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Sarah Palin Stumps With Trump • Photos !!

Governor Sarah Palin campaigns with Donald Trump


Backstage at Iowa State University – tossing in a few more zingers to get the media all spun up before my surprise endorsement of Donald Trump for President.


One of my favorite parts of speaking at rallies – looking into the crowd and seeing all the awesome, inspiring signs – they keep me going!


Todd visiting with one of the many Iowa vets there to show support for Donald Trump. We owe our freedom to them!


My favorite!


So awesome to see the next generations getting engaged to secure their future – these young Iowans are students in the Ag school at Iowa State.


The next morning we traded in the white snow of Iowa for the red dirt of Oklahoma as we board Mr. Trump’s plane.


Catching up on the latest breaking news from where else but the Drudge Report – the best source out there!


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin met us when we landed in Tulsa. It was great to catch up with her – but she was missed at the rally


More positive poll numbers keep rolling in!


Great to re-connect with T.W. Shannon – the former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and a bold, refreshing candidate for US Senate I supported in 2014. T.W. gives us hope for the future!




Tulsa is Trump Country. A "Yuuge" Crowd ready to Make America Great Again!


Mr. Trump, Todd and I giving three thumbs up to a great trip and a bold year ahead for America! Glad to be on the "Trump Train".


*** All above captions and photo’s courtesy Governor Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Sarah Palin and Donald Trump – Ames, IA (1/19/16) Getty


Sarah Palin – Ames, IA (1/19/16) AP


Signing autographs – Ames, IA (Daniel Scavino Jr)


Tulsa, Oklahoma (screencaps Lynda A)

Tulsa, Oklahoma (screencaps courtesy Lynda A)





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