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Interview With @TheViewTV Candidate Tammy Bruce On Mama Grizzly Radio!


Tammy Bruce is one of the talents that The View is considering to become a host on the long running ABC show!

Casting Ms. Bruce would be an enormous victory for common sense independent conservatives.

It looks like the shows producers are considering Sarah Palin’s suggestion that they open their minds & be more inclusive & less narrow minded in the casting process. Let’s see what they do.

(***other normal conservative candidates in talks for the show seem to be S.E. Cupp, & one other unnamed contender who wishes to remain anonymous at this time…***)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Tammy Bruce told Kevin Scholla, host, Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio Gov Palin runs toward danger like a Marine. Bruce does not think Obama himself should be impeached. She thinks people under him should be and those involved with the IRS scandal arrested.

Bruce said the political elites work like a college club. They all support one another. They don’t want to change the status quo. Bruce sees Gov Palin as a "bridge between the elites and common people."

She said agencies such as the EPA are abusing power. They can garnish wages without a court order. These new rules were made without Congress. They’ve fined a welder $75,000 for building a pond in his backyard.

She said government is now a monster. It grew this huge starting with the Bush family. Many just want to manage it. We must return to our founding basis.

Bruce said we must focus. George Washington lost many battles, but not the key ones. He fought against bad odds after horrid defeats.

A few months ago, Bristol Palin posted Bruce’s live-Tweets about a burglar in the basement of her home. Bruce’s dog alerted her to his presence and she called the police.

Bruce is a talk show host on Fox and via podcast. She has a weekly column with the Washington Times and her own blog site. Her paid subscribers are called "TAMs." Bruce had a "Palin Update" column, which US for Palin carried. Bruce shut down her Palin Update in October 2011.

Strap in with the Colonel

Maness will travel 1,000 miles hosting town halls this week. Palin-endorsed, he is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana.

Commonwealth Commonsense

Obama’s inaction created this border crisis. Agents are diverted from their jobs to deal with thousands of children illegally streaming across the border.

Steel Resolve

Sarah Steelman supports Glenn Beck’s approach to the border crisis. He is using private money to help the children who have crossed the border. "As Christians, we are called upon to love one another," Beck said.

Teaser, Audio Download

Tammy Bruce is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! The dynamic talk show host and columnist covers a myriad of topics including her thoughts on Obama, Palin, guns, pets, and much more. A can’t miss for TAMs everywhere! Sarah Palin calls for Obama to be impeached. Sportsman Channel brings back Amazing America with Sarah Palin for another season. Plus, Strap In With The Colonel featuring Col. Rob Maness brings us the latest from Louisiana. Also, Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson is on tap and Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is showcased. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

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  • AndAwayWeGo

    Tammy Bruce on The View? I had no idea that she was even being considered! Camille Paglia would be a great choice, too. I’d watch the hell out of that, my friends, with either of these ladies. My holy feminist trio; Tammy Bruce, Camille Paglia, and the late great Andrea Dworkin.

    Yeah, she might have had a tempestuous relation with Sarah Palin, but she’s coming around again, albeit slowly. As long as I hold my nose whenever she aggressively plugs Romney for 2016, I’d be fine with Tammy on the View.

    •!/ThomasSSchmitz Thomas S Schmitz

      Camille Paglia is a great lady. I respect her, she uses her mind. I don’t always agree with PAGLIA but at least Camille uses her mind unlike those "kooky-not so bright-Jane Fonda-magazine feminist-walking/talking pin-up-clone" types.

      • libbydbone

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        • JanuarysRose

          SPAM GARBAGE!!

  • Keith M

    I have never been a fan of Tammy Bruce or the View.

  • PhilipJames

    Tammy Bruce and i had a falling out (not that she knows me or remembers) and I cancelled my subscription to her show back when she freaked out on Sarah Palin when Sarah declined to run and announced that on Marc Levin’s show. BUT, Tammy Bruce has a sharp mind, a quick wit and can be deadly in an argument… and won’t take any prisoners. So, if she gets on the View, that would be great for Conservatives. Camille Paglia is more of a lefty, but also has sharp mind, wit and tongue and would not take any crap from the dumb dolt women now on the View… if either got on that show, it would change drastically and Whoopi and Rosie? might have to cram and study to try to keep up to Tammy and/or Camille… probably without much success. I can’t see either Tammy or Camille on the show because it would show how stupid Whoopi and/or Rosie are.

    • AndAwayWeGo

      Especially where Camille is concerned. That woman takes no prisoners. All I’ll say is that anyone who can make the likes of Gloria Steinem and Susan Sontag mad must be doing something right.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Camille Paglia is a genius. She would have a field day on that show taking down Whoopie, Rosie, and anyone else dumb enough to try and take her on. She has forgotten a library’s worth of stuff that the rest of them, combined, have never learned.

      Best of all, she has no elitist pretensions, in spite of her elite scholarship, and has little patience for those who do.

      She wouldn’t last 2 weeks, though, after verbally demolishing everyone else on the show. But if she were on, even I might watch it, once in awhile.

  • MarkRNY

    No way Tammy gets The View imo. She’s just too damned formidable. Way above their pay-grade/IQ level. They need a Hasslebeck type who’s a "conservative" until you ask her what "conservatism" is. Then she’ll say something like "It’s about getting along with everyone and being nice to nice people", etc. Tammy can rip anyone on The View to shreds (and their grandmothers).

  • Exgunman

    When all of this speculation came up, Tammy said she was flattered, but Fox was her home. Aside from acknowledging that an interview took place, has she said anything about changing her mind, that this speculation is continuing???

  • blueniner

    I was onced banned from Tammy Bruces’ Podcast subscription blog because I dared to disagree with her… Tammy rules her blog with an iron fist, and I was the one who was paying a monthly fee. I just can’t trust her. I respect her wit and stance on many issues, but her "Tammy" Tantrum on Sarah Palin in October 2011 was despicable and inmature! When Rumney ran she jumped on that band wagon and seemed to have a crush on Ann. To me at that point she jumped the shark. I can’t trust her…..A seat on the View would probably make her a household name, and then it would remain to be seen if that would compromise her independant streak. We have all seen how people change when they get a little attention and accolades, they change, just look at some of Sarahs 2010 candidates she endorsed, look at Jeddiah Bila who got the Ailes/FOX disease she was once a Palinite, now a Rand Paul supporter……… Tammy has talent and will be successful whichever way she goes, but she needs to act more mature in the future, and think before she reacts half cocked!…I cant trust her!

    • misterlogic0013

      Loose cannon .. fence rider, never got over Sarah not running 2012. Tammy went missing, ditched Sarah .. Sarah took high road as usual. Exemplifies Sarah’s net work, who they come to for support, anybody that wants to go forward. Room for everybody who loves freedom, less Gov. Indianola Tammy went off deep end, glad shes back, means well, part of the team, solution.

      • indemind


        • AndAwayWeGo

          Tammy Bruce is a fascinating woman. I don’t know about her having a crush on Ann, because I was never a subscriber and tuned her out in general post 2011, but if "The Death of Right and Wrong" is any indication

          • indemind

            I agree to a point…. Tammy, Up close and personal is wonderful person to know …. meet her 3 time in 2010 and 11… but she went a little overboard went Sarah said no to 2012…. and to me she just lose it…. don’t know now….

  • friskyness

    I don’t like or trust her….I met her at the C4P San Diego meet up a while back….she is 2 faced……………

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