Governor Palin’s Full Discussion With Michael Medved

I notice that places like Mediaite or Washington Post who are putting out pieces about Governor Palin’s call-in-surprise to Michael Medved are giving a very edited account of what actually happened.

So, thanks to our favorite media guy, iizthatiiz, we now have the entire exchange available.

There are a few things to point out.  The way Medved was discussing Governor Palin before she called in seemed to take a massive flip.  Before he was talking to her, he was anything but kind insinuating that she used impeachment as a publicity ploy for her new channel (which is silly considering she’s been talking about impeachment for weeks now).

After talking to her, he was willing to admit how influential her voice was to conservatism and how much he respected her.

Now, I am not going to be unnecessarily snarky here.  The truth is it doesn’t do any good.  But the real thing learned from this exchange is how certain members of the GOP establishment will say one thing about Governor Palin while she’s not around but will do a complete switch once she’s talking with them.  The same thing goes for even some Democrats who seem to love her when she’s in their presence, but trash her behind her back.

What is important though is the validity behind Governor Palin’s serious call for Obama’s impeachment.  This idea that something should be politically convenient is of course one crafted by sitting politicians and their apologists in the media who are willing to go along to get along.  And Medved’s argument about what Democrats would or wouldn’t do is irrelevant at this very moment.  First, you have to get the GOP to grow a backbone, then with a united party ready to hold a lawless president accountable, you gain support of the people.  Then, those who cross political differences begin to realize the importance of a precedent, they eventually weaken and cave.

I wouldn’t want any president be it Bush, Obama, or even Governor Palin to be exempt from the rule of law.  With Obama’s waning popularity, he only promises to pull the entire Democrat Party down with him — unless they at least pretend to care and do something about it.  They have future re-elections to worry about.  He doesn’t.  They know it more than any of us do and seemingly more than the Republican cowards who want to hide behind Boehner’s shiny lawsuit, tip-toe, and pretend that it’s enough to show-vote incessantly about ObamaCare yet refuse to use the power of the purse to defund it.  The people are tired of their constant forfeiting of the heavy-lifting required in public service.

Heavy lifting is tough, but possible.  Our framers set up this process, no matter how many times politicians and Obama stomp on it or dance around it — those framers made it possible, but they never promised it would be easy or politically convenient.

Enjoy the video.


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