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Governor Palin Shares Limbaugh’s Thoughts on Impeachment and the GOP

The rule of law exists to promise protection of Americans.

It does not exist to promise political convenience.

That being said, Governor Palin shared some thoughts Rush Limbaugh has on the subject of impeachment and the GOP.

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  • DocBarry1

    Repubs talk tough, say Obama is acting lawlessly and is not faithfully execute the laws of the land, but we take Impeachment off the table – what wusses

  • Lennart Bilén

    These are our leaders: Obama the fundraiser and golf player, AWOL on having any contact with Congress.
    Harry Read: The Holly Lobby case was decided by "5 white men". Take that, Clarence Thomas!
    Nancy Pelosi: "Hamas is a humanitarian organization"
    Boehner: Impeachment is off the table, now and in the future". He doesn’t plan to follow the constitution either.
    Mitchell: I cant think of anything of importance he he has said lately.
    We need a Leader!!
    Sarah Palin for President!!

  • hope4palins

    Two words in a sentence really stood out to me (emphasis mine):

    "In the political arena you’re our last best hope at present ."

    Imho that is yet another shot across the bow of the ruling gopE to try to turn them away from their headlong rush to the Cliffs of Whigdom

    • BurmaShave2

      I doubt that they noticed.

  • dmac8889

    The GOP has convinced themselves that they can only win when the Dems prove they can’t govern. The GOP has no plans to lead (at least we never hear them), they bitch and they moan how Obama is lawless and running a Criminal Enterprise out of the White House, yet they run and hide, keeping their boat tied up in their moorings, keeping it perfectly still, so not to be noticed.
    Between an MIA Obama, and a scared GOP, with lack leadership of any kind. Well there is one person not afraid of the "Big Bad Media", and her name is Sarah. FoxNews spends more time twisting their logic into nots and attacking Palin on a personal level, than giving the American people the truth or solutions to our problems.

  • BurmaShave2

    People disparage the disgraceful way Obama is ruining our nation by "leading from behind"; but consider Congress: they do not lead from any direction.

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