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The Manicured Hands of D.C. and the Calloused Hands of the Forgotten Man

Last weekend, Governor Palin gave a measured and thoughtful speech at the Western Conservative Summit, speaking primarily in the tone of the "forgotten man"–"the hard working middle class man who can’t catch a break". She also used a masterful analogy of the "calloused hand that built America". What a stark contrast between an open hand calloused from hard work and the clenched fist of socialism. What a stark contrast, too, between Governor Palin’s speech that hit a tone that resonates with middle class America and the tonedeafness and lack of self-awareness of Washington.

Take, for example, the Left’s newest pivot to the economy–raising the minimum wage. On Thursday, Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky tweeted her menu for the week of "living the wage" (please click on the pic link to see her menu):



For the Congresswoman who wines and dines in D.C. and represents an area seen by some as one of Ivy Leagues of the Midwest (Northwestern University is in her district), that may seem like punishment to her palate, but to many of us that looks like a normal menu.  The forgotten man eats such meals with thankfulness, not as a gimmick to raise the minimum wage because of the negative effects of liberalism on the American economy. President Obama also took to Twitter to push to "raise the wage" with these two tweets yesterday (please click on the pic links to see President Obama’s infographics):

The price of food has indeed increased since President Obama took office, which is a testament to the destructive policies he supports. In fact, food prices in general have increased 13% since last September. This, in part, is due to a loose monetary policy supported by the president which has led to inflation. Sean Davis at The Federalist wrote a great article earlier this week taking to task even the "conservative" economists and pundits who support the actions of the Federal reserve. Davis writes in part:

Prices are rising, they’re rising faster than wages, and they’re rising for items that comprise a large chunk of the budgets of working American families. Those are facts. The question is what to do about those facts. The subtext to all of the inflation critiques from the likes of Perry, Pethokoukis, and Ponnuru is that we should leave the Federal Reserve alone. Stop blaming the Fed for inflation, you guys. Please ignore that QE, QE2, QE3, and a multi-year zero interest rate policy, etc. were all intentionally designed to increase inflation, you guys. Just ignore all the different goods for which prices are rising really rapidly, you guys. Ignore the fact that higher prices and middling wages are eroding standards of living, you guys.

Unfortunately, the constant Federal Reserve apologetics are seriously clouding these pundits’ collective judgment about an increasingly important political issue: whether America’s current political class has what it takes to make rising standards of living — rather than just rising prices — the norm for American families again. That is why families are so anxious today. They’re worried that the American dream is slipping away, and that only thing people in Washington and New York care about is protecting people in Washington and New York.

As you may recall, Governor Palin warned against quantitative easing in 2010 and predicted how inflation would have a negative impact on American families.

Furthermore, President Obama’s policies on ethanol have negatively affected farmers and all Americans, and not only because they cause an ecological mess. While ethanol subsidies may be a small boost for corn farmers, they have a  negative ripple effect for other farmers. Corn is often used in animal feed, such as for chickens and dairy cows. Ethanol subsidies increase the cost of these animal feeds which in turn increases the cost of eggs and milk for American families.

President Obama’s solution for the problems that he has perpetuated are only indicative of the economic disasters of his administration. You cannot fix a poor economy by raising the minimum wage. You fix a poor economy by maximizing employment mobility and minimizing cronyism and destructive regulation.  President Obama’s home state of Illinois has one of the highest minimum wages in the country, yet it consistently has one of the country’s highest unemployment rates and the poorest economic environments. Liberal policies keep people poor and dependent; free market principles help people become economically mobile and independent. As Governor Palin noted in her speech last week  referencing a comment on her Facebook page:

I grew up poor. My mother was a die-hard FDR Democrat. When I turned eighteen the first president I voted for was Ronald Reagan. My mother was beside herself. When she asked me why I had voted for him, I told her I didn’t plan on staying poor.

The manicured hands of Washington craft out-of-touch, unproductive policies, but the calloused hands of the forgotten man are what make America exceptional and give her promise.

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  • RedDaveR

    Thank you for this piece, Whitney. Excellent points on the minimum wage and on inflation. One other problem we face today are zero interest rates and how they affect savers of bank accounts, CD’s, and money-market accounts. People, especially retirees, used to be able to count on interest income to supplement their Social Security and/or pension. But that income is mostly gone now, making many seniors a lot worse off than they should be.

  • txglenda

    We have a winner !! It is precisely the clear, unwaivering leadership and purpose we must demand in America. Thank you, Whitney!!

    Placing people, before government is the only direction to go, if not—working-middle class taxpayers will disappear into the "poor-needy-unable to be independent" class that FDR,LBJ created–keeping a certain voter class dependent on government welfare, healthcare, food stamps FOR that vote.

    No incentive, no growth or improvement happens…except for the politicians and their cronies that promise to be your sugar daddy..and the media with programming advertising $$ to keep access to a "story". But, both ignore and degrade "the Forgotten Man"

    We need our voices heard for the opportunities they^^ monopolize..WE need a President that values, honors, "Remembers" America..Americans, and the truths and liberty we stand for.. PALIN’16 !!

  • indemind

    Awesome Job, Pipsqueak

  • misterlogic0013

    Great read … full of facts, most Americans would agree, Forgotten Man will not forget to vote, his pocketbook, stomach .. Sarah ahead of her time, time on our side? depends.

  • 1776er

    The Governor hit the nail on the head in the Denver speech. There certainly are many millions of Forgotten Men and Women in America. Left behind out of sight and of mind. Out of work and out of hope. Nobody in Washington or NY advocates or expresses for their interests. Lip service and phony, empty compassion is the order of the day while the PPC feathers its nest.

    More sinister even than being Forgotten in America is to be Targeted in America. The American Middle is Targeted for destruction by Marxists now in control and by their Political Campaign Funders on Wall St and K St.

    How so?

    What Middle Class Americans–working people–should know is that Marxists cannot tolerate a Middle Class. Marxists advocate and work toward a CLASSLESS society. One class–the Proletariat–is all that is to be allowed. The rich elite class is to be liquidated at the opportune time. Liquidated as in Liquidated. Same goes for the Lumpenproletariat or the poor. Useless in the Marxist view. Impossible to organize or to develop Class identity. A drag on the cadres of the Proletariat. They, too, the poor, are to Liquidated by means of starvation, gulags, or worse. Any means necessary.

    Marxists see in a Middle Class independence, self-reliance, lack of dependency on Government their Marxist source of power and as the logical source of resistance to their tyranny. Much like the Petite Bourgeoise who are not quite the Rich Elites but Rich Enough to Have a Little But Want More in Alinsky’s parlance. Marxists are willing to Ally with the Middle Class in a treacherous faux empathy with Middle Class objectives. But make no mistake, the Middle Class is the greatest of the threats to Marxism of all the Class structures and for sure is to be jettisoned and Liquidated along with the rest.

    We are in the process of witnessing that Destruction of the Middle Class under Obama’s administration. We are witnessing America becoming a Formerly Middle Class Nation. We are targeted for Destruction and Liquidation as Middle Class people and the means of achieving that destruction is through Obamunist and Marxist Democrat monetary and fiscal policy aimed squarely at the Middle Class standard of living. The objective is to create one submissive, Government dependent, Proletariat of powerless subjects. On bended knee. With supplicating hands stretched out for a few bones and scraps to keep body and soul—er scratch that–body together.

    Unemployment is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists. Poverty is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists. Inflation is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists. Dumbing down of the children is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists. Terrorizing and intimidating the public is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists. Weaponizing the Agencies of Government to control and suppress the public is an OBJECTIVE of the Obamunists.

    This takes Targeting and hard work to achieve. Somebody has to target Military Vets by shutting down access to their monuments on the Mall. Somebody has to target sick kids by shutting down access to NIH. Somebody has to target the elderly by threatening to shut off their social security checks. Somebody has to Target the greatest health delivery system the world has ever seen to reduce Americans to groveling to a Death Panel for their very survival. Somebody has to target Conservative Americans by siccing Lois Lerner and the IRS on them. Somebody has to target the Free Press by intercepting their E:Mails and their parents E:Mails. Somebody has to target the Military by firing responsible Admirals and Generals and reducing America’s military strength to pre-World War II levels. Somebody has to Target running unending multi-billion deficits to destroy America’s economic muscle. Somebody has to Target the Southern Border to foment an actual invasion of the Nation by what the military calls a dangerous national security threat–right now real time. Somebody has to Target the U.S. dollar for official Government sanctioned counterfeiting. Somebody has to Target the heard earned, blood and sweat earned, savings of the Middle Class for transfer to the Dominant Ruling Class by the slow walking of deliberate inflation. Somebody has to Target the return on appropriately safe investment vehicles for zero yield to deprive the Middle Class of a source of wealth building and preservation.

    All these things and more require deliberation and co-ordination. You think this is all just a co-incidence of "Bad Luck"?

    The Marxist Democrats and the Establishment Republicans both play the Target the Middle Class game.

    The Marxists Democrats use the Direct Attack variety. I have called it the Stuka Attack terror strategy. Most famously deployed in the phony Government shutdown where the most vulnerable Middle Class populations were Targeted For Pain by the Obama White House.

    The Republican Establishment uses the Indirect Attack variety. I have called it the Vulture Attack terror strategy. They sit like Vultures on the fence watching the American Middle twist in slow agony and pain on the conviction that suffering populations will not blame them for the pain they could but won’t do something about. This is the more despicable form of the Middle Class Targeting Game. A pox upon them.

    Forgotten and Targeted. A hell of a denouement for the most productive group of people–the American Middle Class–that the world has ever known.

    A day of reckoning is coming for those pursuing this deliberate strategy to destroy America’s Middle Class for votes and power and the preservation of their cozy corrupt Permanent Political Class feasting on the plunder of Crony Capitalism.

    " I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping Giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
    Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    We The People, The American Middle Class, Forgotten and Targeted, are slowly, slowly waking up. And we are full of a terrible resolve to save and restore our way of life.

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