to powerful special interests and Big Money. Little Republics were too corruptible argued Madison. We need a Powerful Big Central Government Republic to keep all that in check. There will be many regional interests that will offset each other and maintain a balance of power. Bigger Republics are inherently better than smaller Republics which the States favored. We will represent YOU in a fair, just, equitable and balanced way. Blind Justice. Sensible Government. Run from New York or Philadelphia or Baltimore or Washington, DC or some other central Capitol. Trust us.

    That Big Powerful Central Government has betrayed the American People’s trust that was placed in it at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It is not less corrupt and more fair, balanced, just and representative of the people. It is in fact the exact opposite. It is now clearly oppressive and existing solely to perpetuate the interests of a tyrannical Dominant Ruling Class which exerts its power over the people through two thoroughly discredited and corrupt Political Parties pretending to authentic ideological competition.

    The Anti-Federalists of 1787 were right. They were highly suspicious of replacing one Monarchy of corrupt Oligarchs oppressing the people from a capitol far, far, far away over the Atlantic ocean with another one far, far, far away and equally removed from the control and influence of the people over the banks of the Potomac River.

    Patrick Henry led the Anti-Federalist argument at the Constitutional Convention. He was dubious and suspicious of the potential of Madison’s Federalist vision. He accused Madison of harboring Imperialistic thoughts of emulating and re-instituting the British Monarchical model of government which Americans had suffered so much to overthrow :

    "…some way or other we must be a great and mighty empire; we must have an army and a navy and a number of things. When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different. Liberty, Sir, was the primary object…You make the Citizens of this country agree to become the SUBJECTS of one great consolidated empire of America…When I come to examine these features, Sir, they appear to me horribly frightful. Among other deformities it has an awful squinting; it squints toward monarchy."

    227 years later the promise of protection from the chains of Monarchical Corrupt Oligarchy that was built into the Constitution by the founders has finally been unmasked as a fraud and an empty commitment. It has been smothered and ruthlessly cast aside in self-serving political corruption in Washington, DC by Republican and Democrat elites bought and paid for and in the employ of a powerful Dominant Ruling Class of Wall St, Corporate and Chamber of Commerce self-dealing interests who have hijacked the controls of government. Moreover, this alliance of corruption based on greed and enrichment has been co-opted by an alien Marxist ideology brought down on the people by ruthless, dedicated anti-Americans who hate everything America stands for lead by a figurehead President–Barack Hussein Obama.

    This is a toxic and likely lethal combination that is leading to the death of our Republic.

    The Mega Trend is that people in countries all over the world and here in America are rebelling against this corrupted, failed Madisonian model of governance.

    So how did it come to pass at the Constitutional Convention?

    The 10th Amendment. The Reserved Powers. The Enumerated Powers.

    "Feds –they’re out of touch out of control. Our founders knew that and that’s why they created a constitution to rein in government to tell them you can’t do this you can’t do that. Much of the power through the 10th amendment was given to the States."

    Bingo Governor Palin! You are right on it! You are right on the political and government organizational Mega Trend crisis of our time. One small, tiny quibble. Much of the Power was not "given" to the States. It was RETAINED by the States.

    The 10th Amendment has been violated repeatedly over the 227 years since the Constitution was ratified by the 13 original colonies. It has come to the point of collapse in corruption and tyrannical overreach in the Obama Administration to such an extent that either this tyrant or the Constitution has got to go.

    Our failed Madisonian model of Big Powerful Central Government insulated from the influence of the people has not only "squinted toward monarchy" in Patrick Henry’s word but to outright Totalitarian Marxist Dictatorship under Barack Hussein Obama.

    Levin calls it Post-Constitutional America. He’s right.

    Governor Palin is all over the examples of violation of the Promise of the 10th Amendment viewed by the founders as the guarantor of freedom and protection against monarchy, tyranny and, yes, dictatorship.

    The Border Crisis brought on as a deliberate, purposeful abuse and violation of the 10th Amendment is the straw that has broken the back of Constitutionalists who RELY on the Constitution to safeguard our basic freedoms. Obama has thrown down this gauntlet–not Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is only calling attention to the real crisis of the Border situation which is the Constitutional crisis and to the remedies available to the American people.

    She correctly points out We the People have two remedies available to us to save the Constitution from this Dictatorial Tyrant who has ripped up the Constitution: the Power of the Purse and Impeachment.

    Both options should be pursued. Our embarrassing difficulty is that our –ahem–representatives to this out of control out of touch Federal Government lack–as Governor Palin so eloquently put it–the cojones to execute their powers to guard the people against tyranny and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. They won’t do it. Why? Because they all work for the oppressors of the people. They are part of the problem.

    That somebody would call for Impeachment in a serious way is far overdue. History will be astounded that it took nearly 6 years of tyrannical overreach by this man and his Administration and the compliant acquiescence of a supine and cowardly Congress and Supreme Court before SOMEBODY called for use of Constitutional remedies. Incredible really. Almost impossible to imagine.

    Yet it has been left up to a PRIVATE CITIZEN not attached to the corruption at the center of our society to raise the alarm and urge the use of both Constitutional remedies to "rein in" Obama’s out of touch out of control government.

    It is increasingly clear that either Obama or the Constitution has got to go. Which is it to be? Sarah Palin has crystalized and clarified this for us. There is no doubt where she stands on this fundamental existential question. She is urging that the Constitution remain and be protected, preserved and defended. By the 10th Amendment, by the Power of the Purse, by the Power of Impeachment. That means Obama must go. One or the other.

    The only question is where do the American People stand?

    The surprising thing is that there is any surprise at all from the articulation of this growing Constitutional crisis and the sorry mess that Obama has forced us to. Thank God that Sarah Palin has undertaken it. Somebody had to.

    Sarah Palin says that we get the Government that we put up with.

    Are we going to put up with this? What kind of people are we?

  • DocBarry1

    Isn’t it interesting that everyone that attacks the Governor never responds to the issues – Is Obama lying – Yes; Is Obama ignoring Separation of Powers – Yes; Is Obama by-passing Congress – Yes; Is Obama ignoring certain laws, rewriting laws – Yes; Did Obama say that Obamacare was not a tax, but yes it is; Did Obama say that people could keep their doctor, hospital and insurance- when he knew that these were lies – Yes etc etc etc – I am not even addressing the scandals e.g. IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Borders, etc.
    Shame on them Shame on the LSM and Shame on the weak enablers in the Republican party

  • 1776er

    What do you get impeached for in this country?

    The answer will surprise you. My aim here is not to re-litigate the merits of the two individual cases of impeachment that constitute the precedent for what gets a POTUS impeached. It is only to illustrate what got those two guys to the impeachment process itself.

    You get impeached for lying. You get impeached for obstructing justice. You get impeached for going around the law. You get impeached for calling Congress nasty names and going around the country trying to stir up the country against Congress.

    Bill Clinton was impeached on two articles. One was for lying to a grand jury about having sex with Monica Lewinsky. The other was for conspiring with witnesses to lie before the Grand Jury in a Civil Rights sex abuse case brought against by Paula Jones. You get impeached for lying about your sex life and trying to get others to lie about it too.

    So what in the end was Clinton’s high crimes and misdemeanors as viewed by the Congress warranting his impeachment and removal from office?

    "In all of this, William Jefferson Clinton has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute on the Presidency, has betrayed his trust as President, and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

    Wherefore, William Jefferson Clinton, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States."

    Undermining the integrity of the office, bringing disrepute on the Presidency, betraying his/her trust as President and acting in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice to the manifest injury of the People of the United States can get a POTUS impeached.

    Bill Clinton got off on a 55-45 vote. 10 of the 55 voting not to impeach were Republicans. Message: Don’t lie about your sex life. Especially to a Grand Jury. It brings disrepute on the Presidency. Wherefore, by such conduct, you can get your butt impeached.

    Andrew Johnson is an even more interesting precedent in the current Barack Hussein Ombama context. Johnson attempted to defy the Congress by firing Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War and replacing him with a lackey.

    Congress had passed a law to protect Stanton’s job –in all probability an unconstitutional law–and Johnson fired him anyway. He spit in the face of a law he didn’t like and didn’t want to execute. Didn’t wait for no stinking Supreme Court case.

    Beyond that Johnson went around the country bad mouthing the Congress. Called them nasty names. Tried to rile up the country to vote them out in the next election.

    He was impeached on 11 articles. Read Article X. It is a doozy. If this standard, this precedent for what gets a POTUS impeached, were applied to Obama he would have been out the first month of his Presidency.

    Article X

    That said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, unmindful of the high duties of his office and the dignity and proprieties thereof, and of the harmony and courtesies which ought to exist and be maintained between the executive and legislative branches of the Government of the United States, designing and intending to set aside the rightful authorities and powers of Congress, did attempt to bring into disgrace, ridicule, hatred, contempt and reproach the Congress of the United States, and the several branches thereof, to impair and destroy the regard and respect of all the good people of the United States for the Congress and legislative power thereof, (which all officers of the government ought inviolably to preserve and maintain,) and to excite the odium and resentment of all good people of the United States against Congress and the laws by it duly and constitutionally enacted; and in pursuance of his said design and intent, openly and publicly and before divers assemblages of citizens of the United States, convened in divers parts thereof, to meet and receive said Andrew Johnson as the Chief Magistrate of the United States, did, on the 18th day of August, in the year of our Lord 1866, and on divers other days and times, as well before as afterward, make and declare, with a loud voice certain intemperate, inflammatory, and scandalous harangues, and therein utter loud threats and bitter menaces, as well against Congress as the laws of the United States duly enacted thereby, amid the cries, jeers and laughter of the multitudes then assembled in hearing, which are set forth in the several specifications hereinafter written, in substance and effect…….

    Which said utterances, declarations, threats and harangues, highly censurable in any, are peculiarly indecent and unbecoming in the Chief Magistrate of the United States, by means whereof the said Andrew Johnson has brought the high office of the President of the United States into contempt, ridicule and disgrace, to the great scandal of all good citizens, whereby said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, did commit, and was then and there guilty of a high misdemeanor in office."

    Wherefore, any utterances, declarations, threats, harangues which are censurable if uttered on some two bit blog by anonymous bloggers are highly censurable if uttered, declared or threatened by the POTUS is PECULIARLY INDECENT AND UNBECOMING in the POTUS; and, wherefore, if you do utter those nasty things about Congress you have brought the HIGH OFFICE of the POTUS into contempt, ridicule and disgrace, to the GREAT SCANDAL OF ALL GOOD CITIZENS; and wherefore, if you are so messed up as to do such stuff you get your butt impeached as POTUS.

    See, it;s a simple as that. You don’t have to rob a bank, beat up an old lady on the street, or shoot somebody to get impeached.

    You get impeached for disgracing the office by your conduct and your behavior and your LANGUAGE. You get impeached for lying. You get impeached for LAWLESSNESS. You get impeached for going around Congress. You get impeached for DEFYING Congress and the people of the United States. You get impeached for blaming Congress for your problems. You get impeached for fomenting disrespect for Congress and the Constitution.

    Wherefore, Barack Hussein Obama has done all of this and more; A lot more; A seriously lot more; to the extent that his dereliction of duty has gotten people killed in Benghazi and the Mexican border. and Wherefore, by so doing has brought the HIGH OFFICE of POTUS into contempt, ridicule and DISGRACE, to the GREAT SCANDAL OF ALL GOOD CITIZENS; and wherefore since he is so irredeemably and willfully messed up as to do such stuff now and in the future Barack Hussein Obama’s lying, lawless, fraudulent, tyrannical, scandalous butt has committed High Crimes and High Misdemeanors and is and ought be impeached forthwith at the earliest convenience of the House and Senate of the United States of America acting on behalf of the People of the United States of America.

    Sarah Palin has got it exactly right. He needs impeached. He has earned it. It is past time. Obama or the Constitution must go down. Which is it?

  • angeleno

    Don’t forget Hillary-Shrillary is exactly the same as Obama. Impeach him and warn her not to attempt to prolong his enslavement of the American people. Some people wanted a president so they voted for the first disgusting thief who cheated his way to the head of the line. Now the same people are preparing to screwAmerica again with the pretext that they must have a woman president and it must be The insane communist liar and lunatic Hillary.

    We need a woman president but not anti-American maniacs like Shrillary or the totally insane Elizabth Warren.

    We need Sarah Palin for President!

    • DocBarry1

      Absolutely, 2016 President Palin, please

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Terrific interview. Thank you, Liz. And kudos to Hannity for giving the guv a platform on Fox, and on radio.

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