Governor Palin: ‘Obama’s Praise Betrays Us’

Governor Palin wrote some wise words via her Facebook page.

Obama’s Praise Betrays Us

As I told a Washington, DC audience this weekend, “We can survive the Error of Obama; it’s almost over, and we can survive this President. The question is, can we survive the people who voted for him a second time?” Barack Obama’s praise this week for the Muslim cleric who advocated killing our U.S. soldiers is one of the most appalling stunts we’ve seen. He’s been enabled by the low information voters who gave him a second term to express his true beliefs in a perversely refreshing way that allows even the ill informed to now realize who our Commander in Chief really is. For all the world leaders to see, he quoted and promoted Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah at the UN despite the cleric’s organization having declared a fatwa to kill U.S. soldiers and stating all Jews should die. Bin Bayyah, according to Barack Obama said:

“Look at the new Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies—Sheikh bin Bayyah described its purpose: ‘We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.’”

Of all the people to praise on an international stage, Obama would twist and deceive the world into believing Bin Bayyah is a man of peace representing a religion of peace. This cleric is affiliated with various anti-American groups, was vice president of an organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood (which also called for the killing of Jews and Americans), and during the 2013 White House public tours shut-down when Obama refused to allow American citizens to visit the public sections of the People’s House, Bin Bayyah was invited into the private areas of our White House.

This week saw more than the disrespectful latte salute of America’s finest. We saw and heard from dear leader’s heart who he deems worthy of praise.

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