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The Proper View Of The Presidency




Thomas Jefferson, America’s third President, left specific instructions on what his epitaph should say. It did not include the title of “President of the United States.” As Governor Palin explains, this is a clear reminder of how our Founding Fathers perceived the role of government in their lives. (Sarah Palin Channel)





“Well as you probably already know, America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson … he was an amazing author.”


Proper_Role_of_Presidency_Declaration_of_Independence“In the Declaration Of Independence he famously wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.””

“Of course this declaration became a mission statement for a revolution, and a guide for a new nation.”


Proper_Role_of_Presidency_Sarah_Palin_06“But you might not be as familiar with the last piece of his writing.”

“He wrote his own epitaph.”

“And he instructed that it would be etched not a word more than what it is that he wrote.”


Proper_Role_of_Presidency_Thomas_Jefferson_grave_marker“This is what it read.”

“Author Of The Declaration Of American Independence”

“Author Of The Statute Of Virginia For Religious Freedom”

“Father Of The University Of Virginia”


Proper_Role_of_Presidency_Sarah_Palin_04“And that’s it.”

“No mention that he was the President of the United States.”

“He said these are the accomplishments that he wished to most be remembered.”


Proper_Role_of_Presidency_Sarah_Palin_03“This is a perfect reminder of the way our founders viewed the office of the presidency.”

“They believed that all elected officials, including the President should play a limited role, for a limited time, in a very limited government.”


*** This message from Governor Palin was originally published on July 13th, 2015.  Screen Caps courtesy of the Sarah Palin Channel.

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