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Two for Two: Governor Palin Takes Down Obama in New FOX Op-ed

Excellence via FOX News by Governor Palin

President Obama was absolutely swamped the other night, staving off the munchies at a pizza party in the Mile High city, hobnobbing as headliner at numerous Democrat shindigs, collecting big bucks from big donors all day.

Whew. Exhausting. Especially exhausting must be trying to change pace and pivot through the fundraising parties, knowing they’re thrown by those much maligned “fat cats” (Obama’s words, not mine).

The president conveniently disparages these fat cats in public, but in private their group hugs are a whole lot of cuddlin,’ purrin’ and rolling over for more tummy tickling from the one who feeds them. And it wasn’t hairballs any felines coughed up Tuesday just to hear Obama talk…and talk…and talk some more.

Donors forked over up to $32,000 just to get in the door to hear some fancy talk and scratch each other’s backs. These parties may be quite boring, too, making the outings even more exhausting, because politics isn’t a passionate cause for most attendees, it’s a money maker.

Does anyone think these Obama supporters are in it to “let freedom ring”? Nah. Shoot, they don’t even let cell phones ring. They’re confiscated at these fundraisers. Nowadays the White House actually censors, er, “prevents” recording off-TelePrompTer remarks from the guy who’s "the most transparent in history!"

After watching what’s going on, does anyone else feel an urgency to take away the proverbial teenager’s car keys to prevent the inevitable crash down the road? But maybe that’s just the mama in me. Maybe I really should give the busy guy a break because with all the screaming chaos around the globe, Obama’s completely tone-deaf, disengaged, and unfocused actions perhaps can be explained.


But, seriously, our commander-in-chief is busy, as Rome burns. For instance, after satisfying those munchies in Colorado, he carved out room for some super duper important games of pool in a bar with that state’s enabling governor. Ironically, Hickensooperdooper is his name. I think. Anyway, Obama won. He told us so. (Funny, he always wins. Golf, basketball, brackets and bets, his grand pronouncements afterward is always, miraculously, humph, he won again!)

Whew. Racking balls, getting buzzed on suds, maybe humming “Rocky Mountain High” while kicking it in those Rockies, hard choices had to be made – stripes or solids? And that beer – do I drink it if the mountains aren’t blue? Talk about miscues.

President Obama was in Texas next. No time to visit the porous U.S. border, but lots of time for more fancy talkin’, photo-opin’ and fundraisin’. No plugging holes this time down South.

Now, some of the above examples of frivolous, inefficient, über-partisan, distracting events that fill the president’s busy days are not impeachable offenses. They’re just, well, offensive.

But Barack Obama has most certainly engaged in impeachable offenses. Many. That’s a given. No need to waste ink trying to educate the “deniers” on how things are guaranteed to get worse unless this lawless administration, led by an imperial president, is legally slapped down on the House and Senate floors; so instead I’ll use what we’re told are the world’s superpower’s scariest weapons – a pen and a phone – to talk to sane Americans about taking our country back. That’s up next.

So stay tuned. And when you next hear politicians denounce Barack Obama as a lawless imperial president with a destructively scandal-riddled administration, ask them what they’re going to do about it. Mark Levin asked precisely that on Fox’s “Hannity” Wednesday night, then answered it with rock solid remedies that are our only hope.

It’s an amazing article and you can read the entire thing here.




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  • qtdb7

    John Boehner is a WUSS.

    Impeachment is still too lenient for POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama.
    He should be in jail for TREASON just for that prisoner
    exchange. He helped and replenished ENEMIES of the U.S.
    by prisoner trading/exchanging 5 high ranking
    Taliban/Al Qaeda terrorists for a
    DESERTER/TRAITOR Bowe Bergdahl.
    It is a RAW deal.

    POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama and democrats/liberals use and hide
    behind those ILLEGAL immigrant children for their political
    benefits. They don’t give a CRAP about those children.

    This reminds me of the communist countries (China, Russia,
    North Korea, Cuba, … etc.) using children for their political
    propagandas. But I digress.

    If those ILLEGAL immigrants would come to America and vote for
    Republicans, POS ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama and democrats/liberals
    would have built not only a simple barb wire fence, but also
    10 "Great Wall of China" between U.S. and Mexico border.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Spoken as only Sarah could put it………

  • Reynolds88

    Sarah Palin has been using her pen very well for quite some time. She is leading the nation in many ways.

    Think about her flute solo on that late night TV show.
    Some of the lyrics:

    Well, I should probably warn ya, I’ll be just fine

    No offense to you, don’t waste your time, here’s why…

    The truth will out. The truth (regarding impeachment) is what Sarah Palin is saying so she has no need to modify that or apologize. The great thing is that people (we the people) know the truth and when it is said, things start to re-arrange and people (like us) want more of that truth. Whether impeachment actually begins to happen now before November, or later with more R’s in the senate, it is a truth that needs to be said and I am glad Sarah Palin has said it.

    • lyndaaquarius

      she’s always taking the hits to stand up for Americans and millions of us deeply appreciate her courage and clear thinking.

  • John_Frank

    Thank you Steven for bringing Sarah Palin’s excellent op-ed to people’s attention.

  • tomlyn

    Wow !! At least we have a conservative voice out there !

  • 1776er
  • DocBarry1

    Keep going – these are terrific. I was somewhat disappointed that It was not also on Fox Nation

  • CliffNZ

    Sarah speaks,writes, tweets and posts and the left go into spasms to try to discredit her. The latest attempt, a poll that apparently has 54% of American not wanting to hear her, including 40 % of republicans. Too funny – even this biased poll shows that most republicans want to hear her as well as nearly half of the country! Yet, they are spinning it in their usual way to make it sound as negative as possible. That is how we know Madame Courageous is still the same threat she ever was!

    • virginiagentleman1

      Hello my Kiwi Cousin! It is a testament to the truth that so many wonderful people around the globe follow this dynamic woman!

    • cbenoistd

      That poll will sure bring to her knees begging for forgiveness!

    • bbcaaat

      She discredits herself every time she speaks.

  • AndAwayWeGo

    No fair, I like John Denver, lol.

  • jester2939

    Excellent. Sarah’s is hilarious in her cutting criticism of Obama. I love the analogies to cats when talking about the "Fat Cats." Clever and appropriately descriptive.
    And "that’s up next" is what I want to hear. Another post for FOX or Facebook? I love that Sarah doesn’t back down – she not only stands her ground, but she forges fearlessly ahead.

  • virginiagentleman1

    Friends, I ask you, WHO else on the political scene can utterly shred an opponent using the TRUTH, in HUMOR form, and all the while smiling that winning and winsome smile? Who else can do what Sarah Palin does?
    Answer? NOBODY! Just sayin’!

    • DocBarry1

      Perfectly stated

      • virginiagentleman1

        Thanks Doc! Just callin’ em like I sees ‘em!

    • bbcaaat

      Yeah right, she shreds nothing but reality. She is the reason McCain lost, at least America can thank her for that.

      • travelingon

        Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

        Abraham Lincoln

      • mainelysteve

        Go back to Sesame Street and shut up!

  • Jon Kelly

    Sarah is right!!! Draw a line and find out how large is our base SUPPORT. We can always bring others in. Hey this is America’s future and our fore fathers didn’t all unify in agreement at first. Look, we already have the base of the party’s heart now we have to set up how we get their minds. GO, SARAH GO. She has always been right in the end before. TRUST HER. DON’T GIVE UP—RELOAD.

  • sooner58

    Too funny…….you know folks in REAL LIFE Sarah could hunt down, take him down…& field dress him……..She could then go about making a nice stew of him and a rug out of his hide……..She basically did the equivalent of that to HIM in print !!!

    • bbcaaat

      In the feeble mind of the T party maybe.

  • cbenoistd

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

    Saul Alinsky

  • 1776er

    We have talked about Sarah Palin’s reprisal of George Washington’s War of Posts from time to time. That is the strategy of striking a strung out enemy in places, times and venues where they are weak and vulnerable and the odds of success bend toward the weaker combatant. See Thad Cochran. She has pursued this strategy of maximizing her limited resources to the best advantage in a most brilliant way.

    In connection with this we have cautioned that Sarah Palin, like Washington, is the essential indispensable visible representation of the Sacred Cause of American Restoration. The British wanted to engage Washington in a head on conventional "Decisive Battle" of lines of troops, cannons and cavalry in a battle in which all the factors leading to victory would be on their side leading to the elimination of Washington and the end of the American Revolution.

    As long as Washington was in the field maneuvering and on the loose the Cause remained. The Cause lived. The Cause had opportunity and likelihood to grow.

    It eventually became apparent that the real battle was not for conventional victory on a physical battlefield but for the hearts and minds of the 3 million American colonists who comprised 1/3 of the entire British population in the world. The end of the war after Yorktown came as the British Oligarchs realized that those hearts and minds would NEVER be reconciled to permanent submission to their corrupt oligarchy and the expense of trying to force them to that acceptance was simply too high.

    The GOPE in Washington DC today have the same outlook toward Sarah Palin. They want desperately to engage her in what passes for conventional political warfare in modern America for the same purpose as the 1776 Brits: to eliminate her, crush her in defeat, and thereby eliminate the insurrection and rebellion.

    As long as Sarah Palin is in the field maneuvering and on the loose the Cause remains. The Cause lives. The Cause has opportunity and likelihood to grow.

    The real battle and the real key to ultimate victory in this New American Revolution is not who wins on election day in some Congressional District or Statewide election in a conventional sense but who is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of 300 million Middle Americans who hold the balance of political power in America.

    That comes down to message, philosophy, values, and world view expressed and articulated by a compelling personality.

    In that respect Sarah Palin has got the entirety of the Washington PPC in both corrupt political parties entirely outclassed. And they know it.

    So when Sarah Palin sees an opportunity to engage the enemy directly in a very weak place–the Border Crisis–and she closes with the enemy in the form of FB posts, Breitbart editorials, Hannity interviews, videos and the like and boldly calls for the President’s Impeachment the Establishment of both PPC elements sees it as that conventional opportunity to crush Sarah Palin and hopefully eliminate her as that indispensable, visible, authentic personification of the insurrection and growing rebellion of Middle America to their corrupt hegemony of the halls of Congress and the White House.

    And thus end the inconvenient and existential insurrection and rebellion against their dominance once and for all.

    They seek the "Decisive Battle" with Sarah Palin and the weapons used today in what passes for conventional political battle–the lines of troops, cannons and cavalry–are polls, editorials, opinion pieces, sleaze, mud throwing, ad hominen attacks, innuendo, ridicule, cartoonizing, moronic and imbecilic MSNBC and CNN political commentary, insinuation, insult, lies and in the end carpet bombing the air waves with propaganda.

    All aimed not at the message of resistance and awakening and renewal and restoration that Sarah Palin voices on behalf of the American Middle but at the person of Sarah Palin and her family in order to poison the hearts and minds of the dimwitted and the easily lead to the underlying message.

    Thus we see the weak, almost laughable, counter battery fire of the LSM and other agents of the Establishment PPC of both corrupt parties aimed at Sarah Palin in the current engagement over the Border Crisis and Impeachment. If this is "The Decisive Battle" then the Establishment Army of LSM toadies is getting its butt kicked by Sarah Palin.

    There will be other examples in the days to come as the Establishment struggles to react to Sarah Palin’s unleashing of the Big Guns of rhetoric and pointed political attack at both the President and the DO NOTHING Vulture Republican Party.

    In these sudden, swift, startling attacks Sarah Palin is winning the battle of hearts and minds because –well–because she is right! She is dead on with the substance of these attacks against the corrupt status quo. We know it. She knows it and speaks it with great confidence and gusto. And they know it and are flabbergasted and stunned into babbling, ineffective counterfire.

    What’s more important is that Sarah Palin is making inroads in the all important battle for the hearts and minds of the America Middle. The battlefield that really counts. The battlefield which a corrupt and thoroughly illegitimate Marxist Democrat and Republican Vulture Party cannot dominate or win on or hold.

    Here’s the thing: they cannot crush her, destroy her or eliminate her. Not with the weapons they have at their disposal. They can only hope to destroy her ideas. They can only hope to fool the American Middle ALL of the time.

    Fat chance of that.

    Sarah Palin is on the loose and maneuvering in the Field. The Cause lives. The Cause grows. The Cause is winning the battle for hearts and minds.

    • suehimel

      One of your best posts ever, 1776er. Sarah Palin is engaging in asymmetrical political warfare and the other side doesn’t get it. Let’s hope they don’t until the war is won.

      • bbcaaat

        We ( real Americans AKA Democrats ) are winning with every post Sarah puts out there. She exposes the right as clueless and misguided.

        • Steve_Flesher

          If that were true, then why did two thirds of Democrats claim that they wanted her silenced in NBC’s latest credible poll?

    • lyndaaquarius

      wow! thank you so much for just being on the scene,observing and recording. You are so very correct in what you predict.Everything seems to be falling into place. I am hopeful and encouraged.

    • Reynolds88

      I like your in-depth analysis! I see Sarah Palin as having taken into her political viewpoint and actions the teachings of several of the timeless political and combat (all war is political) strategies. Sun Tzu is one of the teachers that she has emulated. It’s a fabulous learning lesson to watch the leading political motivator of our time, operate in these, interesting times.

      • lyndaaquarius

        it sure is.

  • john norton

    Husein 0bam,a is doin the job he was pre-paid to do,… Whts Johnny Boy’s excuse…?/

  • DocBarry1

    Why didn’t Fox put it up on Fox Nation?

  • Exgunman
  • Elston Gunn

    You can always tell when Sarah Palin is over the target, the trolls on other sites ask?….."Who wrote that piece for Sarah"? That my friends is the pure essential

    • lyndaaquarius

      one reason why she’s such an amazingly good writer,you can actually hear her voice.Totally authentic writer.

      • Elston Gunn

        So true, just like when you listen to her AUDIO books she speaks just like she writes, you can even hear her smile!

  • bbcaaat

    $arah is still an idiot.

    • travelingon

      Your mind is feeble.

    • suedixon

      and what are you? what have you done for our country or are you just a low information free loader? at least Sarah Palin has cajones whereas none in congress but a handful do who stand for we the people and the constitution. on that’s right you don’t even know what is in it do you?

    • Steve_Flesher

      We welcome dissent and are used to the normal talking points of the left. However, name-calling’s not tolerated. You can read the above about it. This is a first warning. If we have to delete multiple times, we’ll remove you from the threads entirely.

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