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Morning Joe Crew Terrified by Palin Call For Impeachment

The "Morning Joe" hosts expressed genuine, overwrought concerns in the aftermath of Sarah Palin’s rallying cry to the American people.  In addition to a Breitbart News op-ed column, the Governor has asked her 4.2 million followers on Facebook to demand the impeachment of President Barack Obama.  After a quick effort by the "Joe’s" to tag Joni Ernst into Palin’s declaration, the team started wringing their collective hands.



"I’m not laughing, this scares me"


All socially isolated commentator Mike Barnicle could manage, was to repeatedly mutter, "Thank you John McCain".





Joe Scarborough, the self-proclaimed new-age conservative was absent, hosting his "Only I know how the GOP can win" seminar.

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  • Jthom26837

    Now, that was hilarious!

  • patnatasha

    they are good for a laugh.

  • DocBarry1

    I do not understand how they even have one viewer that isn’t a family member

    • Jthom26837

      Good point!

    • iizthatiiz

      Little known Morning Joe factoid:

      The panel often outnumbers the audience.

      • DocBarry1

        The channel is a disaster

  • kirkmcloren

    Gutless wonders worried about offending Bath House Barry.

  • isabel matos

    No surprise there. Weasels on display during crunch time when it counts.

  • 1776er

    This was pretty funny. A true OMG! OMG! OMG! befuddled Marxist moment.

    Thing is they all KNOW he ought to be impeached. Know it in their bones. Know that if it was a Republican in the White House doing these things they themselves would be rabidly drooling and screaming for his head.

    Thus the stammering, halting, eye rolling OMG! stunned and serious looking reflection on what just might be rolling down the pike at them and their anointed one.

    Warms the cockles of a Palinista’s heart. The Guv has got to be doing something right to shock these clowns into silence.

  • MarkRNY

    1st time they’ve been in the same relative time/space continuum of where being right exists.

    Be afraid wingnuts! (have a porto-potty on set for emergencies…gender neutral of course).

  • qtdb7

    Impeachment is still too lenient for POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama.
    He should be in jail for TREASON just for that prisoner
    exchange. He helped and replenished ENEMIES of the U.S.
    by prisoner trading/exchanging 5 high ranking
    Taliban/Al Qaeda terrorists for a
    DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl.

    It is a RAW deal.

    • Exgunman

      NO Prison, YES Gallows……………………..

  • lyndaaquarius

    they are such silly,silly fools. "this scares me",this nutty woman is talking about a private citizen’s opinion scaring her. Didn’t scare her when the Left was screaming for President Bush’s impeachment.They all know they got conned big time by Obama and that he’s bringing the whole Dem party down.

    • Exgunman

      Mika is the hands-down winner as the LSM’s dumbest talking head on tv…………..

      • conservativemama

        Amen, amen, amen to that!!!!!!!!

  • Quiet_Righty
  • section9

    Screw these people!

    Tobin, Wehner and their allies have gifted us with a Bushite Republicanism that turned its back on everything Reagan tried to do.

    To hell with them!

  • tomlyn

    That was funny, I don’t usually watch it but caught it ! They were afraid for their man Obama !

  • conservativemama

    Good to see that Mika is still the vapid, ridiculous, silly woman she’s always been. Mike Barnicle, disgraceful man, a man who was caught plagiarizing, as was Joe Biden, as was Doris Kearns Goodwin…………….do any of them have an original thought, written an original word? Barnicle can just mumble "Thank you John McCain." Because what? It would have been better to keep Sarah Palin locked up in Alaska, a woman that millions of us are glad to know about? It would have been better to keep her silent. Speaks volumes about this man. If Palin were a book, he’d be the first guy at the bonfire.

    And Halperin, what? Did he pee his pants? Could he look more terrified? He knows. Clinton was impeached and they called for Bush to be impeached many, many times. Even he had to speak a truth to this clown gathering.

    But boy, are they scared. They never got rid of Sarah, and now they know, we can’t laugh her away because she moves millions.

    The Star Wars bar scene…………..

  • MiBones

    Barnicle got it wrong. Thanks to all the lawyers that made it difficult for Sarah to serve out her term as Governor. They just unleashed a Mamma Grizzly.

    • hope4palins

      Somewhere, in a very dark and lonely room where the only people in the Statist Dem Party that have more strategic political IQ than a pencil eraser have their strategy meetings (which no one else in their Party ever pays attention to): One of the two attendees who can meet the IQ requirement is saying to the other one, ‘If only we had just left her alone up there in AK……". The deepening silence is followed by a collective "*sigh*"

      Some people, you just don’t mess with (Palin); others, (her enemies) never learn.

      Sucks to be them.

  • friskyness

    not a true poll………just a convenient lie….if Palin is so "irrelevant" why would people want her to shut up……….Liberals should shut up!

    • Joseph Lloyd

      I don’t think she’s irrelevant as much as she is annoying. She’s only likable among a small minority of Americans. Most people just wish she would go away.

      • Eyes Open 2016

        I think MORE people would prefer Obama go away.
        I would bet even more people find Rosie O’Donnell more annoying, too.
        Some things just don’t happen though and we know how credible NBC is.

        • Joseph Lloyd

          I’d say Sarah and Rosie are equally tiresome. By the way…did you miss the part about how The Wall Street Journal co-sponsored the poll? Hardly a liberal rag.

          • dmac8889

            WSJ editorial is a Liberal rag. Palin is a SERIOUS person, Rosie and Obama are not, and neither are these jokers on MSNBC. All they do is talk Tabloid nonsense and never offer one solution to the problems of this country. Everyday the show is dedicated to who is winning the politcal points of the day. WHO CARES? Palin is SERIOUS about the wrongs being done by this administration. MSNBC is blinded by their ideology, and they know it, that is why they are scared.

      • mainelysteve

        Latest popularity poll among likely R voters puts here at 70% favorability. Doesn’t sound detested by most" to me.

  • iizthatiiz

    (repeating myself from the O/T) .. Those are numbers that are very viable. Much more than sufficient for any national candidate. Don’t fall for the spin of the article, or the slant of the poll. She is in the game, if she wants to play.

  • jester2939

    Poor Mika……..she’s scared of Sarah’s statement, when she should be scared of what’s happening to our country.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Of course they do. They hang on to every word she says, and that makes them uncomfortable. She is clearly getting under their skin.

  • 1776er

    It’s about speaking the truth forthrightly.

    People are uncomfortable with the truth. Many have a hard time handling it. Would prefer to stay ignorant and blissfully content in their daily routine.

    So, when somebody comes along to rattle the seeming calm the response is surly. Shut up you fool!

    Try speaking the truth at your job or office sometime. Try speaking truth at any major university in America sometime. Try speaking truth on Cable TV or better yet the Networks. Try speaking truth in the White House Press Room.

    See what happens.

    If Sarah Palin was the darling child of the media we would be in trouble.

    I’m only surprised that only 52% are disturbed by the Truth she speaks. Seems many more than I would have guessed can "handle it". That’s the good news in this. The others will come around when the stakes are made clear to them and the consequences for failure to deal with the truth.

    • Joseph Lloyd

      That’s a great point. Must be why Fox News is so popular.

  • sooner58

    Does anyone watch Morning Joe anyway?

    • Quiet_Righty

      You mean Morning Shmoe…

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