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McDaniel Campaign Press Conference • full video

July 16th, 2014 •  Jackson, Mississippi

Representatives for Senator Chris McDaniel addressed national and local media on the current status of the Mississippi Senate primary run-off.  The McDaniel campaign was represented by Mississippi Senator Michael Watson, and McDaniel lead attorney Mitch Tyner.


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  • daisy_mae

    Thank you so much Izzthatizz!

    • libbydbone

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  • CaliPatCon

    This is very good news. Those Beltway Boys and Girls are probably pulling their hair out and biting their nails completely off. Thank Sen. McDaniels for standing strong and fighting the good fight.

  • CharterOakie

    Very encouraging! Thanks for posting, Izz!

  • M_Minnesota

    Thanks Izz!!

  • iizthatiiz

    I believe it was an effective press conference. The thing that struck me the most was that is was a Mississippi Senator speaking on behalf of McDaniel. I haven’t seen much of any other elected MS republicans speaking out for Chris, and this was loud and public. Makes me wonder what the level of support for McDaniel is within the MS GOP ExComm. I don’t think Thad is necessarily going to get a rubber stamp of approval from them when a challenge is placed before them. He obviously has allies within the party, or he wouldn’t have been able to run a successful campaign.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Senators, Mr Tyner, I can’t thank you enough. This video, this press conference needs to go viral. Wake Up America!!

    THANK YOU!! You are heroes. Even if you were to find Sen McDaniel to have lost the election, you are heroes. We must feel that our vote is meaningful if we are to maintain any confidence of leaders integrity.

    Voter fraud and this administration’s and his party’s blocking of it’s correction, is un-American. Please keep up this heroic effort. EVERY state needs to do this now, before there is any more dilution of the the people’s voice.

    Mr Holder, do the right thing. Let the people in this Country be assured that the system can work. Strong, solid, verifiable Voter ID process started, across this land, in place, NOW!!! Allow that to happen. Even the least informed can’t buy your argument of ID being a form of discrimination. It’s a preposterous argument.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Citizens taking action like those of True The Vote, Project Veritas, and the Senator’s contributors deserve our thanks too.

    • PhilTan

      It’s a small thing but I did send $ 15.00 to the McDaniel legal fund. I’m always reluctant to contribute because there are so many fraudulent ones out there. By that I mean like some of Karl Rove’s shenanigans trying to lure people into contributing to conservative causes and the money gets funneled back to the GOPe , but this seems legitimate and I really do want to see McDaniel expose the GOPe for what was done down there. Big thanks to true the vote. I’m not as familiar with Veritas.

      • sarahhasmyvote

        Project Veritas is the one who helped to expose ACORN along with Andrew Breitbart. He has worked to expose fraudulent voting and posed as Eric Holder in his own district and the polling person practically insisted on giving him Holder’s ballot. In other words, a white young man went in and could have used Holder’s ballot to vote that particular election. You can find a video of the whole thing and other work he has done on his site. The AG keeps saying that there is no voter fraud. This was a hilarious slap in the face. Small dollar donations are fine, that’s what I do too when I can. Lots of small donations can add up to a bigger voice.

  • Keith M

    This stuff will keep going on until the people of this country stand up.

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