#VIDEO: Governor Palin Hits Ground Running

by Ron Devito, Publisher, US for Palin.

Sarah Palin ushered in 2016 with 43 candidate endorsements for the U.S. House and Senate. The 43 were endorsed last July based on their voting NO on ObamaTrade, a hot issue at the time. While everyone talks about the 2016 Presidential Elections, the entire House – 435 seats, and one third of the Senate – 33 seats are up for election this year. Keeping conservatives in both Houses helps a conservative President, while acting as a firewall against a liberal one.

While many people Sarah Palin have supported over the years have betrayed their stated principles, changing the party bosses and power brokers is a long process spanning many election cycles. There is no instant gratification here. Some of Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidates, such as Ted Yoho, Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, Jim Bridenstine, Steve King, and Dave Brat consistently stand up and do the right thing. Even some who lost – like Dan Bongino, continue to fight every day for our Three-Legged stool of Reagan Conservatism.

We need to push major changes on Capitol Hill. Whether it’s Congressional insider trading, "reg negs," or passing bills without reading them, both houses are corrupted to the core. Much of this was documented in Peter Schweizer’s Throw Them All Out and Eric Felten’s The Ruling Class: Inside the Imperial Congress, written over 23 years ago.

We need to continue standing by those who are running with a servant’s heart. It’s very easy to fixate or over-focus on Presidential politics. All too often, people tend to see their favorite candidate as a messiah of sorts. We have all been guilty of this at one point or another. Make no mistake about it – every candidate has their fanatics or what some call "bots." Bottom line: no public figure is perfect; the government is bigger than one person; and cults of personality never achieve anything positive regardless of who they’re for.

Some of you may not like some of Sarah Palin’s 43 candidate endorsements. That’s fine. We don’t suggest that you blindly vote for someone just because Sarah Palin endorsed him or her. Vet and vote for the candidate who most aligns with your values.

When we say "candidate," we mean a real candidate – as in someone who is actually running and is on the ballot or gathering signatures to get on the ballot. Don’t squander your vote on imaginary candidates.

Do your due diligence, make an informed decision, get off your butt, and vote!

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