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NOTE: This post was written by Ron DeVito (AGU-NY State Coordinator) & originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by Kevin Scholla (AGU-PA State Coordinator), host of Mama Grizzly Radio (MGR).


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Stephen K. Bannon produced The Undefeated. He is the Executive Director of Breitbart News, and a radio host. He was the first guest on the Palin Update which is now on Mama Grizzly Radio. Scholla is a Breitbart Sports columnist.

Despite the left’s claims that Gov. Palin is "irrelevant," her influence has grown since 2012. Breitbart gets huge traffic from stories based on her Facebook posts. Though she is not running for office right now, she is a great conservative leader, Bannon said.

Bannon said he is not a fan of pay wall sites in general. He had considered that business model for Breitbart, but uses ad revenue. He considers the $9.95 per month price point "a bit rich." But, Bannon said if anyone could make the pay network model work, it’s the Palins and their backers. He said Sarah Palin Channel is good for those who want to get a closer look at Gov. Palin’s life. While many newspapers use pay walls, paid streaming media networks are still very new, he said.

Though The Undefeated was released in 2011, it continues to grow on Facebook and Twitter. The film still gets special screenings and DVD sales have been good. People who did not like Gov. Palin have had a different take after seeing The Undefeated, he said.

Breitbart is launching bureaus worldwide. Breitbart Texas brought the border crisis front and center. It is the number one issue of concern. Jobs and the economy held the number one issue spot for over 10 years.

He said the Senate races are all dog fights. The border crisis is the driving issue and our side could gain 12 – 15 seats, he said.

Strap In With the Colonel

Rob Maness released his Louisiana For Life Plan last week. His grandson was born premature, weighing less than three pounds. He said every child should have the same chance at life his grandson had. As Maness’ campaign goes full bore, "Strap In With the Colonel" will be the first Sunday of each month.

Commonwealth Commonsense

Some in the GOP are all for amnesty but won’t touch it till after the elections. They hope to sneak it through and that people will forget about it.

Steel Resolve

Non-farm payroll jobs report shows solid gains. But wages have not risen. Factory jobs grew and the average work week held at 42 hours. Service jobs got the most growth. The fed should leave interest rates alone for now. The GOP should push tax reform that lowers rates and gets rid of special loopholes.

Our work continues.

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