TMZ’s ‘War on Women’

As was reported recently by Breitbart, the "reporters" at TMZ went absolutely nuts on their program recently calling Governor Palin some pretty harsh names while going on to slam her intelligence and her mothering.

Also, as Townhall mentions:

Governor Palin has does nothing to suggest she is a bad mom or a "bitch," yet she has been the media’s favorite target since the 2008 election.

These charges aren’t only false, they’re downright cruel. But, I guess the "war on women" is sanctioned when it’s being waged on conservative women.

The point is spot on.  Yet, I’d like to point out that she’s actually proven the exact opposite in many ways.

She’s selflessly devoted so much of her time to helping elect good candidates to government.  She’s done other selfless acts as well such as helping out with Haiti as well as helping many pro-life organizations over the years.

She has a child who selflessly served his country, a daughter who is strong who is raising a child on her own and supporting herself, and others who are growing before our eyes.  She’s a great person and a great mother.

Finally, for the billionth time…Governor Palin was the only candidate in the 2008 race who came with executive experience (the remainders on both tickets were legislators who were all very far removed from "we the people"). And she was more qualified to take on the president in 2012 than any of the actual candidates who did.  She had a 93% approval rating that was attained by her fearlessness in staring down the kind of corruption which still exists in D.C. that needs a good thrashing today.

Further, this only proves my point about Hillary Clinton not knowing at all what Governor Palin goes through.  The governor was the GOP’s first woman to sit on top of a national ticket.  To this day, I’ve never heard such vulgar terms or sexist language used to demean Hillary or Geraldine Ferraro.

And while TMZ is known for being a bit cheap, I really wish those with the platform could take a little time to learn how to promote proper respectful treatment of those like Governor Palin who’ve earned it.

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