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Who’s the Real Quitter, Mr. Begich?

One of the most challenging aspects of being a Palin supporter over the years for me has been the unlimited amount of mindless liberal group think I’ve received regarding Governor Palin’s resignation.  We’ve discussed it many times here at C4P and other conservatives have debunked the slander used against her, too.  As Ann Coulter talks about though in her book Demonic, the liberal mob marches on.  That’s why it’s important to catch it when it counts (like now).

Just as PPP releases its billionth poll regarding the Governor’s popularity in her own state, an article at the WSJ explains how Alaska Democrats are hoping Governor Palin jumps into the ongoing oil-tax fight.  Apparently, Alaska Democrats on the ground are more willing to admit the effectiveness behind Governor Palin’s voice without the praises of an everyday PPP poll.

And even though the WSJ article claims that Governor Palin hasn’t done much, the truth is she has.  She released an 18-minute video on the Sarah Palin Channel discussing her position on the matter and just last night reminded Alaskans of that position via her Facebook page where the message reaches millions instantly.

Even without an official title, Governor Palin continues to lead.  She told Alaskans when she resigned that she was doing it to protect them from falling victim to the ongoing witch hunt that was going on at the time where a small group of opportunists abused the loophole in the Alaska Ethics Act to attempt gaining national attention for themselves by going after her.  She also promised Alaskans that she would be there when issues like this one came up.  And as promised, she is voicing her opinion and lending support  even though many of those who stand to benefit are among many who’ve raked her name over the coals for the last several years when it was thought to be politically convenient to do so.

That includes current Democrat incumbent, Mark Begich who is revealing himself as a true politician — the kind we need less of.  Governor Palin congratulated him on the night of his victory way back in 2008.  Since then, when politically convenient, he’s trashed her repeatedly.  Even last year when it was believed she may be running for the Senate seat to replace him, he slandered her again – feeding into the “quitter” meme and questioning whether or not she’s spent enough time in Alaska to make him happy.  Meanwhile, his current behavior tells us all that he’s spent just a little too much time in D.C. far removed from his people.

As Politico reports today, while Alaskan voters are begging Governor Palin and other leaders within the state to take a stand on the oil-tax debate ahead of Tuesday’s vote, the “politician” Mark Begich is choosing to remain totally silent on the matter.  He won’t take a position as it just isn’t politically convenient enough for him.

When Governor Palin held her official title, she didn’t dance around her positions.  Voters always knew where she stood.  She balanced budgets, overhauled education, passed sweeping ethics reform, and yes, tackled oil and gas development issues which required a fight with some of those deep-pocketed oil companies.

Since selflessly resigning her position, she’s remained a servant of the people by helping to shape Congress, by lending her voice to important legislative matters, and continues to rally people across the nation (and within her state) to make a difference without a title.

The average D.C. politico would have you believe that merely keeping a title (like Mark Begich has done) is the true measure of worthiness – as if MORE D.C. politicians are needed.  Yet, as a Palin supporter, I believe that the only “quitting” that has happened in Washington is the true idea of public service as was laid out by our founding fathers.

Instead of acting like a coward desperate to hang onto a title, maybe Mark Begich should avoid being a real quitter and take a stand on behalf of his constituents.


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  • misterlogic0013

    He,s bought and paid for .. Sarah Palin not for sale.

  • TheresaAK

    Wow!!! I seem to be saying that quite a bit lately…but Steve, Wow, just Wow.
    You are such a stalwart supporter of Governor Palin…and you articulate her positions and accomplishments so well.
    Mark Begich is going down in defeat….and I am very thankful for that…
    Alaska has a calling….and this State, that Governor Palin dedicated to God, will play an important role in the near future….a role that will help America and other nations.
    Our natural resources are huge, and along with other states rich in natural resources, I’m not just talking about oil either…we can stop the madness of depending on foreign regimes, (who, in case anyone with a brain hasn’t noticed by now, hate US) for our energy needs.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      "Mark Begich is going down in defeat…"

      May it be so. What the Dems did to Ted Stevens was a crime, literally, and what they did to Sarah Palin was even worse.

      • TheresaAK

        And not only the Dems…

  • qtdb7

    How to deal with democrats/liberals/socialists/communists and RINOs calling Gov. Palin a ‘quitter':

    Gov. Palin swore to uphold the laws, serve the people of Alaska,
    protect/defend the the constitution of Alaska and U.S. Constitution.
    Gov. Palin did not swear to cling to power for 4-year term like
    other CORRUPTED politicians.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being a ‘quitter’.
    For example(s):
    I quit letting democrats/liberals/socialists/communists
    bankrupting my family with PHONY/frivolous lawsuits.
    I quit my old job and found another better job.
    I quit doing illegal drugs.
    I quit smoking.
    I quit following RINOs’ bad advices/strategies.
    I quit being a STUPID democrat/liberal/socialist/communist.
    I quit idolizing ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama.
    I quit listening to ‘DEBT man walking’ Obama.
    I quit voting for RINOs.

    If I am fighting a losing battle, then I have to QUIT the fight,
    withdraw/retreat from the fight in order to re-group and fight
    another day. If I don’t know when to quit the battle, then I’ll
    face ANNIHILATION. A man MUST know his limitation.

    George Washington quit the battle in order to re-group and fight another day.

    I can try to show people the differences between
    RIGHT vs. wrong, GOOD vs. evil, … etc.
    I quit fixing STUPID.

    • Reynolds88

      I hear you, my friend.

  • Bill__Hughes

    Well said Steve!

  • Elston Gunn

    The baggage of Begich.

  • c4pfan

    Great commentary!

  • Reynolds88

    I am glad also to read Sarah Palin’s thoughtful telling of the ACES story (FB post) since it is somewhat complicated. I hope her message gets through.

    Here in PA we have a similar political situation with energy resources. I wish our Gov. up for re-election, would spell out his leadership and plant the issue in voters minds as well as Sarah Palin did with ACES. Unfortunately, he seems to have been distracted with other things. When elected officials (a Govenor) cannot get legislation passed having majorities in both houses, there is something wrong. In the unusal case of Alaska, Sarah Palin was sadly, being litigated to bankruptcy by frivolus ethics charges. She made the right choice but also paid a steep price for survival.

    In contrast, the PA governor has let the Penn State issue continue to fester even if it was driven by the new PA Attorney General who has already proven herself corrupted by her own actions (publicly dropping cases against her own party members). Lessons to be learned there no doubt.

    Most politicians can’t let go of the losses and move on. The resilience of Sarah Palin is always refreshing and why I keep following what she is doing here on C4P.

  • dmac8889

    The Media truly suffers from Bi-Polar (hypocrisy) Mental Disorder. It’s true
    name is arrogance. They treat their readership, or viewership as morons
    unable to decipher the manipulated brand of reporting they do. There is
    one constant: Find the SPIN in order to say something negative about
    Palin. It doesn’t have to make sense, and it doesn’t matter if it contradicts the message they were selling to us yesterday.

    According to the LEFT Media Palin has become irrelevant. Then they tell us the Democratic Party is achieving record campaign contributions on Palin’s declaration from Facebook that Obama should be Impeached (who believes this?) The Media spent days reporting this as FACT, without producing anything that resembles evidence to this being a fact. They are just making it up and telling the American people they should believe it. Then you have Republicans in the Media denouncing Palin for the same LIE! We know that the GOP has their own agenda.

    Now we have the WSJ and Politico declaring that Palin "is not doing very much" about an issue she needs to engage Alaskans on, since it was her Program. This works nicely for the MSM on two fronts. If ACES legislation doesn’t pass, "Palin is to blame". If is does pass, "It did so without Palin taking the lead" Yet, the same source that the MSM so conveniently uses to attack Palin (almost always manipulating her words or finding 30 seconds of mocking video material), her Facebook, her TV interviews, her physical appearances in their town, or just calling her for a sound bite, etc.. Suddenly can’t locate Palin’s Facebook page or her inexpensive SPC. In 18 minutes they could find where Palin is telling Alaskans to vote for ACES legislation. Certainly anyone interested in the person who brought the Program to the State, a local Anchorage News journalist could reach out to report to all Alaskans what Sarah’s thoughts are on the matter. As if ALL Alaskans don’t already know.

    Yet, we have this absurd, ridiculous, childlike reporting by so called Professionals (more like they never left high school) reporting to the NATION, that Palin is no more engaged with the people of Alaska than Obama is with the nation. They feel the need to sell this LIE! They will state Palin did nothing EXTRA for the people of Alaska, but stick to her unchallenged Social Media sites and the support of her simple minded wing nuts. The truth is their Bi-Polar reporting, never reporting the truth, but a Tabloid narrative is Unprofessional, and we could all do without. Here at C4P and other Palin sites, we know the truth, and quite frankly couldn’t give a crap how these dishonest, mentally unstable, mentally challenged, paid tools allow themselves to used. They throw their entire Integrity on their sword to carry their masters political narrative. They work for WSJ, or Politico, yet they are nothing more than sheep.

  • Keith M

    Does he have a challenger? He does not care, just like Obama does not care.

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