Full Battle Rattle Comforts Vets Through Music

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Full Battle Rattle provides music therapy for vets suffering from combat-related disabilities, founder Rob Mitchell told Kevin Scholla, host The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio. The non-profit teaches vets how to play music as a constructive outlet for their post-war struggles. The organization serves vets with PTSD, or physical disabilities.

"We teach vets how to play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards free of charge," Mitchell said.

Mitchell, who served for seven years, was deployed to Iraq in 2004 and struck by three roadside bombs. He survived over 1,000 mortar attacks.

He has PTSD and a mild brain injury. Even with these disabilities, he was an Albuquerque Police Officer for over six years starting in 2007.

He received an Outstanding Service Award after a gun battle with an 18-year-old murder suspect. While his Iraq gun fights were at 50 meters or more, this one was at 12 feet.

He received a medal for heroism on one of his last calls as a police officer in 2013. That day, he rescued over a dozen people from an apartment fire.

Mitchell’s work at an Air Force base triggered PTSD symptoms. He sat in despair on the couch that night and could not even talk to his wife. He had taught himself how to play guitar. Mitchell realized he had to do something. So, grabbed the guitar and began playing. He snapped out within a few minutes. He called a musician friend and asked if he wanted to teach vets how to play. Full Battle Rattle was born.

Vets fill out an eight question survey, then are paired with an instructor. Lessons can be done over Skype.

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