Who’s the Real Quitter, Mr. Begich?

One of the most challenging aspects of being a Palin supporter over the years for me has been the unlimited amount of mindless liberal group think I’ve received regarding Governor Palin’s resignation.  We’ve discussed it many times here at C4P and other conservatives have debunked the slander used against her, too.  As Ann Coulter talks about though in her book Demonic, the liberal mob marches on.  That’s why it’s important to catch it when it counts (like now).

Just as PPP releases its billionth poll regarding the Governor’s popularity in her own state, an article at the WSJ explains how Alaska Democrats are hoping Governor Palin jumps into the ongoing oil-tax fight.  Apparently, Alaska Democrats on the ground are more willing to admit the effectiveness behind Governor Palin’s voice without the praises of an everyday PPP poll.

And even though the WSJ article claims that Governor Palin hasn’t done much, the truth is she has.  She released an 18-minute video on the Sarah Palin Channel discussing her position on the matter and just last night reminded Alaskans of that position via her Facebook page where the message reaches millions instantly.

Even without an official title, Governor Palin continues to lead.  She told Alaskans when she resigned that she was doing it to protect them from falling victim to the ongoing witch hunt that was going on at the time where a small group of opportunists abused the loophole in the Alaska Ethics Act to attempt gaining national attention for themselves by going after her.  She also promised Alaskans that she would be there when issues like this one came up.  And as promised, she is voicing her opinion and lending support  even though many of those who stand to benefit are among many who’ve raked her name over the coals for the last several years when it was thought to be politically convenient to do so.

That includes current Democrat incumbent, Mark Begich who is revealing himself as a true politician — the kind we need less of.  Governor Palin congratulated him on the night of his victory way back in 2008.  Since then, when politically convenient, he’s trashed her repeatedly.  Even last year when it was believed she may be running for the Senate seat to replace him, he slandered her again – feeding into the “quitter” meme and questioning whether or not she’s spent enough time in Alaska to make him happy.  Meanwhile, his current behavior tells us all that he’s spent just a little too much time in D.C. far removed from his people.

As Politico reports today, while Alaskan voters are begging Governor Palin and other leaders within the state to take a stand on the oil-tax debate ahead of Tuesday’s vote, the “politician” Mark Begich is choosing to remain totally silent on the matter.  He won’t take a position as it just isn’t politically convenient enough for him.

When Governor Palin held her official title, she didn’t dance around her positions.  Voters always knew where she stood.  She balanced budgets, overhauled education, passed sweeping ethics reform, and yes, tackled oil and gas development issues which required a fight with some of those deep-pocketed oil companies.

Since selflessly resigning her position, she’s remained a servant of the people by helping to shape Congress, by lending her voice to important legislative matters, and continues to rally people across the nation (and within her state) to make a difference without a title.

The average D.C. politico would have you believe that merely keeping a title (like Mark Begich has done) is the true measure of worthiness – as if MORE D.C. politicians are needed.  Yet, as a Palin supporter, I believe that the only “quitting” that has happened in Washington is the true idea of public service as was laid out by our founding fathers.

Instead of acting like a coward desperate to hang onto a title, maybe Mark Begich should avoid being a real quitter and take a stand on behalf of his constituents.


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