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Tim Carney | Three takeaways from last night’s Des Moines Register poll

Tim Carney, Washington Examiner:


Rubio wins on the second-choice contest, with 20 percent to Cruz’s 17 percent (Trump is in 4th place with 7 percent).

Rubio has pulled ahead of Cruz in favorability (Carson is in first place in favorability). Rubio, at 21 percent, has the lowest unfavorability of anyone. Cruz’s favorables have fallen by 9 percent in the past month, but he’s still at 63 percent favorable.

When asked whether voters would be enthusiastic or "okay" with Rubio as the nominee, 58 percent said yes, putting him in a first place tie with Ben Carson. Cruz was third place with 56 percent. A full 37 percent said they would not be okay at all with Trump as the nominee.


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