CNN: Palins Deserved the Benefit of the Doubt

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Here is a noteworthy segment by Brian Stelter of CNN (the guy who replaced Howard Kurtz) who you can hardly paint as a conservative.

While Nicolle Wallace at The View is basking in praise received from her new liberal friends (Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg) by bashing Governor Palin over rumors while she defends Hillary Clinton, a reporter from CNN steps in to show a little common sense.

I can briefly add to this now by stating what needs to be addessed later in detail.  It’s obvious that Republicans like Nicolle Wallace who are unexceptional are being used by the mass media to shape the GOP.  The Democrats are smart enough to know that they’re on their way out in terms of overall public opinion so the only tool they have left is their power within the media which can be used to entice Republicans; who don’t necessarily have Governor Palin’s unique charisma or gift for rallying the grassroots, to their advantage.

Instead of reporting on things like the IRS scandal or the newest Benghazi revelations, it’s important for those who are complicit in this to maximize an unimportant story about a family which has been embellished by unreliable people and sourced by folks who are uknknown to the entire country that could be looking for a quick 30 seconds of fame by giving the media what they think it wants to hear (Levi Johnston, anyone?).

Overall, even though Governor Palin has made no mention of a presidential run in 2016, I find it oddly refreshing that those with the power in the media are continuing to treat her like one.

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