Conservatives Push to Oust Boehner

Judson Phillips at the Washington Times has a great piece up.

Additionally, I heard Erick Erickson (filling in for Rush) say that conservatives had at least 25 votes against Boehner.  That means they need just a few more to give the House Speaker a viable challenge for his position.

As Phillips explains about the omnibus spending fiasco:

Despite the pleas and demands from the base, the GOP did nothing to stop Mr. Obama’s executive amnesty. They even rewarded left wing billionaires who had spent millions to keep the Democrats in power by extending so-called “Green Energy” subsidies.

The architect of the Republican surrender was House Speaker John Boehner.

He goes on to explain Boehner’s flip flop on the Tea Party:

In 2010, Mr. Boehner loved the tea party. Why not? The previous two elections had looked like Custer’s last stand for the GOP, except that Custer fared better than the Republican Party had.

The Republicans were on the political endangered species list and Mr. Boehner embraced the tea party as his only hope. As soon as he was in office, the tea party was simply a part of the Republican Party to be ignored.

Mr. Boehner made the obligatory statements about cutting spending and reducing Obamacare. Yet time after time, when the occasion called for him to stand and fight, he chose surrender.

He then makes some tough demands on behalf of grassroots conservatives everywhere:

No more.

If the GOP re-elects Mr. Boehner, then it is time for a new conservative political party.

Mr. Boehner is the poster child for a Republican Party that believes in government of the special interest, by the special interest and for the special interest.  Mr. Boehner is not interested in what is best for real Americans, only what is best for the lobbyists who come through his door and their clients.

Enough is enough.

This is a line in the sand.

You can read the rest of Judson’s piece here.

Additionally, the Daily Caller reports:

If 30 Republicans vote for someone other than Boehner, under that scenario, the Ohio Republican will not have a majority and the body will have to vote again until someone reaches that threshold.

If this would happen, these conservatives hope Boehner would drop out of the speaker’s race and another Republican candidate would run for speaker.

I agree with the sentiments of Judson Phillips.  I think most of us do.

Additionally, Erick Erickson on Rush’s program today stated that this was the conservative base’s opportunity to be heard.

I am not so sure Boehner would surrender with 30 votes against him.  The tea party again will suffer scrutiny from GOP operatives who run to places like Politico and anonymously make comments against conservatives trying to make a difference.

Nevertheless, it’s a fight that’s worth fighting and I look forward to the new conservatives in Congress taking a stand.

If you’d like to call your representative, click here to get the information.

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