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Gov. Palin: Can You Imagine a VP Not Knowing Africa Is a Continent, Not a Nation?

Via Facebook:

#TBT – Can you imagine a Vice President not knowing that Africa is a continent, not a nation? Think of how embarrassing this could be for our country if this Vice President actually referred to Africa as a "nation" while speaking to the very leaders of the sovereign nations that make up the diverse African continent. Imagine how truly embarrassing this would be if it actually happened and was caught on tape… instead of just being a lie based on false anonymous "leaks" from losing and disgruntled campaign consultants. Man, I bet if this ever REALLY happened in real life the media would be all over the story, right? Well, watch this video to see which one of us actually thinks Africa is a nation (hint: it’s not me!): #throwbackthursday

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  • PhilTan

    Funny how that works. And from the mainstream media we hear crickets. As Rush always say’s, " the left will tell you who they fear".

  • qtdb7

    At U.S.-Africa Summit, Joe Biden References “The Nation Of Africa”

    Mark Levin – JOBS: A Three Letter Word (Part 1)

    Joe Biden Can’t Count

  • DocBarry1

    The Governor never made that mistake, but was mocked .

  • cbenoistd

    And Nancy Pelosi too, on a deleted tweet.

  • rambler

    His diminutive brain is capable of holding only so much info at one time. At least he remembers that he’s still the VP.

    • Lennart Bilén

      Are you sure about that?

      • rambler

        Nope. He could loose what ever is left of that brain at any time.

  • dmac8889

    I guess we will never see that ‘comment’ from a paid troll on a Sarah Palin article again.

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