Orange County Register | Obama’s DOJ continues to stonewall an investigation into IRS corruption

Editorial Board, Orange County Register:

Perhaps we perceive a cover-up where none exists. The best way for Attorney General Lynch to disabuse us of that notion – along with the millions of Americans who think something rotten at 950 Pennsylvania Ave. (Justice Department headquarters) – is to announce whether Ms. Lerner, et al. will be prosecuted.

Indeed, we think there is ample evidence to indict Ms. Lerner, who has acknowledged “absolutely inappropriate” actions by her division, while casting blame upon low-level “front-line people” who worked for her.

But it seems Ms. Lerner was at the center of the scandal. Just this past week, in fact, we learned that she had a secret email account at IRS – named after her dog, “Toby Miles” – which she used to conduct official government business.

Maybe Ms. Lerner used her Toby Miles account to send innocuous emails concerning yoga routines, family vacations or wedding arrangements (as Hillary Clinton claims about her secret email account). Or maybe she used it to secretly coordinate her division’s targeting of right-of-center political groups.

Whatever the case may be, the Justice Department needs to stop stalling and get to the bottom of the IRS scandal.


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